South Indian Lady ki Chudai

Hello everyone! Today I decided to write my story which happened with me days back. Let me first tell you about myself. My name is Jay. I am 24 years old working at Mysore for a MNC. I am average looking guy and I can tell you that person who talks to me definitely gets impressed and like to talk with me again due to my nature. Ƒº Let me start with the story now. I will write this story in English so that everyone can understand it.

It was Friday night around 8:30 when I left from office. There was slow rain when I started from the office. When I reached half way, the rain became really heavy and it became really hard for me to see the road also. I decided to stop my bike at a place where I can take shelter for a while. There was a place nearby where few people were standing near a small shop. There was a small shelter near it and around 10 people were waiting for bus over there. I bought a cigarette packet from the shop and light a cigarette. It was becoming cold due to the rain and I was standing behind a lady of around age of 30. She was looking like a typical south Indian lady with brown color skin. The shelter was not that good so give 100% protection from rain and everyone was becoming wet due to the heavy rain. I saw the lady standing behind whom I was standing was also a little wet and I could see her bra straps in the dim light. I had a jacket on myself so I was a little safer than other people around me. Just then the shopkeeper decided to close the shop as it was already 9 PM and normally most of the shops in Mysore close by this time. So now there was only the street light there. A bus arrived and all the members standing there boarded the bus except the lady. I decided to talk to her and asked her why she did not go in the bus. She told me that the bus was not going towards her home. I waited for another 10 min but instead of slowing down it started raining heavily. The lady with me was getting more and more drenched. I saw that and offered her my jacket. First she did not accept but after 2 min she took it and put it on. She thanked me for the help and we started talking then. I asked her if she wants to call her home and ask someone to pick her up but she said that she stays with her mom who is very old and cannot pick her up. I asked her if I can drop her home but she said she will wait for the bus. The rain was not slowing down and so I decided that I will go home in the rain. I asked her again if she wants to call anyone and inform. She agreed to it and called her home and informed her. I asked her if she wants to come to my place and stay till the rain stops and then I can drop her home. She thought for a while and finally agreed to travel with me. We started towards home with her sitting on the back seat of my bike. I was driving slowly due to heavy rain and the road was also not that good. She kept her hands around my waist and sat very closely to me. I started getting aroused by her touch. In about 15 min we reached my home.

Once inside the house, I couldn¡¦t stop looking at her. She was looking amazing from head to toe. Her sari was completely stuck with her body as she was totally drenched. She was looking amazing with figure of 38-28-28. I offered her a towel to dry herself and gave her a t-shirt & track pant to wear as all her clothes were drenched due to rain. I stay with a roommate but he was not in the town for 15 days. She went inside a room to change her clothes and returned back in 10 min. I couldn¡¦t stop looking at her in t-shirt. Her boobs were clearly visible from the t-shirt and she had opened her hair to dry them. While she was changing I made 2 cups of coffee. I offered her one cup and we sat on the couch and started watching television. I asked her if she had her dinner. She did not have dinner and we decided to order pizza. I ordered dinner for both of us. While we were waiting for the dinner, we started chatting asking each other about ourselves. She told me that she took divorce with her husband 3 months back and now she is staying with her mother and 1 year old child. She goes to work so that she can get some income to run her household. I was that tears started coming from her eyes when she was telling me all this. I hold her hands and asked her to calm down and not to worry. I started talking about things here and there to cheer her up. We got the pizzas by then and had our dinner while chatting. It looked like the rain was not going to stop soon. I asked her to stay at my place for the night. She agreed to it and called her home and informed her mom. We started watching a Hindi movie on my laptop. It was an emotional movie and she liked it. She kept her head on my shoulder to take rest. I slowly kissed her on her forehead, she did not object. She kissed me back and said that you are really a nice person and I wish I had a life partner like you. I was shocked to hear such words from her as she was already married once. I also told her that she is also a nice person and I love the time I am spending with you. She came close to me and gave me a kiss on my lips. I kissed her back and we kept smooching for about 5 min. I started folding her boobs from above the t-shirt and she started making moaning sounds. We both were aroused a lot by this time and she started kissing me madly. I removed her t-shirt and started pressing her boobs. She had really big boobs and big blank nipples. While pressing her boobs, some milk started coming from her nipples. I asked her how come she has milk in her boobs. She told me that she still feeds her baby regularly. I kissed her on her chicks and took one nipple in mouth and started drinking milk. The taste was very sweet and this was the first time I was having milk directly from boobs after becoming adult. I started drinking milk from both of her boobs. It was like never ending flow of milk. I told her I have an idea and went to the kitchen and returned back with a vessel. I kept the vessel on her thighs and started squeezing her boobs. Milk started flowing in the vessel. I was kissing her and squeezing her boobs at the same time. This went on for around 15 more min. After which milk stopped coming out from her boobs. I kept the vessel aside and started kissing her nipples again. I bent down and took off her pant and was amazed to see that she did not wear her panty after changing the clothes. I started playing with her pussy. She had some hairs around her pussy. I put my one finger inside her pussy and started playing with it with my tongue. I started eating her pussy and she was moaning heavily. She came after 10 min and seemed relaxed after that. She told me that she never had such experience before and she loved me a lot. I continued playing with her pussy and she got aroused again. I took off my shirt and pant and was only in my underwear. She started moving her hand over my dick while kissing each other¡¦s lips. She asked her to take my dick in mouth but she refused saying she did not like it. I did not force her as I didn¡¦t want to do anything against her wish. She was pumping my dick while I was pressing her boobs and playing with her pussy. This continued for some more time and we decided to do it finally. I did not have condom with me at home, she told me that do not worry as she had already got the protection. She told me that she wants to ride me first. She came on top of me and took my dick in hand and started inserting it inside her pussy. It went inside easily as her pussy was already lubricated because of her love juice. She started jumping up and down on my dick and was moaning at the same time. Her boobs were bouncing like anything and I was continuously pressing them. She became fast and started moaning heavily. I knew that she was near to an orgasm. Within next 5 min she came and slowed down. I kissed her and took her off from top of me. She lied there on the couch with a sexy smile. I took the vessel filled up of milk and prepared some more coffee. We drank the coffee and continued watching the movie. It was getting very late in the night now. We decided to have one more round of sex before going to sleep. I asked her to get in doggy style. I went behind her and started inserting my dick inside her pussy. I fucked her for 15 more min and came inside her. She was fully satisfied. We went to my bedroom and slept in each other¡¦s arms. Around 6:30 in the morning the milk man rang the bell and I woke up. She was still sleeping and was looking amazing at the moment. She did not have any clothes on. I kissed her on her forehead and pressed her boobs again which had some milk by now. She woke up with a smile on her face and gave me a kiss on lips. My dick was hard again and we decided to fuck in the shower. We went to the shower and had one more round of sex. At around 8 in the morning I dropped her at the bus stop. She didn¡¦t want me to come to her house and the neighbors will think badly about her. She got into the bus and left for her home and I came back to my home and went to sleep again. I didn¡¦t meet her after that but I still remember the sweet moments we spent together. Any ladies in Mysore want to meet me or have relationship with me can contact me at Privacy guaranteed.

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