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Karachi Call Boy

Hello. Guys its me shakeel again (call boy) from karachi first of all would like to thank for posting my story and provided me a chance to share my Experience in the title “My sexy Neighbour aunt” who seduced and took my virginity and made me an expert in the art of Fulfilling Women’s secret Desires.. Now let me come to my first experience with my first customer. Well before my neighbour aunt went to U.S She introduced me to a friend of hers who was sexually starved like her. Now let me introduce her name was renuka and she was 29 yrs old married and her husband was an Marine engineer and so most of the time he was not in town at all so obviously she was sexually starved. Now let me tell u how she looks., she live in DHA was about 36yrs old, 5’4 feet tall and she had very huge and firm breast and perfectly worked up ass and very fair skin and She is bomb shell of a women who could make any man cum just by looking at her. We used to talk casually with each Other once she called up to me asked me to join her for lunch. How could I say no to such an offer that to made by such a hot women.

So I reached her flat by around 12.00 noon she was wearing a red black saree with a low cut blouse and we finished our lunch and she let me to her husbands mini bar cupboard and asked me to choose a drink I don drink so I just chose Beer and started drinking it and she started to stare at me and she was so hot with pretty hot lips. I went near her and placed a sweet kiss on her cheeks and she responded with a smile and then hugged her tightly and she covered her face with her hands in shyness, I hugged her more tightly and then started kissing her eyes and slowly every part of her face with every smooth and soft kiss she made small sound in ecstasy like hmm ahh mmm and started to bite her lips in response. Then I slowly move down to her neck and slowly licked and kissed every part of her neck and moved near to her ear and slowly bit her ear with sweet teeth marks behind her eras I gently placed my hand on her saree and removed it and gently placed my lips on hers and started to suck her top lips and at the same time squeezed her right breast with my hand and she was enjoying with what ever I did to her body and then after sucking her lips for about 15 mins with both our saliva’s exchanged in our mouths and went behind to admire her beauty she was like an angel and her eyes were completely filled with lust. And mouth dripping with saliva. So I went near her and carried her in my arms and went to the bed room and removed my clothes and made myself nude and I was only wearing my underpants and I fell on her and tore her blouse apart and removed her saree.

Now she was lying on the bed with only purpel bra and matching panties.. I just looked at her beauty and said to her u look so beautiful u can make any man go crazy just by looking at u, slowly I started kissing her neck and then every part of her body starting from her lips I moved down kissing every bit of her body with every kiss she was trembling with pure lust and joy. Moaning oh mmm mmm sssssahhh ahh and her sound became louder and louder and then moved towards breast her nipples are nearly one inch long very pointed I started sucking it like a child about 15 mins and started to make circles around her nipple and she responded greatly by holding my head and brushing my hair and then I switched her breasts and did the same with the other breast also she was moming with plasure ahhh ssssah pls do it hard I m cuming. I wanted to show her what is the real fun in foreplay and how much it can ignite the passion and she cumed with a great plasure. I slowly moved down and started kissing her On the thighs near to her pussy but not on the pussy I traced the end of her panties with my kisses and my tongue but I did not kiss or touch her pussy I wanted to tease her with my tongue her panties were soaking wet with her juices and they were really sweet like honey. After licking her from head to toe. I went in between her Legs and placed a kiss on her most beautiful and sensitive part of her body pussy. She was trembling like a fish out of water, removed her panties down and with out using my hands I traced the walls of her pussy with my tongue and her pussy started to bloom like a flower and slowly let my tongue deep inside her hole and started to toung fuck her, she was making loud noises ahhh ohh my God pls let me go ur killing me sssssahhh mmm ahh uffff ohhhhh then suddenly with a loud noise once again she let out her juices on my face and after she completed her orgasm, I went an slowly with my tongue itself opened her pussy and found her clit and licked it first slowly and put it in my mouth and sucked it gently and slowly, I bit her clit and she could not take it more and she again had an orgasm thired time.

I couldn’t believe my eyes within 20 mins she had three orgasms, and then I removed my shalwar and showed her my cock and she took it in her hand and started to shag me. I asked her to take it in her mouth but she said no, but forced her to take it in and then she put it in with a perfect O made lips and started to enjoy and she was an hell of a cock sucker. Then I moved down and place my cock against her pussy and pushed it in but it was not going inside she was just screaming in pan. So I removed the cock outside and then put my middle finger inside her hole and started to finger fuck her and make her hole wet. While fingering fucking again she had her 4th orgasm and then I put my hard dick inside her pussy she was screaming in joy. I slowly pushed it in and out …with slow strokes and then increased my speed rapidly and she was screaming ohh God ohh maaaa maaa ahhh Ohhhh ahh and after 20 mins of fucking we both cummed and i cummed inside her pussy and we both lay their and the room was completely smelling with our mixed juices and the Bed was completely drenched due to her orgasms so we both took bath together and we changed our clothes and while leaving she rewarded me with a big sum of amount for providing her the Ultimate pleasure. And showing her different forms of sex .So after this I realized I could even make money now by satisfying hungry women. So I Made satisfying women a part time job and I am damn sure that I can make any women have an orgasm of any age. That’s all for now readers. Any women require me in karachi for secrecy and satisfaction or any comments mail to( or 0345-8278539)

