Mamta ka SEX

I could not believe my luck that this shy and most beautiful and sexy girl in office would give me so much fun and that too thru my feet in a bus ride. Mamata was leaning towards the front seat with head on her folded hands and my feet, under her shawl and stretched from the back seat, were resting on her lap and massaging her full and soft boobs thru her silk kameez. However, my heels were feeling better touch of her skin thru her silk salwar than her boobs as there was a bra too in between. Still it was great massagimg Mamta’s boobs with my right foot. I could feel her breathing heavily on my left foot as it was very near her face. Suddenly the bus stopped with hard brakes and my feet just got burried in her boobs.

With the fear of bus lights put on and other colleagues getting up, I removed my feet from her seat and put my dick back in pants. She also moved and looked here and there showing as if she got woke up by this sudden stop. Some other people also got up. Actually it was an animal which came in front of bus and driver avoided killing it. Bus started again and everyone went to sleep again. I felt happy as now I could restart my exploration with her body. But I waited for sometime giving her enough time so that she could act sleeping to me. After few movements of her hands under the shawl, she acted to be in deep sleep (at least I thought so). I streched my feet again and took it under her shawl. I carefully and gently put my feet on her burning thighs. It seems she had shifted further towards left as this time I could place my feet between her thighs. It was great as now my outer right heel was touching her pubic area. She bent forward again to rest her head on the front seat. And guys, I was in heaven. Mamta had opened the buttons of her kammez and had unhooked her bra as my right foot could displace her bra and could touch her bare boob thru my toes. I managed to get the kameez cloth sideways enough to get her right boob out. It was kind of protruding out and was kept in that position as the kameez, though sideways, gave it the support and kept it there.

I started rubbing her nipple and it was really hard now and I could play with it easily. I took the nipple between my two toes and started rubbing it. She was really breathing heavily and I could feel her trembling on her thighs. I pinched the nipple really hard and she almost wanted to shout but could only sigh shhhhhhhhhhh…….. I then massaged the nipple and made her feel better and better. With my toes I was rubbing her bare boob and with my heel I was pressing and rubbing her pussy. She was loving it as she started to press against my heel and toes in sunchronized slow motion. I was really getting excited and took my fully erected penis out again in my hand. I wanted her to shake it for me but that was not possible so I was doing the shake job for both of us. She was really receiving it well. Suddenly she strtched and arched her body and pressed her whole body against my feet.

Surely she had gone all wet as I could feel the moistness on my heel. This made me pump my dick harder and it showered profusely soon after. She kept pressing my feet against her boobs and pussy. After sometime she left my feet loose. To my surprise she brought her face near my left foot and kind of kissed it while bring her head back to her seat. I adjusted her boob back in kameez and pressed it for last time before bringing back my feet. Next morning it was difficult for both of us to see each other in eyes. But we did and talked normally as if nothing happened last night. Both of us knew that we will get to explore each other more during this 4 day and 3 nights trip.

When we got down the bus, Mamta’s firend, Suparana, asked Mamta that why is she looking nervous. She didnt say anything. They were walking in front of me. Suddenly I noticed that there was a big wet spot on Mamta’s kammez just behind her ass. Mamta didnt know about it obviously. I wanted to cover her ass to save her from embarassment she would get if someone else tells her this. When Suparna was slightly ahead of Mamta, I quickly whispered in Mamta;s ears that her kameez has a big wet spot down there on the back. She quickly covered it with her dupatta and looked at me and I signalled now its ok.

We reached hotel and checked in. Suparna and Mamta were sharing the room. I had to share it with my friend too but I decided to take a room of my own as I could feel that there might be a need of one. My room was just in front of Mamta’s room. I went to the bathroom and started shaking my lund thinking about Mamta and how I explored her boobs with my foot. I could still feel them. My lund was soon hard and big and I was pumping it really hard with my eyes closed and Mamta’s boobs in my eyes. I wanted her badly now. Soon the cream came out of my lund and I was in heaven. I took bath and got ready and came out of my room. Mamta’s room was still closed and I could see the bathroom light on as the bathroom ventilator was in front of my room and I could hear water running. I could see Suparna in the lobby so that meant that Mamta was taking bath. Thinking about this I got a hard on again. I waited in the lobby with Suparna and other colleagues. Mamta came out of her room finally. As she came near us, I could see the shyness in her eyes. She was wearing a salwar kameez well fitted on her body. Her 36-24-36 figure was pretty evident. Her face was glowing. I was not believing my luck that this APSARA was getting her boobs massaged by my feet last night and had got completely wet and had even kissed my toe. I wanted to hold her then and their from her back and massage her boobs but obviosly could not do that. I was hoping that she would let me do it soon over the next 2-3 days.

