Nice Stay in Muree

I am shahzad from Islamabad studing in university. My cell no is
03006812118 n mailing add is I often go out
of Islamabad wd my frenz n mates for fun. One day at weekend, i
decided to go to muree to enjoy the Sunday and to take the rest.I was
alone and i took a room in a hotel on mall road, after getting fresh,
i called waiter and order him to bring tea for me in lobby so that i
can view the mall road. During taking tea i saw a beautiful woman, her
age was looking around 30, she was also having tea, and i realize that
she is watching me. After about 15 minutes of time she came to me and
said that may i sit here, i was surprised, i said welcome u could sit.
She told that she is from Lahore and is here to enjoy in muree, she
offered me her company, which i accept. I was feeling me so lucky to
have a such beautiful woman with me in muree.
After sight seeing and dinner, i offered her a cup of tea in my room,
which she accepted and came in room. We were sitting on the sofa,
there was about six inches difference between us. I wanted to touch
her, but i was hesitant because i didn’t knew that what she is going
to react. Then i slowly slowly started moving my hands to wards her
hand, , i was getting confused and finally i kept my hand over her
hand, she suddenly looked at me and gave a little smile.
Ohhhhh what a moment that was for me. I asked her about her sex life,
she replied that she used to do it whenever she get a partner like me,
meanwhile i started caressing her hands and arms, i started touching
her hair, then face , then lips, she didn’t say anything, i,
encouraged, put my hand on her belly and started making finger
movements around her navel,then i moved to pull her Kameez up and
kissed on her soft belly, she sighed and turned her back, i held her
by her thin waist, kissed her neck, and slowly pulled the zipper down
kissing her back , then I caressed her hips from above her salwaar,
now she was on, she turned towards me and hugged me tightly, i kissed
her lips she slowly opened her lips and let my tongue in, our tongues
mingled, she unbutton my jeans, i took my underwear off as well i
picked her up a and took her to my bed.
After a passionate kiss I tried taking her shirt off, she gave in
after a little protest, as her round and beautiful breasts were
exposed to me i started kissing her on breasts, circling her nipples
with my tongue, she was making sweet sounds, than i started sucking
her and biting her nipples, gently, she was smooth as marble, and
white as milk, her nipples were light brown, she has turned her back
towards me, feeling shy, and i was kissing her, soft skin, she was
bending and turning like a snake as my lips moved down towards her
waist and the hips, round and tight , i pinched and bit her hips and
and went down to the back of her thigh.
She let out a loud sigh as my fingers touched her asshole and then
pussy, she turned towards me and held my erect penis and started
jerking me, but i had lot of other work to do, i made her lay down,
kissed her navel and my tongue rolled downwards to her cunt, she was
just mad with ecstasy, when my tongue parted those lips, and as i
inserted my tongue in her hips lifted in air, for more. As we were in
a 69 position, my erect penis wet with pre cum was touching her face
and neck, on my instructions she started licking it, while i worked on
her pussy, she was delicious to suck, i did it with my tongue going as
far as possible and suddenly slid a finger up her asshole, her legs
tightened over my face, and her hips thrusting, i moved my tongue
vigrously, and she had her first orgasm, she cried with
pleasure.”ummmm, ahhh, ooi maa”.
