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Hot Aunty in Apartment [english]

Hi everyone being a regular reader of sexvex erotic stories i know how interesting it gets knowing others’ experiences or fantasies and then imagining yourself in those situations Here I am sharing my experience – the fun I had during my college days Let me describe myself I won’t say I have a very muscular body but athletic-definitely yes and pretty good looking (something my female friends always pointed out to me) I am writing about the incident when I was studying in Hyderabad. Having gone out from my home for the first time I did feel the freedom I had just heard

I with another friend of mine had rented an apartment. There was this auntie called Anita ( name changed) in our society rather our building only, who always used to stare at me right from the day we had shifted. She must have been in her late 30’s with a wheatish complexion and figure of 38-27-38- the kind of figures I had always always fantasized about. I had always dreamt of fucking an auntie.

Being popular with the females I knew right from the first day that aunt was interested in me and even I enjoyed staring back at her and watching her slightly translucent blouse. Day by day I was getting desperate to fuck her especially with the kind of looks she gave me. I waited for a chance.And it came one day. The doorbell of my flat rang. I was working on my comp. I went over to see through the magic eye of the door- it was her. Within the spat of second an idea struck me- before opening the door I immediately moved to my comp. And switched on a porn movie and then went over to open the door.

On opening she told me that she required some ice at their home- do you have some to spare. I told her sure And invited her intentionally to the room to wait. Somehow my senses told me that ice was an excuse for her to come to my house. I left her alone in the room for a couple of minutes, making sure she saw the porn movie. When I came in the room with the ice she gave me a smile and I faked by saying” uh-oh I’m sorry” pointing to the computer. She smiled and said that was ok. Infract this is the age to do all this and that its been years since she saw one. Things were moving exactly the way I wanted. I offered – if you have time we could enjoy this together. She nodded. While watching the movie I put my hands on her thigh and asked her can we experience what was going on in the movie. She just smiled and gave a slight nod.

I slowly removed the sari from her body and for the first time I was watching a naked lady and really was in seventh heaven. She had a terrific perfect body. I was losing my conscious because this scene was terrific. My cock was trying to get separated from my body and enter her like a missile. I kept my hand on her breast and felt her juicy melons with really erected nipples. WOW!!! What a beauty!!! She was eagerly waiting for me and whispered in ears ” I am ready for you take me my sweet boy and do what you like.” I turned her to enjoy her perfect buttocks .Her back was beautiful! Smooth and creamy. I pressed her down on the bed with my body, kissing her back, shoulders and neck passionately. Her ass was beautifully curved and round. It was soft, smooth and D shaped. I patted a few times on that perfect butt. She gave a sigh of pleasure, “Ohhhhhhh… Hmmm.” I put my lips on her buttocks and a sudden shiver went through her body when I kissed there. My lips drowned in the soft mound. I put several passionate kisses on that perfect pair of butt. Then I placed a hand on her buttocks.

I began to massage those beautiful tender butt cheeks. She started to moan in a louder and more urgent voice, “Ummmm… Hmmmmm. Aaaahhh…” I put my tongue there and began licking. She couldn’t hold her ass still. She began to shiver. I was massaging her butt while licking. Then I moved, licking all of her smooth creamy back. I turned her around again and grabbed her by her neck. I kissed her on the lips, so passionately, that she wrapped her arms round my neck and pulled me tightly against her. My tongue explored her mouth. It was a very nice feeling and I didn’t know how long we were kissing each other. I wanted to do it very slowly, as I had the luxury of time. I starteddrawing and sucking her lips into my mouth probing her mouth with my tongue, engaging her tongue with mine in a duel. I started kissing her cheeks. I kissed her throat and bit her ears. I started slowly caressing her breasts one by one. I was kissing on her neck and shoulder while my hands played with her breast. I closed my eyes and started enjoying. My fingers were gently caressing and pressing her rosebuds. Then I started tickling her nipples. While doing that, I made her raise her arms over her head. Now her wide soft creamy armpit was in front of me. I wondered how an armpit could be so beautiful. It was so clean-shaven that it seemed that no hair has ever been there. I got my nose near her left armpit. It had a divine odor there. I inhaled the killing sexy fragrant of her and went crazy. I began licking that armpit of hers. It felt so good! I kissed and licked her both armpits in turn. She was mesmerized in pleasure. I sucked her nipples, taking one nipple in my mouth at a time. She was hissing like a snake. I made dental and nail bruises on that twins and slowly my lips traveled down to that deep navel. It was perfectly shaped and deep. In my dream I always licked it and now it is fully in front of me do what I like and I licked her whole belly with special attention to that deep erotic navel. I kissed her navel, tickled it with my and buried my face in her midriff. I probed my tongue in her deep navel and tickled it. She squirmed.

My hands went on Anita’s long and shapely thighs, gently massaging and kneading the smooth creamy flesh while licking the beautiful flat belly. Her voice got a little louder, “aaaaaaaahhhhhh, my sweet boy. You are killing me”, she moaned, her eyes close and head going from side to side. My face and hands began to play between the innermost areas of her legs, massaging her pussy until she become too hot. I moved her knees up and outwards until she was completely spread. I almost came just from the sight of her now fully open cunt and I planted my lips between them. Her juices tasted lovely and I felt really happy being between the legs of this beauty.
She started shivering again while quiet moans escaped her lips. I could see her face getting red and a look of lust and satisfaction was on her face. Her stomach muscles began to tighten and her head rose off the pillow. Her movements indicated that she was going to have a perfect orgasm and that did indeed happen when I licked her clitoris a little extra. She reached down to pull my face deeply against her cunt. Her hips bucking uncontrollably, she groaned loudly as a terrific and perfect orgasm washed over her.

Anita let out a small scream, and her slender body shivered heavily. She lay there a moment catching her breath. I moved my mouth down to her opening and caught the little extra that escaped her pussy. I licked them clean as she recovered. “Boy, that was so good and more than the lovemaking I have had with my husband.” she said. I felt really good about being able to bring her to an orgasm, and she had certainly enjoyed it. Then suddenly she looked at my trousers and she saw my erection.She removed my trousers I felt her huge tits pressed against my chest and my cock grew even harder when I thought of the pleasure awaiting me. Total scene was really erotic.

She began exploring between my legs and tried to outline my cock over my shorts and feeling my hard on. Then she broke the kiss, gave me a lusty look and getting into a sitting position and she took my cock in her hand and it was pulsating in her hand like a hot iron rod. Her soft little hands were playing with my cock. She gripped my cock and I was about to explode right then. She started showering hot kisses in my pulsating cock and asked me “hey is it all yours?” Still she couldn’t believe that I have got such a big cock. she was showering with kisses and it now almost 6″ long and rigid like a steel rod .She took it in her hands and wrapped her fingers completely around it and licked it. She sucked gently on the head and licked it up and down, also massaging my balls. Her lips landed on the head of my dick and I experienced a sweet kiss on it. A sudden shiver went through my whole body. Then she began to play with my balls, massaging them and softly squeezing them. Feeling this sexy beauty’s hands on my balls, I was in heaven and began to moan loudly. She was holding a larger part of my prick outside and with her other hand, she was alternatively raking my balls with her fingernail and also massaging them, giving me a wonderful sensation. Then she started to tease me by licking my shaft up and down and all over, but avoids the head. She licked under the ridge of the head, but did not take the head in her mouth. Then she licked all the way down to the base of my shaft and took my balls in her mouth, one at a time and sucked on them softly. All of a sudden, she took it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. She tightened her grip on the back of my leg trying to get a hold of her. Some pre-cum was forming on the tip, and my dick was aching. She unconsciously moved her other hand a little further up the back of my leg, cupping the bottom of my ass cheek. She took her lips away from my swollen lump, but ran her hot, wet tongue over it, leaving a trail of saliva behind. “Ohhhhhhh”. She really couldn’t help herself, the little moan escaped from her lips as she looked over her lover’s cock. She was rubbing her hand over my back and nails were making dental marks on it…

I ran my hand through her hair. I moved my hand to the back of her head and lightly took hold of her hair, pulling her up slightly to the level of my cock, her full, red pout lips were barely an inch away from my cock as it jerked about, waving in front of her face, the pre-cum dribbling down the front of the full cock head. She opened her mouth, and ran her tongue along my cock head, licking the white sperm from it. I started to moan as she slowly started to lick the head while it was still in her mouth, ringing around the ridge, flickering at the pee hole. Then she started to move towards the top and suck gently. She slowly moved my thick cock in and out of her mouth in long strokes, sucking softly and in the spots, which I liked best. I was in heaven. She was doing this with great care and taste. She got my Dick in to her mouth fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I was tuning her nipples.”Ohhhh.My God” I moaned as she ran her tongue along the shaft and back again.She then started to move her hand up and down in pace with her mouth, giving me a hand job and blowjob at the same time, exciting me even more.
She gripped my cock tighter, working it faster. It was too much for me. I looked down, watching her suck on my hard meat. I could feel her wet saliva all over the shaft. I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking my hips back and forth. “hey I’m going to come!!” I moaned. She moved her hand from my ass, and brought it round to cup my balls, she started to massage my tight sac, her nails digging into the skin as she took hold. “Uuughhhh!” was all I could say as my sticky white semen shot out the tip of my cock into Anita’s waiting mouth. I held onto the back of her head with both hands as I erupted.

She slurped my hot cum, working her tongue over my sensitive thread on the underside as she swallowed hard the cum gushing down her throat, gripping my throbbing cock with both hands as I rocked my body in orgasm.”Ohhh.It was a terrific one,” I cried out. Pleasure from masturbation was nothing compared to this. Finally my cock stopped pumping out the milky jizz, but she kept sucking, her tongue licking every last drop of cum off my dick, her whole body was red hot, she felt like she was on fire. My condition was not different. I didn’t go limp at all. Moreover, I was hotter.

Due to this beautiful experience I was exhausted fully but her thirsty tongue went all over my body to take the sweat drops and then she massaged my body with that perfect pair of breasts and I was ready again to explore and enjoy that terrific body. She was fully wet and ready. “I want you to fuck me with this big dick,” Anita hissed, “I want to feel it all the way inside me.” It was time to finally show her what I had fantasized about her time and again.

I positioned myself between her legs. I could actually see her heart pounding through her chest. Slowly, I positioned my cock at her tight opening and started rubbing it slowly up and down against her. Her cunt lips were peeled wide open and she massaged her clit with my cock, getting both of us more excited by the second. She moved her legs wider apart to try to accommodate me. After a few moments, I felt her relax a little and pressed gently against her. Slowly but steadily I continued to exert pressure against her. “Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn,” I heard her moan as I continued to press. I continued to press into her, until, with one heavy push, my cock slid halfway into her.

