Bhabhi Ke Armaan

i am the regular reader of these stories and now i want to share all of you my experience, this is true story about my sex-life experience, this story is between me and my bhabhi, let me introduce my self and that lady first. My name is sonu( and i am 22 handsome male from delhi i have 8 inch long and 2.5 inch nice and healthy dick. Wow i can’t explain it but i am trying to do a real scratch of her. She is 38-26-36 wonderful figure she is just 28 year old.

This is story of my visit to bombay last year , i stay with my brothers house , house for one week. My brother sexy sweet wife kalpana bhabi 28 yrs old uff bhari bhari gand bharibhari boobs , was so hot and having huge breast 38 wow, and nice ass ufff always wear short blouses and keep her sari under her naval her boobs always dropping i was sohot seeing dreams to put my mouth on bhabis naval and put my lund bet her breast and rub her breast with my lund and explode in her mouth. I started masturbating watching her taking shower from holes and smelling her panties and bras. And i started wearing lung at home leaving my lund to be hard so that my bhabi can see my huge lund.

One day when my friends brother, was away for one week , she told me to sleep with her as she was feeling not well and don’t want to sleep alone. I didn’t want to because i had been jacking off in a steady way every night since i am seeing her nude e day in shower . After awhile i reluctantly agreed.

The fourth night i will always remember for the rest of my life. My bhanbi kalpana and me work in kitchen and cleaning the dishes and held me there with her until she went to bed. I didn’t have a chance to jack off, and i didn’t want to do it in the bathroom because i had never liked jacking off standing up, so while helping her in kitchen i touched my lund so many times to her and massage my lund and cum in my pyjamas. May be she noticed my huge lund hard on and looking wet wen i cum in my pyjamas.

As usual, my bhabhi placed a small bedroll between us as we lay under the bed covers. I tried to jack off on the sly after i thought she was asleep, but she woke up and said in the dark, “are you restless?”

I answered, “no,” and went to sleep with sore balls.

Sometime later that night when i was not quite awake, but yet i was not asleep, i came conscious of my bhabis back against me. The bedroll was no longer between us, and my kalpana behind was nested in my pelvis as we both lay facing in the same direction. In that twilight zone-state, i became aware that my cock was swollen, and it was touching my bhabis’s ass-moons very lightly.

I couldn’t help it, i just automatically put my free arm around her and i guess i faked a snore, just in case she was awake. By then my cock was throbbing and jumping like a heart against her ass buns. I kept faking my snores for a while and then the unforgettable started to happen. I felt my bahbi fumble with her sleeping gown, as she removed my hand from around her waist.

I could tell that she didn’t want to wake me up as she kept fumbling with her sleeping clothes. After awhile, she sat up just for a moment in bed, in the dark, and then lay down again. She faced me, just for a moment, as i continued to fake my snores. Shocked, i then watched her search for my shorts waistline and pop my buttons open.

Thereafter, my bahbi tugged on my shorts to slide them down off my body. I helped a little by snoring and moaning as i turned to allow her to remove my shorts. When she had removed them as far as my ankles, she placed her foot between my legs and i relaxed as she pushed them off with her foot. She lay down sideways, facing away from me, and then very slowly started inching her body toward mine as i kept faking my snores.

My horny bhabi inched her body so slowly that by the time her bare skin touched the trunk of my cock i could feel my cock oozing its cum. When my cock was lined up between her buns, she just kept sliding her body higher as i snored and tried to slide my body down on the bedsheets to help her. When she finally slid as high as she could, and i as far down as i could, the head of my cock fell, throbbing, just below the roundness of my bhabi’s buns. I could feel the tickle of her pussy’s coarse hair.

Then she did a very strange thing; she started to bend forward as far as she could as she opened her legs. I felt her hand cup the head of my cock. I felt her thumb rub the open hole, soon oozing as she started to wet her pussy lips with her fingers from my cum. I bent and arched my body forward, and she made one quick motion and slipped the head of my cock into a hot, comfortable nest.

I quit faking my snores then and reached around her waist and rolled on top of her. There was no resistance like i had had with my sister. This was just good, comfortable, sweet fucking. I heard my bhabi gasp, “oh, you’re so sweet, baby; give it all to me,” as she bounced me on her backside.chod mujhe chod mera devar jee tera lund to kismet wala tujhe bahbiki choot mili. Uff bahbi ys yes haan haan merijan kalpana bhabi my lund is so lucy having chance to rest between ur huge breast ufff. Le choos mera lund meri bhabi meri jan , bhai to lund nahi deta moon men mera land le le kalpana jan aaj ki raat mera lund kha ja.

I found out the difference between a real woman and a girl like my sister who didn’t know how to throw her ass around as we fucked. My bahbi turned sideways as i lay on top of her and placed one leg between both of mine and one across my stomach, and i felt my cock go in all the way to my balls. She said, “god, baby, you have a good sized cock,” as we just groaned and gasped in the dark.

After i came in her, we lay very quietly, connected for a long time as her pussy kept milking my cock, something my sister didn’t know how to do. When my cock became hard again, we fucked some more, until my balls had no more cum in them. She repeated milking my cock with her pussy, and after i was through, she said, “let me get up and douche. My, you sure had a lot of cum in those big balls.”

After she came back, the sun was up already and she sat down by the bed. My bhabi told me that if she had known how big my cock was, she would have “broken” me in before then. She said that she had been afraid of frightening me.

She went on to tell me that she had raised the subject lightly with my brother, and that he had laughed at her, so she never brought it up again. So, for that reason, she said i should be sure and never tell him about breaking me in. She also told me that she was going to try and tell my sister to let me break her in. I laughed, and told her that rachna and i had already started fucking about a month before she went to stay with my aunt.

My bhabi scolded me, telling me never to say “fucking” because only dogs “fucked” — humans “comforted” each other. She was also concerned about me possibly making my sister pregnant. She told me that if i ever needed “comforting”, i should come to her, because i was liable to get rachna pregnant. But she also told me that if rachna and i ever did do it again, we should use double rubbers.

Here’s to more and better bhabis and devar stories. I would like to read a bhabi’s written story of her experience. I told my kalpana jan to write this one, but she wouldn’t.

So if any girl wants to have a relation then contact me and i will be in ur can mail me at my email address provided above.

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