Nadia Shares Her Honeymoon with Me

Hi, this is my story, it happened a few months ago. I am a male and I masturbate alot but never had sex before this incident. I am living in Islamabad and sometimes, when I get time, me and my friend go out to different places. A few months ago, on a weekend, we decided to visit Murree and stay there for a few days. We both stayed in a hotel. There was a newly wed couple who stayed in the next room to us, Ahmed and Nadia. So in this way, me and my friend Ali got introduced to them. They were also there for siteseeing. In this way, we got quite friendly with eachother and travelled to a few places together for siteseeing. I noticed that Nadia would give an interesting smile to me when we were togethr; it was something very different. On Sunday I noticed that whenever she got a chance, when her husband was not looking, she would somehow touch me accidentally like when we were walking on the road, her hand brushed my legs and she would grin, pretending it
happend by accident. Similarly, when she asked me to take her picture and gave her camera so I could take it, she touched my hand intentionally. I was already getting horny by just seeing her as she had a lovely sexy figure, dark complexion but very erotic and nicely proportioned. At night, we again met, Ali was talking with Ahmed and I was talking with them while she was standing behind Ahmed trying to check her digital camera and called me, “come look, this picture that you took is not fine” in a jolly manner. So while they talked, i went to her to look and while we were both watching the pictures, I touched her hands and she liked it by her looks on her face. My hand accidentally touched her breasts while I was holding the camera with her. She did not mind at all. That was amazing…. It was a feeling I never felt before. She whispered, “night after 2”. It was 10pm. We parted and the time wasnt passing quickly. It was hard for me to wait for that
time. I was getting so impatient. I asked Ali to go out since we were both frank and I told him I had a date. It was 2:00AM and still, no sign of her. I opened the door a thousand times to see till 3:00am and she didnt come. I thought, maybe that I misunderstood her. I was about to call my friend Ali back when I my room’s door open. There she was. Wow, she was wearing a red shalwar kameez and no dupatta at all. She looked amazing. We both stared at eachother for a little while and then she took my hand. I grabbed her hand and kissed them. She kissed back and then I kissed on her cheeks, she kissed on my cheeks. I could feel how hot she was. My hand was feeling her body, her slender back while we ksised eachother on lips and then we frenchkissed. I on top of her as we both lay on the bed after that. We kept kissing but my hands started to feel her, and I felt her breasts over the kameez. Feeling was too exciting for me. She was exploring me too, and when
she rubbed her hands over my legs and onto my touser opening where the zipper is, my cock hardened to its full. We both took our clothes offf, she was amrvellous, I had never seen even such a sexy body in movies. She made me lie down and she went on top. When she took off my trouser and underwear, my cock sprung open. She smiled like she had hit the jackpot or won a lottery. First, she held it with on hand, then with both her hands. It hardened like never before and full length. She was teasing it, kissing it, playing with it, and I could only lay there and enjoy. She played with her tongue like a lollypop. I said, no more, it would burst. She said “suck me”. I went down, but she made a position like 69, it was at first difficult, i touched her pussy, it was nice, i teased it, we played with eachother. She sucked my cock, and the feeling was amazing while I was also playing with her pussy. I even slid my finger inside her pussy. She made me cum in her
mouth and she was getting wet too. We played so much. Then afterwards, we fucked. She on top, riding me and then me on top. I was a little afraid but I filled all her pussy with my juice. It was like draining everything inside her… It was the most amazing time we both had till we parted and went our own ways; me to my city and she back with her hubby to Multan. This was my personal experience and if anyone wants to send comments or anything, feel free to email me at

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