Finally after a lot of effort, I was buried completely in her pussy. I felt hardness pressing against my cock. She squirmed as she adjusted to the size of the cock lodged deeply inside her beautiful young body.

I began to thrust in and out of her beautiful body. Then she slowly began to move her hips, grinding her clit on the fleshy pole. I then began to fuck her with hard rapid strokes, forcing her breasts to jump furiously on her chest as I powerfully rammed her cunt again and again like a piston moving inside an engine. She continued getting fucked furiously. Suddenly I flipped her over on her back. My dick popped out and Anita reached down desperately to grab the slick shaft and stuff it back inside her steaming pussy.I fucked her with long strokes, pulling my cock almost all the way out before driving it back into her again. She reached down between her legs and began rapidly diddling her clit with her fingers as I fucked her, my balls slapping against her ass on each stroke. It didn’t take long for both of them to go over the edge. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me to her as tightly as she could. She thrust her hips upwards, allowing me to drive my erupting dick over and over into her spasming cunt.

Her breath was coming in short gasps “Aaah aaahh aaaahhh aaaahhh.”Anita wailed as a series of orgasms rocked her body. Both us were really in seventh heaven and at a final beautiful moment we came together and reached a terrific climax, which she or I cannot explain. She collapsed and fell to my chest and for a long time we just lay like that without moving,We slept like that for at least 10 minutes without uttering any words. Then slowly I got up and laid in bed Her body was full of sweat drops and while watching her beautiful naked body I got mad. I have seen sweat drops flowing from the valley of her perfect twins through the belly hair to her deep navel. While licking that from that navel she was caressing my hairs. Then she told me to change the position. She has taken my head to her lap and told me to suck that perfect twins as much as I want. I was waiting for such a request and I sucked the erected nipples one by one and bitten it slowly I eventually collapsed on top of her and Lalitha clung tightly to me. I was in heaven.

I was thinking of how lucky I am to get such a perfect beauty for losing my virginity. She looked up at me and smiled. “I love you Rushil how you learned all this. You have taken really to extreme pleasure. I never expected this,” she half-whispered. With that she reached up and hugged me. Later both us went to Bathroom and had a shower together.
This was the great experience of a young boy. We continued this whenever we got chance during the safe period. Otherwise we used to have oral sex only.

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Punjabi Aunty ki Chudai

Hello dear chootwalio aur apna lund haath me lekar mooth marne walo ko mera salam to dosto umeed karta hoo ki apko mere send kari hui sabhi stories pasand ayee hongi aur muzhe bahut sare dosto ka response bhi mila, to aaj main aap ke samne apni ek real story sunane ja raha ho jo ki mere pados me rahene wali punjaban aunty ke sath sex ki hai sabse pahale unke bare me bata doo aunty ka naam saruchi hai unki age 36 ki aur figure 36-38-36 aur dekne me bahut sexy lagti hai bat un dino ki hai mere ghar wale gaon me taoji ke ladke ki shadi hone ki wajah se shadi me gaye hua they aur main office me chutthi na milne ki wajah se ja nahi paya ( meri age 21 thi) aur meri nayi job lagi thi saruchi anty hamare pados me rahti thi to ek din jab me office se ghar pahucha to aunty ne muzhe bulaya bittoo ( my nick name) jara aana to main unke paas chala gaya anty ne kaha ki khana yahan kha lena kyonki ghra par to koi bhi nahi thaa isliye maine unki bat maan li aur unhe yeh kah kar ki main freshj ho kar ata hoo
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Sexy Teacher

Hi, I am Raj Bhardwaj. Dosto aaj mai aapko ek aisi kahani bata raha hoo jo bilkul real hai, aap sune…….Meri Teacher Simran mam mere class XII mei Science parati thi.lekin mai Science mei bahoot kamjor tha.isliye maine man se request ki ki wo mujhe home tuition de.Chuki mere papa ke paiso ki koi kami nahi thi isliye wo man gayi aur meer ghar parane aane lagi. Ek din mai ghar mai akela tha. Wo boli Raj, aaj chalo mai tumhe reproduction system parati hoo.Ok mam. Raj Actually reproduction system ko janan kaha jata hai.Isme mada aur purush ke janan part hissa lete hai. Mam ye janan part kya hota hai.Ritesh dekho sarir ke nichle hisse mei tumhara janan part hai aur mere sarir ke nichle hise mei mera janan part.Larko ke janan part ko Lund kahte hai aur larkiyon ke part ko chut.Ek kam karo tum khara ho jawo.Mai tumhe dikhati hoo. Mai khara ho gaya,Mai us din jeans pahna huwa tha.Madam ne mere jeans ke hook ko khol diya.Phir Zipper ko niche kiya aur finally jeans ko niche gira diya.Mai kchhi mei tha.Ritesh ye kachhi utar do.Wo kyun mam.Ritesh Tumhara janan part isi kachhi ke andar hai.lekin mam wo to meri juji hai jisse mai pesab karta hoo.Raj dikhawo to kaisa hai.ok mam mai kholta hoo.aur maine kachhi alag kar,ritesh tumhari juji to bari gori hai aur tight hai.dekho isi juji ko lund kahte janan part ka ek main hisedar hai.
Tumhara lund abb is kabil ho chukka hai ki wo reproduction system ka hissa ban sake.yah lund mada ke boor ke andar jakar use chodta hai.thori der chudai karne ke baad mada ke boor mei yah pani pani ko gira deta hai.issi se bachha paida hota hai.lekin ma miss lund se to muth bahar niklata amuth se bacha paida hota hai.Raj tum bhi bahoot bachhe jo.Dekho, madam ne apni samij ko upper uthakar apni salwar ki taraf dikhate huwe kaha, iske andar mera chut hai.Pahle jab meri sadi nahi huwi thi to ise hum boor kahte the aue jab meri sai ho gayi to yah boor lund se chudane laga to abb ise hum chut kahte hai.wo apne salwar ka nara khol di aur ek hi jhatke mei salwar ko kamar se lag kar di.mam ke salwar ke niche lal rang ki panty malmal kit hi.phir wo boli ritesh idhar aawo apne hath ki is panty ke andar dalo.ji mam. Maine hath andar dala, god its so hot..maine turant nikal liya.Mam iske andar itni garmi aur bhinga huwa hai.Kya aapne pesab kar diya.nahi raj, dekho, madam ne apni panty ko utar diya aur kaha ye mera chut hai.isme upper kale rang ke bal hote hai, ise maine saf kar diya hai.dekho yahan gahrai hai na.Ha mam ye to nahar ke jaisa hai, dono bagal bandh hai aue bich mei gahrai.Ha ritesh, isi ko chut kahte hai.Tumhara lund isi chut mei jakar chodega to use chudai kahenge.
Chalo mai tumhe practical karke dikhati hoo.mai table ke bal khari ho jati hoo pairo ko failakar, tum apna lund is chut mei dalo.lekin mam bachha paida ho gaya to.Ko baat nahi, mai teacher hoo na use paida nahi hone dungi.Lekin mam mera to lund tight hai, agar yah aapke chut ko far dega to.Nahi fareha.Jab tum use isme daloge to yah andar chala jayega.Ok mam.Madam table ke bal khari ho gari apne dono pairo ko failakar maine apna lund madam ke boor ke muhane par rakha aur dhire se Dhaka diya, sarsarata huwa lund madam ke chut mai chala gaya.ohhhhhh…raj dhire dhire dalo.bara tight lund hai tumhara.meri chut far dalega.ok mam.maine dhire se dabaya aur pura ka pura lund madam ke chut mei chala gaya.hhhhmmm…raj, abb apne lund ko bahar khichkar fir thora andar dalo.ji mam.maine apne lund ko thora bahar khinch fir andar dala.mujhe achha lag raha tha.mam ne Ankhe band kar li.kaisa lag raha hai mam.raj ise hi chodna kahte hai.jab chut mei lund aage piche hota hai, to dekho chut se pani rista hai aue chudai hoti hai.dalo aue andal dalo..thora aur andar dabawo…ahhhh…bari achhi tarah chudai kar rahe ho tum…thora dayen se maro…thora dayen aue thora…..haa haa….dalo ….chut ke andar aue thora…ritesh tumhara lund to wakai jawan hai…..pelo….ise aur pelo…Mujhe bhi maja aa Raha tha.lund wakai tight ho gaya tha.sarir mei ek jaib si kasawat paida ho gayi thi aur na jane kya ho gaya..madam aapki chut ko mera lund chod raha hai kip el raha hai.rietsh tumhara lund mere chut ko pel raha hai aur meri chut tumhare lund se chuda rahi hai.ritesh ruko thira bahar nikalo apne lund ko.mei ghori ban jati hoo tum pichhe se pelo.ok mam.mam apne dono hatho ko jamim ke bal karke ghori ban gayi.maine apna lund unke chut mei picheh se lagaya aur pelna suru kiya.haa ritesh ..aah…bara maja aa raha hai..chodo aur chodi.ok madam mai aapke chut ko aj far dunga pane lund se.mai is enahi lo madam mera Dhaka…haa ritesh far dalo ise..puri tarah chod do aaj.Meri chut bari pyassi hai.ahh..oooooffff……lund ho to aisa.aur jor se.tum wakai mere pyare student ho.apni madam ki chut ki pyas bhujha dalo.ji mam , aaj mai aapke chut ko charo taraf se chodunga..iska kachumar nikal dunga.mam bari mast chut hai aapki,lag raha hai mai piston chala raha hoo.Ye lo madam,,mera dhakka…madam, achha lag raha hai…madam ek baat kahoo..appki chut bari nirali hai…haa chodo is nirali chut ko, bhosra bana dalo is nirali chut ko…chodo..pelo..aur jor se..andar dalo…haa haa ritesh..aise hi..
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Meri Rani Bhabie