She came near me and spoke softly “Thankyou aaj aapne mujhe embarassment se bacha liya. Agar kisi ne mera kameez piche se dekh liya hota to main to mar hi jati.

I said “kiya to maine hi tha isliye main bhi guilty tha aur isliye nahi chahta tha ki koi aur dekhe. Aap bahut sundar lag rahi hain is dress mein”

She smiled and said “aap bhi ache lag rahe hain”

Then I told to my friend that I will not be able to go out as I am not feeling well. Mamta understood and she also said that she would also like to take rest and similarly many others preferred to stay back in hotel and rest. However Suparna and some others left for outing. All of us went to our rooms.

After sometime I came out of my room and knocked at Mamta’s door gently. She opened the door. She was not wearing dupatta. Her neckline was deep enough to show a glimpse of her cleavage and bulge of her boobs a bit. I asked her “aapke pas balm ya koi painkiller hai. Sar mein bahut dard hai.” She said “aaiye dekhti hoon. Shayad balm hai”. As she turned back I got a good view of her lovely ass and came inside the room. The door got closed automatically. Purse was on the bed and she was bending on it to search for the balm. Jhukne ke karan uske boobs aur jyada nazar aa rahe the. I got really excited.

Main uske piche gaya aur dheere se uski peeth ko massage karne laga. usne peeche dekha aur smile karke mera haath hata diya. Mere mein himmat aa gayee. Maine phir se peeth par haath rakha aur halke se massage karne laga. Is bar usne haath nahi hataya aur purse tatolti rahi. Ab main dono hathoon se uski peeth sehlane laga aur uske kulhon par apna agla bhag halke se tika diya. Lung khara ho chuka tha aur uske naram naram kulhon par tika hua tha. Ab maine uski kamar ko sehlana shuru kiya aur apne lund ko uske ass krack per tika diya. Bahut maza aa raha that. Uski silk kammez ke upar se haath makhan ki tarah uski skin ko mehsoos kar raha tha. Dheere dheere main uske mammon ke neeche haath ko le gaya. Woh bilkul shaant thi. Jaise hi maine uske dono mammon ko apne dono hathon se sehlaya woh ghumi aur mere se chipat gayee. uske mammee mere chest se satte hue the aur mere haath uske peeth aur kulhon ko halke se sehla rahe the. Kya badan tha uska. Usne apna face meri chest mein chupa rakha tha. Maine ek haath se uske face uthane ki koshish kee par woh sharam ke karan apna face hi nahi utha rahi thi. Main jabardasti uske face ko uthaya aur uske face ko kiss karne laga. Jaise hi main uske lips tak pahuncha usne phir se apna face meri chest mein chupa liya aur aur jor se chipak gayee. Main apne haathon se uski back ko sehla raha tha aur woh bilkul nahi hil rahi thi. Main uske kulhon ko ache se sehlana aur dabana shuru kar diya. Beech Beech mein uske crack ko bhi apni ungaliyon se tatolne laga. Woh bilkul nahi hil rahi thi aur main uske kulhon ko jaise chahe waise choo raha tha. Manine uska kammez uthaya aur ab uski salwar aur panty mere hathoon aur uske kulhon ke beech me thi. Bahut achee feeling ho rahi thee. Salwar ke upar se maine uske kulhon ko khoob dabaya aur yahan tak ki beech mein kai bar usky gaand ko bhi tatola. Jaise hi main uski gaand ko jyada dabata tha woh aur jor se chipat jaati thi.

Maine usko kisi tarah se alag kiya aur phir se use ghuma ker uske peeche se chipat gaya. Peeche se mammon ko dabane ka bara maza hi kuch aur hai. Ab main apna lund puti tarah se uske kulhon par ragar raha tha. Dheer deera main uske mammon pe pahunch aur unhe dabane laga. Jannat mein tha main aur shayad woh bhi. Mere haath uske done mammon ko daba rahe the aur mera lund uske kulhon ko raga raha tha. Usne ab masti mein dheere dheere hilna shuru kar diya aur apne kulhon ko mere lund pe dabane lagi. Maine apna left hand uske mammon par rakha aur right had ko uske navel ke neeche le gaya. Aur phir uski phudi ko cup kar liya aur kapron ke upar se hi dabaya. Woh siski bhar ke reh gayee aur boli “please mujhe chor do…. aur ahh ooh karne lagi” Par ab main masti main aa gaya tha aur use chorna mushkil tha. More later…..
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