Boss fukk me

I Saba from Karachi, never expected this would happen in my life my husband and me are married for 4 years with one year kid, I am very beautiful and sexy too my husband always says that I grab his friends attentions and we both are satisfied with our sexual life it was the occasion of my son’s first year birth day so we invited all our friends and my husbands colleagues and after the party everybody were departed except my husband’s boss the maid cleaned everything and she too left but my husband and his boss were speaking something in the balcony. All of a sudden my husband came and told me that his boss wants to have fun with me I was astonished and I rejected, but my husband convinced very much and told that we would explore little bit further finally I had agree and my husband arranged for that. When I went inside the room both my husband and his boss welcomed me I smiled the boss and he came close to me and moaned into my mouth sucking me while he was playing with my back then he unzipped my nights now I am semi nude wit h only bra and panties then he called my husband to join the boss was sucking my breasts while my husband was caressing my thighs and kissing me there it was giving me some exotic pleasure.

Then they became nude by seconds when I turned towards boss’s cock I was rather surprised because his cock was big enough it is almost 8”, 2 inches bigger than my husbands and thick, I took hold of his enormous dick my hand felt it like touching an hot rod it was jerked in my hand, I kissed his dick twice even my husband also surprised, he was comparing his dick and his balls, he shook his boss’s dick and said wonderful, then they made me lay on the bed. Boss went directly to my neatly shaved pussy first he sucked it around and fingered me while my husband was squeezing my boobs, I was fully soaked and he inserted his cock into my wet hot cunt it slid inside inch by an inch without any hurdles, then he started to give me the hard strokes he fucked me like anything and I was sucking my hubbys dick then my hubby exploded out side but boss was fucking me like a donkey, I felt a complete orgasm of my life of course I already went two times finally he filled my cunt with hot thick juice which ran into my thighs. He is really a good fucker, our relationship is on which gave us all the benefits like promotions, house, later on I came to know that he is mad of my pussy and I am taking that advantage. How is it. Boss mail id is any female wanna take advantage like and my hubby id is

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