Hello sexvex reader I am abhay from jaipur. Mai 24 year ka jawan ladka hoon aur mere Lund ka size 7” lamba aur 2.5” mota hai. Mujhe bahoot khushi hai aap logo ne mere story ko itna pasand kiya aur mujhe response diya. Mere pass bahoot sare msg bhi aaye. To aaj mai aapko apne life mai hue ek aur sex experice ke bare me batata hoon jo mere aur meri Padosi Rani bhabhi ke sath hua.Meri Minakshi ka nam hai zeba wo aur unki figure to kya kahna hai mpadosi Rani bhabhi sex ki murat hain . Padosi Rani bhabhi ko pane ke liye betab ho gaya tha mera 7 inch ka land usko dekhte hi kadak ho jata uske boobs kya gajab ke the.Aur ek din meri kismat khul gayi ,unke pati bhar gaye huye the aur wo mere paas ayi ki mere pati bhar gaye hai aur meri beti ko dar lag raha hai tum aaj mere ghar hi ruk jao aur Main ise samjha bujha kar tumhare paas bhej deti hoon. Unki behan Kanak kamre mein chali gayi. Raat ke 2 baj rahe the. Rani Bhabhi muskurate hue mujhse kahne lagi, dewar ji, tumhara auzar to wakayee bahut hi bada hai aur shandar bhi. Maine kai bar aapko mutte huai dekahha hai.Maine aaj tak apni zindagi mein aisa auzar kabhi nahin dekha tha.
Mera man ise haath mein pakad kar dekhne ko kah raha hai, dekh loon. Maine kaha, Rani Bhabhi, aap kya kah rahi ho. Wo boli, tumhare bhaiya ko gujre huye 1 saal ho gaye. Aakhir main bhi to aurat hoon aur jawan bhi. Mera man bhi kabhi kabhi idhar udhar hone lagta hai. Tum to mere dewar ho. Har aurat achchhe auzar ko pasand karti hai. Mujhe bhi tumhara auzar bahut hi achchha lag raha hai. Agar main tumse lag jati hoon to meri bhi ichchha puri ho jaygi aur kisi ko kuchh pata bhi nahin chalega. Itna kah kar unhone mera lund pakad liya aur sahlane lagi. Main bhi aakhir mard hi tha. Mujhe Rani Bhabhi ka lund sahlana bahut achchha lagne laga isliye main kuchh nahin bola. Thodi der tak mera lund sahlane ke baad wo boli, tumne abhi tak suhagraat ka maza bhi nahin liya hai aur main samajhti hoon ki tum bhi ek dam bhookhe hoge. Meri ichchha poori karoge. Maine kaha, agar tum kahti ho bhala main kaise inkar kar sakta hoon. Aakhir main bhi to mard hoon aur tumhare siwa mera is duniya mein aur kaun hai. Wo boli, phir tum yahin ruko, main abhi aati hoon. Itna kah kar Rani Bhabhi Kanak ke paas chali gayi. Unhone Kanak se kaha, ab tum so jao. Raat bahut ho chuki hai. Main Vicky ko sab kuchh samjha doongi. Uske baad main use subah tumhare paas bhej doongi. Main bahar se darwaza band kar deti hoon. Kanak boli, theek hai, didi. Rani Bhabhi Kanak ke kamre se bahar aa gayi aur unhone Kanak ke kamre ka darwaza bahar se band kar liya. Uske baad wo mujhe apne kamre mein le gayi.