BBC Ki Sahafi Ki Chudai

Hi readers men sukkur sindh ka rahne wala hon aur mera naam sidhu he ham ko sindh men log dewan kahte hen.takreban pore sindh men ham sindhi hinduon ki buht abadi rehti he aur sare sindhi hindu shehron men baste hen aur apna karobar karte 12th class men parhata hon aur meri umar 18 saal ki he.ek din school ke larkon ne bahar picnic manane ka programme banaya aur ham sindh ke shehar larkana ke kareb moan-jo- daro jo k asar-kadema men shumar hota he ghomne chale gae.ham log total 9 shagird the aur ek wagon kirae par kar k wahan punhche the ye picnic hamari zati chahat ki waja se hue the is men college ka ya kisi ustad ko mado nahen kiya gaya tha ham sare apas men student he dosto ham moan jo daro punche.aur ghomne lage wahan buht hi asar-kadema ke asar nazar aa rahe the.wo us waqt ki toti hue dewaren ghar ke numa giri hue buildings.aur us zamane ki morten pari then jo k ye zahir karti then k yahan k rahne wale but parast the aur buton ki pooja karte bare se area men ham student alag alag ho gae har koi apni apni marzi se moan jo daro ghoom rahe the.aur pore 2 ghante k baad ham ne wapas wagon ki taraf aake katha hona yaro men bhe ghomte ghomte waqt guzarne laga.moan jo daro ki purani jaghon ki hone ki waja se aur galion ki waja se rasta edhar ka udhar jata he kiyon k kisi zamane men wahan per pora shehar basa tha agar ander chale jao to andhera sa hota he bas admi ek dosre ko kam dekh pata men bhe ghone k lie kisis andheri gali men chala gaya. Wahan per log kam nazar aa rahe the.mujhe ek aurat nazar aee jis k hath men ek book tha aur kuch likh rahe men us k kareeb gaya aur dekha to wo ek angrez larki the us ki umar 38 ya 39 saal ki hogi us ki body buht he sexy lag rahe the us boobs aur uski gand dilkash lag rahen then wo pain aur shirt pehne hue the
To mene us se baat karne ki koshish ki.madem ap kiya likh rahe hen to wo boli men BBC tv ki sahafi hon aur is moan jo daro ke bare men jankari le rahi hon kiyon k ye buht purani jaga he men is ki documentary tayar kar ke apne channel per chalaongi ye meri duty men shumar hota he.ham ye sab baten English men kar rahe the.lekin yahan per ap ki asani ke lie urdo men wo baten bata raha hon. To yaro ese hi baten karte karte ham ek dosre se kuch kareeb ho gae kiyon ke us ko shayad aur koi esa larka nahen mila tha jo us ko English men us ki rahnumai karta.ham log baten karte hue ahista chal bhi rahe the.aur ek esi jaga punhche jahan per aur koi nazar nahen aa raha tha sirf ham dono he wahan per us ne jis ne apna naam Mariya bataya tha kehne lagi yahan per beth k rest kar lete hen.kiya ap mujhe moan jo daro k bare men kuch bata pasand karenge wo boli mere taraf dekhte hue. Mene kaha zaror jo kuch mujhe maloom haga ap ko bata sakta hon.aur wahan per hi niche bath gae.wo meri taraf bar bar dekh rahe the.shayad us ko dart tha k koi esi wesi harkat to nahen karega kiyon k ham pakistanio ki sex k bare men buht zyada baten sun rakhe the us ne.esey he bathte hue us ne apna tiffin box khola aur khane k lie kuch nikala aur mujhe be de deya k ye khao aur khud bhe khane lag gae.mene inkar kiya lekin us ne kaha koi baat nehen jab ham sath bathe hen to men akeli kese kha sakti hon.ham donon apas men ek dusre se bilkul he sath bathe the aur us ki baen taraf ki taang meri taang se takra rahe the.mene pehle kabhi koi angrez larki ko itna nazdeek se nahen dekha tha is lie men bhi bar bar us k chehre ki taraf dekhta aur kabhi us ki body ki taraf dekh leta to us ne mehsoos kiya k men us ko dilchaspi se dekh raha ne poocha ap kia karte hen .mene kaha men 12th class ka student hon aur yahan per ghomne k lie sukkur se aya hon to us ne kaha k men bhi Karachi se aae hon yane ham dono yahan per ajnabi hen.esey mere dil par us k sath baethne ki waja se sex ka asar hone laga tha aur meri Ankhon k dore lal ho rahe the to mariya ne jab dekha k meri ankhen lal ho rahi hen to boli kiya ap ki tabiat sahee nehen he shayad aur mere sar per hath rakhne lagi to mere jism men jese koi bijli se daur gae ho aur mene mariya ka hath apne hath men pakar k kaha nahen madem bas pata nahen kiyon mujhe kuch esa ho raha baten karte hue madem k hath ko apne hath se masal bhi raha us ne mujhe apni gode men leta lia .aur mujh se ab raha nehen ja raha tha mene bhi madem mariya ki gode men apna moo rakh diya aur apne ek hath se us ke boobs ko sehlane laga to madem k moo se siskari se nikal gae aur mere chahre ko pakar k oper uthaya aur apna chahra mere chahre k samne kar diya aur apne lab mere labon k sath chipka lie aur choosna shuro kar diya ab wo mujhe aur men us ko kiss kar raha tha.aur ek dosre ki zaban choos rahe the.wo bilkul he sex ka experience rakhti thi us k kiss karne se mera land khara ho raha us ki shirt k batan kholne laga aur us ki boobs ko apne hath se masalne laga aur mene us ki shirt k sare batan khol diye aur wo ab sirif paint men then aur men us ke boobs choos raha tha wo moo se awazen nikal rahi then aaaahhhh oooohhhh honey kiss me suck my boobs please suck me more.aur men dono boobs ko bari bari choos raha tha.aur mene us ki paint ki zip khol de aur paint utar di .us ne bhi mere kapre
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Boss fukk me

