Anam Ki Garam Choot

Dear friends,I m ali, 20 years of old i like those girls which keep beer her every time i m very keen to play with girls’s day i was alone in my home, i was feeling so hot myself and i want a sexy and hot girls at that time.At that time i opened my pent zip and i was playing with my cock.suddenly my house door knocked, i shut the zip and went to the door.when i opened the door i saw my sexy neighbour “anam” at my front.she said,there is our anything in ur house.I said to her come in and find yourself, she entered in my home and start to finding the thing which she wants.she was finding here and there and i was stand at her back. I was watching her whole body warmly.i can’t control me because i was so hot that time.i took step to her and touched my cock with her blond.

She backed immediately but i didn’t leave her she said what are u doing i said nothing just doing fun with u .first she did a lot of effort to stop me but i was not stop.after some time she agreed with me and said to put my cock in her pussy.i put my cock in her pussy softly i was slowly in and out in her pussy,she got a lot of fun from my cock.after some time she got pain and she cried i put fastly in and out to her she was crying badly.after some time i take out my cock from her pussy and put it in her mouth she was sucking it very sexually as lollipop i was getting a lot of fun at that time she drunk my white drink.after that i started to suck her sexy and softy tops of tits i sucked her tits with a lot of fun i also drunk her milk which was so natural.I fucked her with different angles and styles of fucking and put a lot of fun from her.Friends this was my sex story, i hope that u will like it and follow to me.

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