Mere badan par kuchh bhi nahin tha. Lungi to maine pahle hi utar di thi. Kamre mein pahuchte hi Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, dewar ji, tumne apna auzar itne dino tak kahan chhupa rakha tha. Bada hi pyara auzar hai tumhara. Maine kaha, maine kahan chhupaya tha, yahin to tha tumhare paas. Wo boli, mere paas aao. Main unke nazdeek chala gaya. Unhone mera lund pakad liya aur sahlane lagi. Wo kahne lagi, maine aaj tak aisa auzar kabhi nahin dekha tha. Har aurat achchha auzar pasand karti hai. Mujhe to tumhara auzar bahut pasand aa gaya hai. Aaj main tumse lag jati hoon. Tumse lag jane mein mujhe bahut maza aayega. Lekin jaise tumne Kanak ke saath kiya tha us tarah mere saath mat karna nahin to mujhe bhi bahut takleef hogi aur mere muh se bhi cheekh nikal jayegi. Kanak paas ke hi kamre mein hai, iska khayal rakhna. Maine kaha, achchha. Thodi der tak Rani Bhabhi mera lund sahlati rahi. Uske baad unhone bhi apne kapde utar diye aur ek dam nangi ho gayi. Rani Bhabhi bhi bahut hi khoobsurat thi. Uske baad wo bed par let gayi aur boli, ab thoda sa tel apne lund par laga lo aur aa jao. Maine kaha, kya Rani Bhabhi, aap ne to bhaiya se bahut baar chudwaya hai, aap mujhse tel lagane ko kah rahi hain. Bina Tel ke jyada maza aayega. Wo boli, phir der kis baat ki aa jao. Main Rani Bhabhi ke pairon ke beech aa gaya.Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, aaram se ghusana, jaldi mat karna. Jab main rokungi to ruk jana. Maine kaha, theek hai. Wo boli, chalo ab dheere dheere andar ghusao. Maine apne lund ka supada Rani Bhabhi ki chut ke muh par rakh diya aur dheere dheere apna lund Rani Bhabhi ki chut mein ghusane laga. Jaise hi mere lund ka supada Rani Bhabhi ki chut mein ghusa to unke muh se aah nikal gayi. Unki chut mujhe jyada tight lag rahi thi. Mera lund aasani se ghus nahin pa raha tha. Main jor laga kar dheere dheere apna lund Rani Bhabhi ki chut mein ghusane laga. Rani Bhabhi aahein bharti rahi. Jab mera lund 5″ tak ghus gaya to dard ke mare unka bura haal hone laga lekin unhone mujhe roka nahin. Unhone apne hothon ko jor se jakad liya tha. Main jor lagata raha. Jab mera lund Rani Bhabhi ki chut mein 6″ tak ghus Gaya to wo boli, ab ruk jao. Main ruk gaya to wo boli, bahut dard ho raha hai. Ab bardast karna mushkil hai. Kitna baki hai abhi. Maine kaha, 3″. Wo boli, ab aur jyada andar mat ghusana. Dheere dheere chudayi karna shuru kar do.
Maine dheere dheere Rani Bhabhi ki chudayi shuru kar di. Unki chut ne mere lund ko buri tarah se jakad rakha tha. Wo aahein bharti rahi. Mujhe bhi khoob maza aa raha tha. Aaj main kisi aurat ko pahli baar chod raha tha. 5 min ki chudayi ke baad Rani Bhabhi jhad gayi. Unhone bahut dino se chudwaya nhin tha isliye unki chut se dher saara juice nikla. Unki chut aur mera lund ek dam geela ho gaya to unhone kaha, ab dheere dheere baki ka bhi ghusa do. Maine is baar thoda jyada hi jor laga diya to wo apne aap ko rok nahin payi. Unke muh cheekh nikal hi gayi lekin unhobne turant hi khud ko sambhal liya. Maine is baar ek dhakka laga diya to wo dard ke mare tadapne lagi aur boli, ab kitna baki hai. Maine kaha, 1″. Wo boli, ab chodo mujhe, baki ka chudayi karte samay ghusa dena. Maine Rani Bhabhi ki chudayi shuru kar di. Mujhe khoob maza aa raha tha. Rani Bhabhi dard ke mare aahein bhar rahi thi. Jaise jaise samay gujarta gaya wo shant hoti gayi. Ab unhein bhi maza aane laga tha. Tabhi maine ek dhakka laga kar baki ka lund bhi unki chut mein ghusa diya. Wo cheekhi uthi aur boli, poora ghus gaya. Maine kaha, haan. Wo boli, ab jor jor se chodo. Tum to gaon mein kushti lada karte the na. Maine kaha, haan. Wo boli, ab tum meri chut ke saath kushti lado. Meri chut ko apne lund ka dushman samajh lo aur meri chut par apne lund se khoob jor jor se war karo. Phad dena aaj isko. Maine kaha, agar phad doonga to baad mein maza kaise aayega. Wo boli, tum iska matlab nahin samjhe. Main sach mush phadne ko thode hi kah rahi hoon. Maine bahut hi jor jor ke dhakke lagate huye Rani Bhabhi ko chodna shuru kar diya.
Rani Bhabhi to bahut hi sexy nikli. Wo har dhakke ke saath apna chutad uchhal uchhal kar mujhse chudwa rahi thi. Poora bed jor jor se hil raha tha. Kamre mein dhap dhap ki aawaz ho rahi thi. Unki chut se se bhi chap chap ki aawaz nikal rahi thi. Main bhi poore josh mein tha aur wo bhi. 5 min ki chudayi ke baad wo phir se jhad gayi lekin main ruka nahin. Main khoob jor jor ke dhakke lagate huye unki chudayi kar raha tha. Wo poori tarah se mast ho chuki thi aur apni chuchiyon ko apne hathon se masal rahi thi. Thodi der ki chudayi ke baad main jhad gaya. Rani Bhabhi bhi mere saath hi saath phir se jhad gayi. Main apna lund unki chut se bahar nikala to mere lund par khoon bhi laga hua tha. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, dekh liya tumne apne lund ki kartoot. Isne mujh jaisi chudi chudayi aurat ki chut se bhi khoon nikal diya. Unhone mere lund ko kapde se saaf kar diya. Uske baad main unke bagal mein let gaya. Wo mere hothon ko choomne lagi aur boli, dewar ji, aaj to tumne mujhe aisa maza diya hai ki main kya bataoon. Aisa maza to mujhe aaj tak kabhi nahin mila. Maine kaha, main Kanak ka kya karoon. Wo boli, maine tumhare bhaiya se itne salo tak chudwaya tha phir bhi mujhe tumhara lund apni chut ke andar lene Mein bahut takleef huyi. Kanak abhi bahut chhoti hai. Jara socho ki use kitni takleef hoti hogi. Maine kaha, tab tum hi batao main kya karoon. Kya main Kanak ko chhod kar kewal tumhari chudayi karoon. Wo boli, main aisa thode hi kah rahi hoon. Abki baar jab tum Kanak ki chudayi karna to uske upar jara sa bhi raham mat karna. Wo chahe kitna bhi cheekhe ya chillaye apna poora ka poora lund andar ghusa dena. Uski cheekh mujhe sunayi padegi tum iski parwah mat karna. Maine kaha, theek hai, main aisa hi karunga. Wo boli, thodi der aaram kar lo. Uske baad Kanak ke paas jao. Abki baar haar nahin man na. Poora ka poora ghusa dena bhale hi wo kitna bhi cheekhe ya chillaye. Maine kaha, main aisa hi karunga. Subah ke 5 bajne wale the. Thodi der aaram karne ke baad main Kanak ke paas chala gaya. Kanak so rahi thi. Maine use jagaya to wo uth gayi. Maine us se kaha, ja kar tel ki shishi utha lao aur mere lund par dher saara tel laga do. Wo boli, mujhe sharam aati hai. Maine kaha, agar tum mere lund par tel nahin lagaogi to main aise hi apna lund tumhare chhed mein ghusa doonga. Wo boli, na baba na, aisa mat karna. Jab tel lagane ke baad bhi itna dard hota hai to bina tel lagaye jab tum apna auzar andar ghusaoge to main to mar hi jaungi. Main tumhare auzar par tel laga deti hoon. Itna kah kar wo uthi. Usne tel ki shishi se tel nikal kar mere lund par laga diya. Uske tel lagane se mera lund ek dam tight ho gaya. Uske baad wo mere kuchh kahe bina hi pet ke bal let gayi aur boli, dheere dheere ghusana. Main uske upar aa gaya. Maine apne lund ka supada uski gaand ke chhed par rakh diya aur phir uski kamar ke niche se haath dal kar uski kamar ko jor se pakad liya. Maine thoda sa jor lagaya to uske muh se aah nikal gayi.
Maine thoda jor aur lagaya uske muh halki si cheekh nikal gayi. Mera lund uski gaand mein 3″ tak ghus chuka tha. Maine thoda sa jor aur lagaya to wo phir se chillane lagi aur mera lund 4″ tak ghus gaya. Maine uski cheekh par jara sa bhi dhyan nahin diya. Maine jor ka dhakka mara to wo tadapne lagi aur jor jor se cheekhne lagi, didi, bacha lo mujhe, mar jaungi main. Is dhakke ke saath mera lund 5″ tak ghus gaya. Maine phir se bahut hi jor ka ek dhakka aur mara to apne hathon ko jor jor se bed par patakne lagi. Usne apne sir ke baal nochne shuru kar diye aur bahut hi jor jor se chillane lagi. Ab tak mera lund Kanak ki gaand mein 6″ tak ghus chuka tha. Maine poore takat ke saath phir se jor ka dhakka mara to wo bahut jor jor se rone lagi. Lag raha tha ki jaise wo mar jayegi. Main ruk gaya. Is dhakke ke saath mera lund uski gaand mein 7″ ghus chuka tha. Maine apna lund ek jhatke se bahar kheech liya. Puk ki aawaz ke saath mera lund bahar aa gaya. Maine dekha ki uski gaand ka muh khula hua tha aur dher saara khoon mere lund par aur uski gaand par laga hua tha. Maine tel ki shishi uthayi aur uski gaand ke chhed mein dher saara tel dal diya. Uske baad maine phir se apna lund dheere dheere uski gaand mein ghusa diya. Jab mera lund uski gaand mein 7″ tak ghus gaya to maine poore takat ke saath 2 bahut hi jordar dhakke laga diye. Wo jor jor se chillane lagi, didi, tumne mujhe kahan phasa diya. Main mari ja rahi hoon aur tum sun hi nahin rahi ho, bacha lo mujhe, nahin to ye mujhe mar dalenge. Maine kaha, ab chup ho jao. Mera poora lund ab ghus chuka hai. Wo kuchh nahin boli kewal sisak sisak kar roti rahi. Main apna lund uski gaand mein hi dale huye thodi der tak ruka raha. Dheere dheere wo kuchh had tak shant ho gayi. Tabhi kamre ke bahar se hi Rani Bhabhi ne puchha, kam ho gaya. Maine kaha, abhi to maine kewal apna auzar hi poora andar ghusaya hai. Wo boli, theek hai, ab jaldi se apna paani bhi nikal do aur bahar aa jao. Maine dheere dheere dhakke lagane shuru kar diye to Kanak phir se cheekhne lagi. Waqt gujarta gaya aur wo dheere dheere shant hoti gayi. 10 min mein wo ek dam shant ho gayi to maine apni speed badhani shuru kar di. Ab uske muh se kewal halki halki si aah hi nikal rahi thi. Maine apni speed aur tej kar di.
Tel laga hone ki wajah se mera lund uski gaand mein sata sat andar bahar ho raha tha. Mujhe khoob maza aa raha tha. Kanak ko bhi ab kuchh kuchh maza aane laga tha. Main bhi poore josh mein aa chuka tha aur teji ke saath uski gaand mar raha tha. 10 min tak maine uski gaand mari aur phir jhad gaya. Lund ka saara paani uski gaand mein nikal dene ke baad bhi main uske gaand mein hi apna lund dale rakha aur uske upar let gaya. Maine Kanak se puchha, kuchh maza aaya. Wo boli, bahut dard ho raha hai aur tum poochh rahe ho ki maza aaya. Maine kaha, meri kasam hai tumhein, sach sach batao kya tumhein jara sa bhi maza nahin aaya. Usne sharmate huye kaha, pahle to bahut dard ho raha tha lekin baad mein mujhe thoda thoda sa maza aane laga tha ki tum ruk gaye. Maine kaha, abhi thodi der mein mera lund phir se khada ho jayega. Uske baad main phir se tumhari gaand marunga. Wo boli, nahin, abhi rahne do. Tabhi Rani Bhabhi ne puchha, kyon Vicky, kam ho gaya. Maine kaha, haan, maine apna paani iske chhed mein nikal diya hai. Abhi thodi hi der mein main phir se apna paani nikalne wala hoon. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, theek hai, jab dobara paani nikal dena to bahar aa jana. Maine kaha, theek hai. Maine apna lund Kanak ki gaand mein hi rakha aur uski chuchiyon ko masalta raha. 15 min mein hi mera lund phir se khada ho gaya to maine uski gaand marni shuru kar di. Ab uske muh se kewal halki halki si aah hi nikal rai thi. Thodi hi der mein use maza aane laga to wo siskariyan lene lagi. Maine puchha, ab kaisa lag raha hai. Wo boli, ab achchha lag raha hai.
Maine apni speed badha di to thodi hi der mein wo jor ki siskariyan bharne lagi. Mujhe bhi uski gaand marne mein khoob maza aa raha tha. 20 min tak maine uski gaand mari aur phir jhad gaya. Maine apna lund uski gaand se bahar nikala aur uske bagal mein let gaya. Maine uske hothon ko choomte huye puchha, kaisa laga. Wo boli, is baar kuchh jyada hi maza aaya. Maine kaha, dheere dheere tumhein jyada maza aane lagega. Main Kanak ke paas se uth kar bahar chala aaya. Rani Bhabhi bahra baithi thi. Unhone mujhse poochha, kam ho gaya. Maine kaha, haan. Wo boli, main garam paani se uski chut ki sikayi kar deti hoon. Is se uska dard kam ho jayega. Main chup rah gaya kyon ki maine to Kanak ki chut ko abhi tak chhua hi nahin tha. Maine to uski gaand mari thi. Min Kanak ke paas chala gaya. Rani Bhabhi paani garam kar ke le aayi. Wo boli, main paani garam kar ke layi hoon, andar aa jaoon. Maine kaha, aa jao. Kanak boli, main ek dam nangi hoon aur tum didi ko yahan bula rahe ho. Maine kaha, to kya hua. Wo kuchh nahin boli. Rani Bhabhi andar aa gayi. Unhone Kanak se kaha, lao main tumhare chhed ki sikayi kar doon. Is se tumhara dard kam ho jayega. Kanak ne karwat badal li to Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, tumne karwat kyon badal li. Ab main kaise tumhare chhed ki sikayi karungi. Usne apni gaand ke chhed ki taraf ishara karte huye kaha, isi mein to inhone apna auzar ghusaya tha. Rani Bhabhi ke muh se nikla, kya. Rani Bhabhi ki nazar Kanak ki gaand par padi. Uski gaand khoon se lathpath thi. Maine abhi tak apna lund saaf nahin kiya tha. Mera lund bhi khoon se bheega hua tha. Rani Bhabhi aankhein phade kabhi mere lund ko aur kabhi Kanak ki gaand ko aur kabhi mere chehre ko dekhne lagi. Rani Bhabhi ne garam paani se Kanak ke gaand ki sikayi ki. Uske baad unhone muskurate huye Kanak se kaha, Kanak tumne to ek maidan mar liya hai. Ab doosra maidan marna aur baki hai. Wo boli, didi, main samjhi nahin.
Rani Bhabhi ne Kanak ki chut par haath lagate huye kaha, abhi to tumhein is chhed mein bhi iska auzar andar lena hai. Kanak ko bahut dard ho raha tha. Rani Bhabhi ki baat sunkar wo gusse mein aa gayi. Usne apni chut ki taraf ishara karte huye kaha, ek chhed ke andar inka auzar lene mein hi mera itna bura haal ho gaya aur aap kah rahi ho ki abhi is chhed mein bhi andar lena hai. Main ab kisi chhed mein inka auzar andar nahin loongi. Mujhe bahut dard hota hai. Aap khud hi inka auzar apne chhed mein le lo. Rani Bhabhi ne muskurate huye kaha, mere andar lene se kya hoga. Aakhir tumhein bhi to iska auzar apne is chhed mein andar lena hi padega. Jaise ek baar tumne dard ko bardast kar liya hai usi tarah se ek baar aur dard ko bardast kar lena. Kanak ne Rani Bhabhi ki chut ki taraf ishara karte huye kaha, pahle tum inka auzar apne is chhed mein andar le kar dikhao. Uske baad hi main inka auzar apne is chhed mein andar loongi. Rani Bhabhi mera mujhe dekhne lagi aur main unko. Kanak boli, kyon ab kya hua. Aap mujhe phasa rahi thi lekin maine aap ko hi phasa diya. Dikhao iska auzar apne chhed ke andar lekar. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, achchha baba, abhi dikha deti hoon lekin uske baad to tum mana nahin karogi. Wo boli, pahle aap dikhao uske baad main inka auzar andar le loongi bhale hi mujhe kitni bhi takleef kyon na ho. Rani Bhabhi ne mujhse kaha, dewar ji, Kanak aise nahin manegi. Ab tum apna auzar mere andar dal hi do. Maine kaha, Kanak ke samne. Kanak boli, to kya hua. Jab ye mujhe tumhara auzar andar lete huye dekhegi tab hi to ye tumhara auzar andar legi. Rani Bhabhi ne apne kapde utar diye aur Kanak ke bagal mein let gayi. Main Rani Bhabhi ke pairon ke beech aa gaya to Rani Bhabhi ne Kanak se kaha, ab tum baith jao aur dekho ki kaise main iska auzar poora ka poora andar leti hoon.
