Chachi and Baji Story

Hi friends ,my name is Naveed and i live by Rawalpindi in Pakistan . This is my first story on net and i am bit confused to tell you a real story of my family . And if you guys will like my family stories then i will keep sending my stories which includes my chachi , baji and bhabbies . Ok lets come to the story , this story is about my chachi which is wife of my dad,s younger brother , she is nearly fifty now but when this story happend that time she was 42 , lets stsrt from there , chachi ki umar us waqat 42 years thee and her older daughter was 20 that time , my chachi is a normal housewife with great figures specialy her gand , she got a wonderfull gand , her gand is so much visable even behind her shalwar qameez , when she walks her gand move so good that every men would love to have her in doggy style fucking her ass , i heard many time ladies talking about her ass m, many call her duck , big tail etc .

It was b d election days and my youngest uncle was standing in electins as a bd member , when election comes then our whole family gets realy involved to win the elections , even our family ladies get involve those normally dont come out of house . On electon day i was told to stay with chachi and the driver name musa , he is a huge guy with bold head , he looks like army r policeman , he got no stomach and he is quiet well built big guy , our duty was to bring old ladies to the polling station and make em cast there vote in chacha,s fever , afterword take em home where they can have some refreshment bfore they can go back there home , we did quiet good and brought many people to cast there vote , i noticed that musa was intresting to watch chachi walking , she was wearing a cotton shalwar qameez and her ass was stiking out , musa was touching his cock while watching her ass , we were on a pickup musa was driving , i was sitting in the middle and chachi was sitting on left hand side , he was talking to chachi as much as possible and he was using passwords to talk to chachi , i was only 10 that time , once from a long run on the way back musa ask me if i want to sit by thje window to watch outside , i went happy and he askd chachi to sit in the middle , chachi smiled and came in the middle , i was enjoying looking outside while i heard a siski , i looked and found chachi coverd with her chhaddar up to her knees and i found musa hand in her cahddar , i realised that musa was fingring in chachi,s pussy , i just ignored , he kept it doing for a long time and chachi was enjoying alot , i saw chachi touching his cock , it was evening and voting was over , we were on our way back and it was a long way to go , when we were on a single tiny road sun was set and it was getting dark , musa askd chachi if she wants to go for a pee and chachi said yes , he parkd pickup on a side where no one can c us , i went out to give way to chachi so she can go outside for pee , she went far from pickup so we cant c her , then musa said that i m going for a pee too and he went to a difrent side , i sat in pickup and start wating for them , after about 20 min i started to scare of dark , i came out and start going to the side where chachi went for pee , when in got some closer i heard chachi moaning , i went bit surprise to see behind a tree that chachi was in doggy style showing her lovely gand to our driver musa and he was pumping his cock in chachi,s pussy , i can see his huge thick and long cock going full in my chachi,s pussy and coming out , they were on there final stage of joy and i saw him fucking realy hard , chachi was holding a tiny tree with her hands , i realised that he emptied his whole load in chachi,s pussy , i cud,nt beleve the way chachi was presenting he round wonderfull ass to our driver , but he deserve it coz he had a wonderfull cock too , after he cum im my chachi,s pussy he stayed in her pussy for a bit.

Some thing happend and chachi realised that navedd is watching , she quickly got his cock out of her pussy and stood up infront of him , i saw his cock coming out of her pussy , it took few seconds to come out fully , it was a big thick cock , and it hurt chachi the way she got it out of her pussy coz now she was sitting , she quickly wore her shalwar and musa wore his shalwar too , i run back to pick up , after few minutes chachi arrived , she was hardly walking , i did,nt let her realise that i watched her iun doggy style infront of musa driver , musa came after from a difrent direction , she sat me in the middle again , musa was so happy as he started singing , chachi said to him that he is so bad , she will never come out with him again , he was harami , he said now u will come runing to me all the time , chachi just smiled , when we got home my elder chacha was won and they were dancing , i stayed outside for ten minute and then came home , my chachi was coming out of toilet and it was a lush brightness on her face , only i knew wahy she was happy , she was dancing and she was moving her ass and i was thinking that her ass is gona fucked soon from musa , and time proved that i was right , he not only fuckd my chachi,s ass but also chachi gifted him my baji mehnaz and my two bhabbies , he fucked my baji in ass while me and chachi was there watching . I will tell u more stories if u give me somne courege plz email me on

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