She was kissing my cock like an ice-cream , i came in her mouth, which
she took very eagerly, she took my face and kissed me, like anything,
she didn’t had experienced oral sex before. She sucked me again to
erection, while I finger fucked her rosy cunt, and then she begged to
fuck her, i placed pillow below her hips and rubbed my tool on her
hole she moaned and raised her hips to grab it in her, I inserted it
slowly, her eyes were shut tightly, i started the motion slowly and
she gave out sweet sighs with the motion, then i started thrusting at
full speed, she cried with surprise and pleasure,” yes, yes, do it,
harder, please ufffff ohhh” and her hips cooperated with my motion
after about 10 minutes of fucking, we both cum together, she was
moaning with pleasure. After about 30 minutes i felt erection again
and i started kissing her again, started pressing, pulling and
twisting her nipple put my other hand behind her back, the most
beautiful breasts were there for me to suck! i sucked her tits like a
wild animal! She kept moaning, i was sucking her big tits and
fingering her cunt, she was moaning like hell she screamed so loud as
my finger teased her cunt. I told her to kneel down and suck my cock,
she took my cock in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it giving
me one of the best times of my life, she kept sucking it when i
totally inserted my dick in, it went to her throat she had
difficulties breathing but got used to it I was moaning and shouting
“oh dear suck it harder” , after that she lay on the bed and i started
working on her thighs she couldn’t see me clearly because of her
breasts in the way she just relaxed as i started sucking her cunt, she
let out a scream and started moaning by now she was moaning and
yelling & screaming my name out so loud I was scared if any waiter or
any other person would’ve heard it. I didn’t care at all I kept
sucking her wet cunt and took my tongue deep inside her hot cunt, she
was shouting “oh Shahzad…oh…oh fuck me …deeper deeper”….she said
things like these throughout the time she got sucked and suddenly she
shouted “OH!! Shahzad!!!!!!” her mouth was left wide open and her eyes
shut slowly as her juices flew down, then I opened her legs and slid
the top of my cock in side her wet pussy, which was quiet hot she
moaned again I stopped for a moment and then suddenly with one big
thrust stuck my cock get in…stop…unhhhh” but I didn’t care I started
stroking my cock inside her cunt Now she started to have fun again, as
well she started responding to my strokes, I picked her from the back
and made her sit up facing me, her breasts were right on my face as
she was bouncing up & down on my lap, she was breathing heavily i
started sucking on her tits once again but didn’t stopped stroking, I
stopped sucking her tits and went hardcore with her…fucking her in the
fastest speed i could, she was now totaled! she told me to “stop
it…slow down…uhhhhhh…it hurts Shahzad….” but she never stopped
responding to my strokes. she had her face wide open with her hands
behind my back as i hugged her tightly to feel her breasts very close
to my chest, her hair were tied behind her which got lose her ;smooth
silky hair tied them back while fucking her, finally after fucking her
for 20 minutes let out the biggest cum of my life, wave after wave she
was having fun now my cum went deep! inside of her…
she let out another big moan and then closed her eyes, i layed her
down and was on top of her pressing my body hard against her. She said
I’ve never had such a wonderful time before, she got up and n went in
the washroom…she got out after 10 mins after taking a bath. She was
about to wear her clothes when i grabbed her ass and started rubbing
it, I told her to lay upside down on the bed, and she Obeyed my
command she didn’t really knew what was gonna happen I spread her
buttcheeks apart and saw a little whole my dick was still quiet wet, I
told her to get ready to lose your virgin ass form me, she closed her
eyes because she knew that it would be even worse pain!….i Positioned
my dick and rammed it inside her dry ass I wasn’t as Impressive as I
was while fucking her cunt because I was tired but still I gave her
the best & trust me she yelled my name so hard that I had to tell her
to be quiet, she stuffed her head on in the pillow as she was getting
fucked hard up her ass, I had my dick totally inside of her still i
could hear her moans and screams but I didn’t quit it, i looked down
and saw her asshole was open wide and my dick was inside of her, I
thought she might be dieing but I didn’t care once again because I was
having so much fun….I kept ramming it in and out of her she made a
fist and punched the bed three four times and she took her face out to
breathe she was crying now but it didn’t stop me I went even more
faster after a minute or 2 i squirted cum once again inside of her she
made the same noise “unhhhhhhhh” starting fast then ending in a very
low voice. i couldn’t control my hands as they were exploring her hot
body, we both took a bath Then I told her to get dressed and go back
she was gone i was so damn tired i threw myself on the bed. If any
girl or auntie wants to be fucked like this hot women, contact me at
03006812118 or mail me at

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