Kanak Rani Bhabhi ke bagal mein baith gayi. Maine Rani Bhabhi ki chut mein apna lund ghusana shuru kar diya. Dheere dheere mera poora ka poora lund Rani Bhabhi ki chut mein sama gaya. Kanak aankhein phade dekhti rahi. Uske baad maine Rani Bhabhi ki chudayi shuru kar di. Kanak mere lund ko Rani Bhabhi ki chut mein sata sat andar bahar hote huye dekhti rahi. 5 min ki chudayi ek baad Rani Bhabhi jhag gayi to Kanak ne kaha, didi, tumhare chhed mein se kya nikal raha hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ye meri chut ka paani hai. Abhi ye kayi baar niklega. Jab ye tumhari chut mein bhi apna lund ghusa kar teji se andar bahar karega tab tumhare chut mein se bhi aisa hi paani niklega. Chut se paani nikalne par bahut maza aata hai. Tum khud hi dekh lo ki mujhe kitna maza aa raha hai. Maine Rani Bhabhi ko lagbhag 25 min tak khoob jam kar choda. Kanak aankhein phade dekhti rahi. Lund ka saara paani Rani Bhabhi ki chut mein nikal dene ke baad maine apna lund bahar nikal liya to Kanak boli, tumhare lund par to jara sa bhi khoon nahin laga hai. Maine kaha, khoon to kewal pahli pahli baar ghusane mein hi nikalta hai. Wo kuchh nahin boli. Rani Bhabhi ne Kanak se kaha, ab to tayyar ho iska lund apni chut mein lene ke liye. Wo boli, haan, lekin didi, bahut dard hoga. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, pagli, kewal ek hi baar to dard hoga. Uske baad to tu khud hi is se baar baar kahegi ki apna lund meri chut mein dal do. Wo boli, bhala main aisa kyon kahungi. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, kyon ki tujhe ismein maza jo aayega. Main Rani Bhabhi ke bagal mein let gaya. Kanak mere lund ko dekhti rahi. Thodi der baad wo boli, inka lund ab khada kyon nahin ho raha hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, abhi isne mujhe choda hai na isi liye. Tu iske lund ko sahalana shuru kar de.
Thodi hi der mein ye phir se khada ho jayega. Rani Bhabhi ki chudayi dekh kar Kanak ko bhi thoda josh aa gaya tha. Usne apna haath dheere se mere lund par rakh diya. Thodi der tak wo mere lund ko dekhti rahi. Uske baad usne mere lund ko sahlana shuru kar diya. 15-20 min ke baad mera lund phir se khada hone laga. Maine dekha ki uski aankhein kuchh gulabi si hone lagi. Lund khada hote dekh Kanak josh mein aa gayi aur Rani Bhabhi se boli, didi, ab to inka lund khada ho gaya. Rani Bhabhi boli, ab tu let ja. Itna kah kar Rani Bhabhi uth kar baith gayi aur Kanak let gayi. Rani Bhabhi ne mujhse kaha, tu mere saath jara bahar aa. Maine Rani Bhabhi ke saath bahar aa gaya. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, is baar Kanak ke upar jara sa bhi raham mat karna. Poore takat ke saath dhakka lagate huye poora ka poora lund andar ghusa dena. Jyada der bhi mat karna. Uske baad uski kisi dushman ki tarah khoob jam kar chudayi karna. Samajh gaye. Maine kaha, theek hai, main aisa hi karunga. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, maine kabhi tere bhaiya se gaand nahin marwayi thi, meri gaand kab marega. Maine kaha, jab tum kaho. Wo boli, theek hai, main tujhe bata doongi. Ab chal mere saath kamre mein. Main Rani Bhabhi ke saath kamre mein aa gaya. Kanak bed par leti huyi thi. Rani Bhabhi ne mujhse kaha, ab tu apne lund par tel laga le aur Kanak ki chudayi shuru kar. Main iske paas hi baith jati hoon. Rani Bhabhi Kanak ke bagal mein baith gayi. Maine apne lund par dher saara tel laga liya aur Kanak ke pairon ke beech aa gaya. Jaise hi maine apna lund Kanak ki chut par rakha to Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, aise nahin. Main batati hoon. Maine kaha, batao. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, tu apna haath iske pairon ke niche se dal kar iske kandhe ko jor se pakad le. Uske baad andar ghusa. Maine Kanak ke pairon ke niche haath dal kar Kanak ke kandhe ko jor se pakad liya. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ab jaisa maine tujhe samjhaya tha theek usi tarah andar ghusa de. Maine Kanak ke chut ke muh par apne lund ka supada rakh diya. Jaise hi maine dhakka lagaya to Rani Bhabhi ne Kanak ke muh ko jor se daba kar pakad liya. Kanak ke muh se goo goo ki aawaz hi nikal payi. Rani Bhabhi mujhse boli, ghusa de jaldi se poora ka poora. Main to takatwar tha hi. Maine apni saari takat lagate huye phir se ek dhakka mara. Kanak ki chut se khoon ki dhar nikalne lagi.
Mera lund khoon se naha gaya. Wo apne hathon ko jor jor se bed par patakne lagi. Uski saari ki saari chudiyan toot gayi aur uska haath lahu luhan ho gaya. Muh daba hone ki wajah se uske muh se kewal goo goo ki aawaz hi nikal pa rahi thi. Maine phir se ek dhakka lagaya. Is dhakke ke saath hi mera lund Kanak ki chut mein 7″ tak ghus gaya. Kanak tadap rahi thi. Uski aankhon se aansoo bah rahe the. Bed ke chadar par bhi dher saara khoon lag gaya tha. Bhabi boli, jaldi kar. Maine ek dhakka aur mara to mera lund 8″ ghus gaya. Maine gahri sans lete huye phir se jor ka dhakka lagaya. Is dhakke ke saath hi mera poora ka poora lund Kanak ki chut mein sama gaya. Rani Bhabhi boli, apna poora lund bahar nikal kar ek hi jhatke mein phir se andar kar de. Maine waisa hi kiya. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, shabas, theek isi tarah se 4-5 baar aur kar. Maine 4-5 baar phir se waisa hi kiya. Kanak tadap rahi thi. Uska saara badan pasine se naha gaya thi. Uski sansein bahut tej chal rahi thi aur saara badan thar thar kanp raha tha.Maine Kanak ki chudayi shuru kar di. Rani Bhabhi abhi bhi uska muh dabaye huye thi. Uske muh se goo goo ki aawaz nikal rahi thi. Uski chut ne mere lund ko buri tarah se jakad rakha tha. Mera lund aasani se uski chut mein andar bahar nahin ho pa raha tha.
Poore takat ke saath main lagbhag 10 min tak uski chudayi karta raha. Kanak ab kuchh had tak shant ho chuki thi. Rani Bhabhi ne apna haath uske muh par se hata liya to Kanak sisak sisak kar rote huye kahne lagi, didi, aap dono ne milkar mujhe mar hi dala. Bahut dard ho raha hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ab to pahle jaisa dard nahin hai na. Wo boli, nahin, ab pahle se bahut kam Hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, thoda sabar kar, abhi baki ka dard bhi chala jayega. Main teji ke saath uski chudayi kar raha tha. Ab wo cheekh nahin rahi thi kewal aahein bhar rahi thi. Maine use 5 min tak aur choda to Kanak jhad gayi. Uski chut aur mera lund ek dam geela ho gaya. Ab mera lund thoda aasani se uski chut mein andar bahar hone laga tha. Maine apni speed badha di. Kanak ne dheere dheere siskariyan bharni shuru kar di. Rani Bhabhi ne puchha, ab kaisa lag raha hai. Wo boli, ab kuchh kuchh maza aa raha hai lekin dard abhi bhi hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ab is dard ko jane mein samay lagega. Uske baad bilkul bhi dard nahin hoga. Wo boli, samay kyon lagega. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, jab ye tumhein 3-4 baar chod dega tab tumhari chut iske lund ke size ki ho jayegi. Uske baad ye dard apne aap chala jayega. Maine aur jyada jor jor ke dhakke lagane shuru kar diye the aur use teji ke saath chod raha tha. Kanak ne bhi ab dheere dheere apna chutad Uthana shuru kar diya tha. Wo bhi ab masti mein aa rahi thi. 5 min mein hi wo phir se jhad gayi. Usne mere hothon ko choom liya aur kaha, ab mujhe bahut achchha lag raha hai. Maine uski chudayi jari rakhi. 2 min bhi nahin gujre the ki Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, Kanak ab tum iska lund apne doosre chhed mein le lo. Wo boli, phir se dard hoga. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ab jyada dard nahin hoga kyon ki tum iska lund pahle hi andar le chuki ho. Wo boli, phir inse kah do ki dheere dheere karenge. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ye dheere dheere hi karega. Main hoon na yahan par. Agar ye badmashi karega to main ise bahut marungi. Wo boli, theek hai. Maine apna lund Kanak ki chut se bahar nikala aur uski gaand mein ghusane laga. Mere lund par Kanak ki chut ka dher saara paani laga hua tha. Dheere dheere mera lund 7″ tak uski gaand mein ghus gaya. Uske baad jab maine aur jyada ghusane ki koshish ki to use phir se dard hone laga aur wo cheekhne lagi lekin is baar usne mujhe roka nahin. Wo boli, ab rahne do, dard ho raha hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, bas thoda sa hi to baki hai. Use bhi andar le lo. Wo kuchh nahin boi.
Rani Bhabhi ne mujhe aankh mari to maine jor ka dhakka laga diya. Mera baki ka lund bhi uski gaand mein sama gaya. Wo jor se cheekhi to Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, bas ho gaya. Uske baad maine uski gaand marni shuru kar di. Thodi der cheekhne ke baad wo shant ho gayi. Ab use gaand marwane mein bhi maza aane laga tha. Lagbhag 5 min tak maine uski gaand mari to Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ab rahne do. Maine kaha, abhi to mere lund ka paani hi nahin nikla hai. Wo boli, main mana thode ho kar rahi hoon. Ab tum iski chut mein apna lund dal kar ise chodo. Maine apna lund Kanak ki gaand se nikal kar uski chut mein dal diya. Uske baad maine poore takat ke saath jor jor se uski chudayi shuru kar di. 5 min mein hi Kanak phir se jhad gayi. Main iske pahle 2 baar Kanak ki gaand mar chuka tha aur 2 baar Rani Bhabhi ko chod chuka tha. Is liye mere lund ka paani nikalne ka naam hi nahin le raha tha. Main jor jor ke dhakke lagate huye Kanak ko chod raha tha. Wo bhi apna chutad uthane lagi thi. Thodi der baad wo boli, didi, ab mujhe bahut achchha lag raha hai. Inse kah do ki thoda aur jor jor se dhakka lagaye. Rani Bhabhi ne mujhse kaha, tumne suna ye kya kah rahi hai. Maine kaha, haan. Wo boli, to phir tum iska kaha mano aur apni takat dikha do ise.
Maine poora takat lagate huye bahut hi jor jor ke dhakke lagane shuru kar diye. Rani Bhabhi ne Kanak se puchha, ab theek hai. Wo boli, haan, ab mujhe jyada maza aa raha hai. Kanak ab chutad utha utha kar mera saath de rahi thi. Mera lund uski chut mein poora ka poora sata sat andar bahar ho raha tha. 10 min ki chudayi ke baad Kanak phir se jhad gayi. Maine apna lund uski chut se bahar nikal liya to usne mere lund ko turant pakad liya aur kahne lagi, bahar kyon nikal rahe ho. Abhi Mujhe aur maza lena hai. Maine kaha, main tumhein abhi aur maza doonga. Ab tum ghodi ki tarah ho jao. Wo doggy style mein ho gayi to main uske pichhe aa gaya. Maine apna lund uski gaand mein ghusa diya aur uski gaand marne laga. Wo josh ke mare siskariyan bharne lagi. 5 min tak uski gaand marne ke baad main apna lund uski gaand se nikal kar uski chut mein dal diya aur uski chudayi karne laga. Main uski kamar ko pakad kar use bahut hi buri tarah se chod raha tha. Wo bhi apna chutad aage pichhe karte huye mera saath dene lagi thi. 10 min uski chudayi karne ke baad main jhad gaya. Mere saath hi saath Kanak bhi phir se jhad gayi. Maine apna lund bahar nikala to Rani Bhabhi ne Kanak se kaha, ab tum iske lund ko chat lo. Wo boli, main inke lund ko nahin chatungi. Inka lund ganda hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ganda kahan hai. Iske lund par tumhari chut ka aur iske lund ka paani hi to laga hai. Ise chatne se pyar badhta hai. Chat lo ise. Wo boli, main nahin chatungi. Mujhe ghin aati hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, main hi chat leti hoon. Phir aage se tujhe hi chatna padega. Wo boli, theek hai, pahle tum chat kar dikhao, baad mein main chat loongi. Rani Bhabhi mere lund ko chatne lagi. Kanak dekh rahi thi. Mere lund par laga hua thoda sa paani Rani Bhabhi ne chat liya phir Kanak se boli, ab baki ka tum chat lo. Kanak ne sharmate huye mere lund ko chatna shuru kar diya. Usne mere lund par lage huye baki ke paani ko chat chat kar saaf kar diya. Rani Bhabhi ne Kanak se kaha, ab tumhein jab ye phir se chodega to chillaogi to nahin. Wo boli, ab kyon chillaungi. Ab to mujhe bahut maza aane laga hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, phir theek hai, tum aaram kar lo. Jab tumhara man karga to ise bula lena. Main iske saath apne kamre mein ja rahi hoon. Mujhe is se kuchh baat karni hai. Wo boli, theek hai, bula loongi.Rani Bhabhi boli, main bhi iske saath aaungi tumhare paas aur apne samne hi tumhari chudayi kara doongi. Rani Bhabhi bahar chali gayi to main bhi unke pichhe pichhe bahar chala aaya. Maine Rani Bhabhi se kaha, tumne mujhse Kanak ek samne hi chudwa liya. Wo kya sochegi. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, use kuchh bhi nahin maloom hai. Agar use kuchh maoolm hota to bhala wo mujhe chudwane ko kyon kahti. Chalo achchha hi hua ki ab mujhe aur Kanak ko ek doosre ke samne tumse chudwane mein koyi dikkat nahin hogi. Hamara rasta poori tarah se saaf ho gaya. Main Kanak se bhi is baar mein baat kar loongi. Maine bhabi se puchha, gaand kab marwaogi. Wo muskurate huye boli, kya meri gaand bhi phadni hai.
Maine kaha, haan. Wo boli, kal phad dena. Maine kaha, thoda sa aaj andar le lo baki ka kal andar le lena. Wo boli, jo tera jee kahe kar. Ab to main teri biwi ban gayi hoon. Main Rani Bhabhi ke bagal mein leta hua unse batein karta raha aur unki chut ko shalata raha. Wo mujhe tarah tarah ke style mein chodna sikha rahi thi aur mere lund ko shala rahi thi. Laghbhag 1 ghante ke baad mera lund phir se khada hone laga. Maine Rani Bhabhi se kaha, Kanak ne abhi tak mujhe bulaya hi nahin. Main ab tumhari gaand mein hi lund ghusane ki koshish karta hoon. Rani Bhabhi aur hum dono abhi tak nange hi the. Maine Rani Bhabhi se ghodi ban jane ko kaha to wo ghodi ban gayi. Maine apne lund ka supada unki gaand ke chhed par rakha to wo boli, tel to laga le. Maine kaha, nahin aise hi. Wo boli, phir to bahut dard hoga. Maine kaha, hone do. Tum koyi 16 saal ki thode hi ho. Wo boli, theek hai, jaisi teri marzi. Maine apna lund unki chut mein dal diya aur unki chudayi shuru kar di. 5 min mein hi Rani Bhabhi jhad gayi to mera lund geela ho gaya. Ab tel lagane ki jaroorat nahin thi. Maine apne lund ka supada unki gaand ke chhed par rakha aur thoda sa jor lagaya. Rani Bhabhi ke muh se jor ki aah nikli aur mere lund ka supada unki gaand mein ghus gaya. Maine thoda jor aur lagaya to wo tadap uthi aur boli, jara dheere se. Maine phir se jor lagaya to unke muh se cheekh nikal gayi. Mera lund Rani Bhabhi ki gaand mein ab Tak 4″ ghus chuka tha. Maine aur jyada andar ghusane ki koshish nahin ki.
Maine dheere dheere dhakke lagane shuru kar diye. 2 min mein hi Rani Bhabhi ka dard jata raha to wo boli, thoda aur andar kar de. Maine phir se thoda jor lagaya to wo phir se cheekhi aur mera lund unki gaand mein 5″ tak ghus gaya. Tabhi Kanak aa gayi. Usne kapde nahin pahne the. Wo ek dam nangi thi. Usne hum dono ko dekha to boli, didi, tum bhi maza le rahi ho. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, ye tera badi der se intezar kar raha tha lekin tune ise bulaya hi nahin. Ise josh aa gaya aur usne meri gaand mein apna lund ghusana shuru kar diya. Main ise mana nahin kar payi. Wo boli, mujhe bhi phir se chudwana hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, to aa ja. Kanak ne kaha, lekin ye to aap ko chodne ja raha hai. Rani Bhabhi ne kaha, mera kya hai, main to kabhi bhi chudwa loongi. Pahle tu chudwa le. Tera chudwana jyada jaroori hai. Main to bahut maza le chuki hoon. Kanak Rani Bhabhi ke bagal mein hi ghodi ki tarah ban gayi. Maine apna lund Rani Bhabhi ki gaand se bahar nikal kar Kanak ki gaand mein ghusana shuru kar diya. Wo dard ke mare aahein bharne lagi. Dheere dheere mera poora ka poora lund Kanak ki gaand mein ghus gaya to Maine uski gaand marni shuru kar di. Wo boli, aage ke chhed mein ghusa kar chodo. Mujhe usmein jyada maza aata hai. Maine kaha, thodi der pichhe ke chhed ki chudayi kar loon phir aage ke chhed mein bhi chodunga. Wo boli, theek hai, jaisi tumhari marzi. Main Kanak ki gaand marta raha. Rani Bhabhi Kanak se kahne lagi, tu to janti hai ki Vicky ke bhaiya ka swargwas huye bahut din ho chuke hain. Maine bahut dino se chudwaya nahin tha aur meri ichchha bhi mar chuki thi. Lekin aaj maine teri khushi ke liye tere kahne par is se chudwa liya. Is se chudwane ke baad meri chut aur gaand ki aag phir se bhadak gayi hai. Main janti hoon ki ye bahut hi galat baat hai lekin main ab is se chudwaye bina nahin rah sakti. Agar kisi ko ye pata chal gaya to meri badi badnami hogi. Ab tu hi bata ki main kya karoon. Main to ab mar jana chahti hoon. Wo boli, didi, tum aisa kyon kah rahi ho jabtumhari marji aye insay chuda le na agar kisi bhabi aunti mom sister ko muzsay bat karni hoto pliz my id

Dost Ho To Aisi

Hello sexvex reader I am abhay from pune. Mai 24 year ka jawan ladka hoon aur mere Lund ka size 8” lamba aur 2.5” mota hai. Mujhe bahoot khushi hai aap logo ne mere story ko itna pasand kiya aur mujhe response diya. Mere pass bahoot sare msg bhi aaye. To aaj mai aapko apne life mai hue ek aur sex experice ke bare me batata hoon jo mere aur meri Minakshi ke sath hua.Meri Minakshi ka nam hai zeba wo aur unki figure to kya kahna hai Minakshi sex ki murat hain . Bhabi ko pane ke liye betab ho gaya tha mera 8 inch ka land usko dekhte hi kadak ho jata uske boobs kya gajab ke the.Aur ek din meri kismat khul gayi main collage se ghar aya to bhabi ne bataya ki ammi tumhare mama ke yaha gayi hai mujhe thodi khshi hui, aur fresh hokar main TV chalu karke baith gaya tabhi bhaiya ka dost aaya aur mujhe bataya ki bhaiya ko ek jaroori kaam se mumbai ke liye bhej diya hai. Mumbai mein bhi hamara ghar hai. Who kal aayenge mere to hosh hi ud gaye ye baat sunkar Bhabi ne undar se sun liya tha mere man me bhabi ka khayal aane laga .Raat thik 8 baje hum dono ne khana kha liya karib 10 baje bhabi apne kamre me sone ke liye chli gayi main yaha bechain hone laga aur raat ko 11 baje mai bhabi ke kamare me chala gaya uff who sote samay bahut hi khubsurat lag rahi thi, main uske pairo ke paas baith gaya maine apni pant utar daali aur ek hath dhire se bahbi ki ssadi me daal diya aur ek haath se bahbi ke blouse ke botton kholne laga maine apni ek ungli bhabi ki panty ke kinare se undar daal kar bhabi ki chut mai ghusa di aur mai us ghumane laga mujhe panty ki wajah se pareshani hone lagi maine dusare hath se unke blouse ke saare botton
Khol diye aur pagal hoke main bhabi ke boobs dekhne laga lekin maine pahle dono hathose bhabi ki panty niche nikaal di aur phir saadi ko upar karne laga aur jab bhbi ki chut ke darshan huye to main pagal ki tarah dekhne laga ki itani gori gori chut bilkul nangi mere samane mujhe laga jaise main koi sapna hi dekh raha hu .

Phir maine ek hathse bhabi ki chut ko pakda aur bhabi ke dono pairo me apna sir dall kar maine apni jib uski chut me daal di aur ek hathse uske boobs sahlane laga mujhe chut ko chatne me bahut maja aane laga mera land meri underpant se bahar aa gaya maine boobs ko chod kar ek haath se land ko ragadane laga aur tabhi bahbi ka ek haath ne mere baal pakad liye aur ek haath se mera sar niche dabane lagi tabhi mujhe ahsaas hua ki bhabi ki chut se kuch chipchipa sa nikla tha mujhe who bahut hi accha laga main aur jor jor se chatne laga jaise mujhe nasha sa ho gaya ho . Tabhi bhabi ne apni pakad dhili kar di phir main bhabi ke upar chadh gaya aur unki chuchiya chusne laga bhabi masti main aa gayi thi mera landbhabi ki chut se takara raha tha tabhi bhabi ne mere hotoko chusna chalu kiya , thodi der baad bhabi ne kaha chalo ab chodo to maine apni undarpant utar di tabhi bhabi ne unki saadi aur blouse puri tarah se utaar diye bhabi ko pura nanga dekh main unki taraf dekhte hi rah gaya tabhi bhabi boli kya dekh rahe ho kabhi kisi auart ko nanaga nahi dekha maine kaha bhabi sirf film ne dekha tah aaj pahali baar dekh raha hu , aur bhabi pith ke bal let gayi meri chut me gudgudi ho rahi hai chal aa main to tayyar hi hu maine kahaa aur main bhabi ke pairo me baith gaya bhabi ne apne hatho se chut ka muh pakad liya aur
Kaha ab daal de maine apna land bhabi ki chut par set kiya aur ek dhakka mara to mere land thoda undar ghus gaya bhabi ne karahate huye kaha yeh to bahut hi mota hai meri chut ki aaj khair nahi tabhi maine dusara dhakka laga diya aur bhabi ne apne nakhun mere pith me gaad diye maine aur ek dhakka laga diya aur mera pura land bhabi ki chut main sama gaya aur mujhe bahut maja aane laga main jor jor se dhkke marne laga bhabi mast hokar mujhe buri tarah se chaat rahi thi kaat rahi thi main bhi bhabi ki boobs ko kaat raha tha bhabi aahh uuunnhhh aaahh kar rahi
Tthi karib 20 min baad bhabi ne Muze jor se kaata aur apne upar itani jor se khicha jaise ke main kahi bhag ja raha hu aur mere land ko gila hone ka ahssas huaa aur mujhe laga ki main bhi jhrane wala hu to maine bahut hi jor jor se dhakke lagana shru kiya aur thodi hi der main main bhi jahr gaya aur bhabi ne phir maujhe jor se khich liya Mujhe us waqt kaisa laga ki kya batau, karib 10 minut main bhbi ke upar pada raha tha badme maine apna land chut se baar nikala to who dono ke virya se taarrrr ho gaya tha bhabi uthi aur unhone mara land apne muhn me le liya aur use chusane lagi main masti main aane laga bhabine land ko chus kar saaf kar diya tabhi meri najar bhabi ki chut par gayi to chut se wahi taral aur chipchipa sa viray bed par tapak raha tha maine bhabi se kaha chalo ab main aapki chut saaf kar deta hu aur main pith ke bal bhabi ki chut ke niche ghus gaya aur bhabi ne apni chut mere muhn par rakh di aur main use chatne laga bhabi phir se mast hone lagi tabhi main uth gaya aur bhabi ko kaha main bathroom se hoke aaya . Bathroom se aane ke baad mera land phirse ladane ke liye tankar tayyar ho gaya bhabi ne

Kaha ab tum niche so jao maine kaha chalega phir bhabi mere land kr upar baith gayi aur chodane lagi us raat maine bhbi ko sone nahi diya aur bhabi ne mujhe sone nahi diya puri raat hum chudai karte rahe jaise ki barso se pyase ho.subah jab hum saath me naha dhokar tayyar hone lage tab dekha ke kisne kisko kitana kata hai . Nashta karne ke baad 8-30 baje bhaiya ka phon aya ki who aur do din nahi aayenge Aur phir jab bhi muaka mila hamari hudai chalu ho jati ab bhabi ko ek beta hai phir bhi bhabbi bhaya se kam aur mujhse hi jada chudati hai…..Doso kaisi lagi meri kahani agar koi ladaki ya aurat mujhse chudai chahti hai to main unki seva main hajir ho jaunga …sirf email kare ye aap ke aur mere beech me secret rahe ga full garenty ke saath.

Dost Ki Mausi Ji [english]

I had a close friend, well lets call him Raju. Both of us had crossed 18 years and were of thin build and medium height (he was slightly taller than me). He was a very fair and handsome boy. We were living in a small town of western U.P. We were quite close and used to visit each other’s house quite frequently. Both of us were jolly, witty and very very naughty. In those olden golden days, seduction was king and trying to ‘patao’ (seduce) a girl was very difficult due to the strict social norms, so most of the boys remained horny and girls remained frustrated. Both of us were no exception. We had had few kissing, feeling / groping sessions with terrified but willing girls which resulted in more frustration later. So we (and who was not – in our age bracket) were quite eager to have some fully satisfying sessions with some daring damsels. After I passed 12th class, my father got transferred to another city and after few months, I had some work in my old town, so I visited my friend. He pressed me to stay with him. He had a big haveli type house. On ground floor, they had their drawing room, dining room, kitchen and his parent’s bed room. Separated by a big courtyard (chowk), Raju had a big room as his bedroom cum study room with a adjoining toilet. Raju enjoyed full privacy in his room due to its separated location. He had only one elder brother who had his bed room on the first floor. His father was a Government officer and mother was a principal in girl’s college. Elder brother was struggling lawyer. So every body in their family was working and the house used to remain empty in the day. We went to college and returned to his home in the afternoon. We were greeted by a lady of about 28-30 years, whom I had never seen earlier. She was of average height for an Indian lady – about 5 feet 2-3 inch, with a filled up body, very fair colour. She had a very charming face and a naughty smile. She also appeared to be of jolly nature. In short a very likeable lady.
Raju introduced us and addressed her as Mausi (mother’s sister). She told us to freshen up while she would make tea and pakoras for us. We went to Raju’s room and I was surprised to see female cloths hanging on the walls. He told me that Mausi is staying in his room. He used to have a big ‘palang’ (a single big bed but good enough for 2 people) for himself, a study table and a sofa in his room. He had to surrender his palang to Mausi and one more smaller cot was there for him. Shortly Mausi came with tea and snacks and served us. Raju did not invite her to join us, so I took the liberty and politely requested her to have tea with us. Raju didn’t seem to like it. We made some small talk. She enquired about me, my studies, my family to which I politely replied. As Raju hardly spoke so she slowly became comfortable with me. After we finished the snacks, Raju said ‘Chal bazaar ghoom ke aate hain’ (Come let us go to the market) and we pushed off.I asked him who is this Mausi, as to my info he didn’t have any real Mausi.
Yaar yeh meri mummy ki cousin sister hai (She is my mom’s cousin sis). She has separated from her husband and mummy has arranged a teacher’s job for her in a local girl’s school. She now wants to search for her own house but mummy wants her to stay with us for few months, till she becomes comfortable in this city. Toh isme tujhe kya taqleef hai? Tu unke aane se khush nahi lagta. (but you don’t seem to be happy about her coming here)Raju flared up – Khush, hunh, unke aane se meri saari aazadi khatam ho gayi hai, mai cigarette nahi pea sakta, mai gaane nahi ga sakta, mai pondi nahi padh sakta, mai muth nahi maar sakta ..main… (Happy, my foot, I have lost my freedom due to her arrival. I cant smoke, I cant sing, I cant read a porno, I cant shag…..

I said calm down boy, she is not going to stay with you for ever, so bear it. Ho sakta ki ab inse milne inki kuch students tere ghar aana shuru kar de, to tujhe bhi ladkiyon se dosti karne ka mauka mil jayega. (Possibly her students may start coming to meet her. Then you may get a chance to befriend some girls) Dosti hogi ya nahin, par agar isne mummy se shikayat kar di, to meri gaand pe itne joote padenge, ki saari dosti nikal jaayegi. (Whether I will be able to befriend some girls or not, but if she complains to my mom, I will get spanked so much that I will forget all girls) This was logical so I scratched my head and said, Yaar woh achhi khush mizaz lady hain, tu unse dosti karle, mera matlab hai ki unse pyaar se baat kiya kar, to tum dono ka time achha kat jayega.. By the way inke bachhe kahan hain? (friend, she appears to be a jolly lady, so you make friends with her, means you talk nicely to her. Both of you will pass good time. By the way where are her kids?) Inke koi bacha nahi hua, isi wajah se inka apne husband se jhagra hua hai. (she has not produced any children, that’s why she has separated from her husband) I could only say Oh and then we started talking about other things. We returned home and had dinner with the family and retired to Raju’s room around 10 p.m. We changed into kurta pajamas and mausi came from bathroom, freshly bathed and dressed in one piece loose nighty only. She was looking gorgeous, very fair, slightly plump, her fair face and arms were shining in the tube light. It was a hot night so her top two buttons were undone and about 2 inch of cleavage was showing a sample of magnificent beauties hidden inside. Her body silhouette was showing her flaring hips, and her whole body appeared to be solidly built (not sagging anywhere). She was indeed a very desirable woman.
She caught me gawking at her beauty and as our eyes met, I was embarrassed but I could see her trying to suppress a naughty smile. Raju was as usual scowling and didn’t notice all this. Mausi climbed on the big bed and both of us took the smaller bed. Mausi was reading some book and we started chatting. The chat soon developed in some stupid argument and we started fighting like small children. In anger, I told him, ‘Ja mai tere sath nahi sota, mai sofe pe so jaaunga’. (I will not sleep with you, I will sleep on the sofa) Haan Haan ja so ja, mai bhi is choti khat per aaram se sounga. (Ok do sleep there, I will also sleep in peace, on this small cot.)I got up then mausi intervened, ‘ nahi beta aise nahi ladte. Sofe pe kyon jaate ho? Uske saath nahi sona, to mera itna bara palang hai, ispe aa jaao. (don’t fight, why are you going on sofa. If you don’t want to sleep with him, I have such a big bed, come on this.) Now sleeping on her comfortable bed was a far better proposition than the stupid old sofa so I looked at Raju for permission, but he said nothing, scowled and turned his back to us and tried to sleep. I looked again at mausi and she said, light bujha do aur idhar aa jao. (switch off the light and come here)I grabbed the opportunity and switched off the light. Street light was filtering inside, bathing the room in dim light. I climbed on her bed and carefully laid on one side, as far as possible from her. She saw it, laughed softly and said ‘arre wahan palang ke baaju per kaise soyega, idhar ko hoja, bahut jagah hai’ (how will you sleep on bed’s side? Move towards me, there is plenty of space.)’Ji Aunty’ I thankfully muttered and laid near her but careful not to touch her body, because I remembered Raju’s words that if she felt offended and complained to Raju’s mom, toh hamari gaand per kitne jute padenge. I also prayed to God, to keep in check my night time habit of tossing / turning in bed so no gadbad happens in night.After praying, I said good night to mausi ji, and turned my back towards her. She also turned her back toward me and I slept with no bad but all the pious intentions so my gaand remains safe in morning.

After some time I suddenly woke up due to some strange sensations. To my horror I found that I had turned towards her and was now hugging her from back. My left hand was over her left arm and lying on her ‘moti chuchi’ (fat boob) and worse ..That idiot lund of mine had woken up earlier than me and was fully awake and was poking between her ass cheeks. My pelvis was pressed in her healthy big hips and was enjoying the solid but spongy feel. All in all the best experience of their lifetime for my hand, my lund and my pelvis. But my mind was terrified in the inverse ratio of their pleasure and was thinking of getting out of this quandary, so as to save my ass. Unable to think of a solution immediately, I simply held my breath and laid motionless for a minute or two, praying that she is asleep and had not noticed my trespass on her precious territory. Then, horror of horrors, she moved…She picked up my hand from her breast and placed it on her tummy. I heaved a sigh of relief but after about a minute of fiddling, she again picked my hand and placed it back on her … Naked breast. She had opened the top buttons of her nighty, bared her boob and presented it to my delighted hand.
My mind was in turmoil and unable to decide what to do. She might be dreaming that I am somebody else or was that a green signal for me to continue. But my palm, while cupping that creamy hard boob, decided on its own to explore further and tentatively squeezed it. I heard a suppressed sigh, then I tickled her perfect nipple with my fingers. She again caught my palm but this time she pressed it more on her boob and she also pressed her hips more on my lund. Emboldened, I also pressed home my advantage (my cock between her ass cheeks) and also continued my exploration of her now solid choochi (boob). After 2-3 minutes of this foreplay, she again sighed and turned her body to face me and hugged me and kissed me, on my cheeks and lips which I also reciprocated heartily. I was now pressing her boobs and her hand strayed down and ….she caught my lund over the pajama. I was now mad with lust and moved my face down to her boobs and started sucking. Isss ss she moaned and opened the nara of my pajama, and caught hold of my naked lund and started masturbating lightly and also measured its size. At that time my cock was about 7″ long, but not thick. She pressed my head on her bosom and whispered, dheere dheere dono ko choos aur daant mat lagana. (suck both ones slowly and don’t bite)I obeyed and also placed my hand on her cunt over her nighty. Feeling no rejection, I then slowly pulled her nighty and inserted my hand in heaven between her thighs. She had ‘choti choti jhaante’ (small pubic hair) which were now wet with her juice. I started tickling her cunt lightly with my fingers and she went mad with pleasure. Tu to kalakaar hai re, kahan se sikha yeh sab, (You are an artist, where did you learn all this) she whispered. Kahin se nahi aunty, aaj pehli baar kar raha hun, (From nobody aunty, I am doing it for the first time) I whispered back.Tu toh samajhdar student niklega, chal aaj mai tujhe sikhati hun, (you will become a bright student, I will teach you now) and she pushed my pajama from my legs and pulled me over herself. Oh I cant describe the pleasure of lying over her soft body. She started kissing me and widened her thighs so I was now between her legs. She caught hold of my rampant lund and rubbed over her cunt lips to moisten it and placed it on the cunt hole.Ab dheere dheere andar ghusa…………..(now push inside slowly)
I gave a slight push and I entered 1 inch in heaven. I paused a bit to savor the pleasure and again pushed. 2-3 pushes and I was totally in. Glory Glory, I am in. Oh that indescribable pleasure of buried deep in a healthy young cunt for the first time…………. Her cunt was quite tight and was clasping my cock in a firm grip.

Ruk ja ruk ja, abhi aise hi let aur maza le, baad me halke halke dhakke lagana. (stop, stop, just lie on me and savor the pleasure. Later on start pushing slowly) Although I was eager to push off, but I obeyed, and she continued to suck my lips. After a minute or so, she gave a small push from below and that was my signal to start. I started fucking her with slow but long strokes. She was now moaning contentedly, ah maza aa gaya, bahut dino me itna maza mil raha hai, aur kar aur kar, haan ab jor se kar teji se kar. (oh what pleasure, after many days I am feeling so much pleasure. Now push, push, move faster – faster.)As directed I speeded up. The bed was perhaps not used to such action and started protesting chun chun char char……… Our bodies were also making mixed sound of kissing, thup thup and phach phach etc., all in all quite a symphony of music. Suddenly I glanced at the adjoining cot and I froze. Raju was awake and was watching our action wide-eyed. He was propped on his side facing us, his cock was out and he was masturbating. When I froze, mausi looked at me enquiringly and then at Raju in response to my indication. She looked hesitant for a moment but recovered quickly and said to Raju with a smile, ‘Are bewaqoof, use haath se kyon bekar kar raha hai, aa yahan mere paas aa’. (Hey stupid, why are you wasting that by your hand? Come here, come to me) He looked at me as if seeking permission, I nodded and he happily hopped on to our bed after discarding his pajama. ‘Welcome to the party’ I said. He grinned and sat beside mausi, unsure what to do. She pulled him down to kiss him and he also started exploring her breasts. She pushed up her hips and I started fucking her again. She started caressing Raju’s cock, but he was not satisfied and wanted more action. Sensing this she stopped me and asked me to get off her.Aunty pura karne do na, (let me do it fully) I requested. Haan, haan karenge, ab iska bhi to khayal karna hai na. (yes, yes, we will do it, but I have to take care of him also)I moved out of her heaven and sat beside Raju. Both of us were still wearing our kurtas. Chalo apne apne kurte utaro, she ordered. We complied. She then caught hold of our cocks and inspected them closely. Dono ke ek se mote hain aur sakht bhi, Raju ka thora chota hai per gora jyada hai, iska supara to dekho kitna lal hai. Kahan itne dino se main ek ko taras rahi thi aur aaj do do mil gaye – she muttered to herself as if lost in a trance. (both the cocks are equally thick. Raju’s is slightly shorter but much fairer. How red is his cock-head. For so many days, I was desperate for one cock and today I have two)Aunty aap bhi nighty utar do na, maza aayega, I boldly suggested. (Aunty you also remove your nighty, we will enjoy more)Nahi badmash, mujhe sharam aayegi. (No you rascal, I shall feel embarrassed)Utaro na aunty ab kaisi sharam (Oh come on aunty, remove it, don’t blush now). Sensing no protest, both of us pulled her nighty off her body. Good God, she was not wearing any thing underneath and her marble like gori body was shimmering in the dim light. We were now impatient for more action and started caressing her thighs and boobs. Raju tu utar aur saamne aa kar khara ho. (Raju you get down and come in front of me) He complied meekly and she kneeled on her hands and legs and told me to get behind her. I took my position behind her hips, my rampant cock in hand. Chal ab piche se ghusa. (Now push it from behind)I wetted my cock again by running between her cunt lips, aimed and entered her cunt. Raju was impatiently standing in front of her face. She sighed contentedly, stroked her cock and then took him in her mouth. This blew our minds. We had only heard and read about blow jobs. Raju was going mad with pleasure and grasped her dangling choochis. I also speeded up my strokes. She was also reciprocating by thrusting back her magnificent hips in my groin and the feeling was exquisite.

The tempo was building up. I was close to cumming so said, Aunty mera nikalne wala hai. (Aunty I am close to cumming). She was lost in the pleasure of fucking and sucking, so only nodded. Oh oh aunty mai gaya, mai gaya ( I am discharging) and I sprayed her cunt with 3-4 healthy squirts. As she felt the hot spurts inside her cunt, her dam also burst and she squealed softly – mai mar gayi, maza aa gaya, (I am dying, what pleasure) and Raju’s cock slipped from her mouth. He was also close to cumming, he stroked his cock twice and shot his first spurt squarely in her open mouth and balance on her face. She was still lost in waves of her orgasm and spluttered but swallowed the spurt. Seeing no rejection, Raju stepped forward and inserted his still leaking cock in her mouth again. Whimpering, she started sucking him again, I collapsed on her back and we all fell in a heap. After few minutes of panting and caressing each other, we got up and cleaned our-self and laid together once again. To be continued in part 2 Bouquets and brickbats are most welcome. Your few word of appreciation will encourage me to write further.

Dancer Ki Chudai

Hi friends this i am regular reader of sexvex aur aaj main apni ek sex story jo real hain aap logoan se sher kar raha name is ajju hain meri age 28 years hain height 5.8 fair yeh un dinaon ki baat hain jab main regularly bar mein songs enjoy karne jatha tha mujhe music ka bahut shouk hain ( indian music ) and i like hindi songs beer pina uar songs suna bahut hi maza enjoy kartha tha ek din ek singer jo kolkatta ki rahni wali thi use maine friendship karli aur use maine ek mobile phone present kiya phir maine use ek black color ke saari present ki tab woh mujhe se aur bhi impress hogayee phir ek din usne mujhe apne ghar me lunch ke liye invite kiya woh itne sundar thi ke use ke bar mein kiye loong divane the likin maine useke voice aur singing ka diwana tha is tarah humdonon me dosti barthi gaayi .ek din ke bath hain jab uska husband kuch kaam se kollakata gaya huwa tha uar usne mujhe se kaha ke aaj hum koi achi resturant me dinner karenge aur hum dinner ke liye city ki ek posh resturant me gaye waha jane ke baad maine apne liye beer ka order kiya aur uskeliye orange juice tab usne ne mujhse apne maan ka izar kiya ke woh mujhse love karthi hain tab maine usko kaha ke tum tho shadi shuda hoon usne kaha ke ise shadi shuda hoon jo sari raat bus tarap thi rahthi hoon aur mera husband full drink karke soojatha hain.main apne kamayee se use palthi hoon uh mereliye kuch kaam ka nahin hain aur main chathi hoon ke tum meri pyass bhojayoo.phir hum loog uske ghar gaye jate samye maine aur 3 beer rasthe mein leliya phir ghar jane ke baad usne bhi beer ka mazaa liye mujhe pata nahin tha ke woh bhi pehle se beer peethi hain .
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