I Saba from Karachi, never expected this would happen in my life my husband and me are married for 4 years with one year kid, I am very beautiful and sexy too my husband always says that I grab his friends attentions and we both are satisfied with our sexual life it was the occasion of my son’s first year birth day so we invited all our friends and my husbands colleagues and after the party everybody were departed except my husband’s boss the maid cleaned everything and she too left but my husband and his boss were speaking something in the balcony. All of a sudden my husband came and told me that his boss wants to have fun with me I was astonished and I rejected, but my husband convinced very much and told that we would explore little bit further finally I had agree and my husband arranged for that. When I went inside the room both my husband and his boss welcomed me I smiled the boss and he came close to me and moaned into my mouth sucking me while he was playing with my back then he unzipped my nights now I am semi nude wit h only bra and panties then he called my husband to join the boss was sucking my breasts while my husband was caressing my thighs and kissing me there it was giving me some exotic pleasure.

Then they became nude by seconds when I turned towards boss’s cock I was rather surprised because his cock was big enough it is almost 8”, 2 inches bigger than my husbands and thick, I took hold of his enormous dick my hand felt it like touching an hot rod it was jerked in my hand, I kissed his dick twice even my husband also surprised, he was comparing his dick and his balls, he shook his boss’s dick and said wonderful, then they made me lay on the bed. Boss went directly to my neatly shaved pussy first he sucked it around and fingered me while my husband was squeezing my boobs, I was fully soaked and he inserted his cock into my wet hot cunt it slid inside inch by an inch without any hurdles, then he started to give me the hard strokes he fucked me like anything and I was sucking my hubbys dick then my hubby exploded out side but boss was fucking me like a donkey, I felt a complete orgasm of my life of course I already went two times finally he filled my cunt with hot thick juice which ran into my thighs. He is really a good fucker, our relationship is on which gave us all the benefits like promotions, house, later on I came to know that he is mad of my pussy and I am taking that advantage. How is it. Boss mail id is any female wanna take advantage like and my hubby id is

Sex with Reception Girl

Hello friends this is Sachine here again with my very new experience with a colleague of mine. I had been to Delhi for some work and stayed in a hotel room,I meet a girl on reception in hotel her name was Neha. Neha was a good looking girl of 28-30 years of age, good figure, average breasts, slim waist; She was a social girl. It was a Saturday, I was in my hotel room when I got a call from her, she wanted to go out with me for dinner and I agreed , we went to a restaurant, and were enjoying the night , she was having some wine, and we had a good social talk, she got a bit drunk and wanted to dance , I agreed and we were dancing to some wild tunes and after some time to some slow music, it was late night about 3 am, when we were dancing she pressed to me ,her breasts were heating up my loins, I was getting aroused , my dick was getting hard, she held me tightly and our hips were joined together, slowly I was pressing my hips to her , she could feel my hard on, she looked up and smiled, it was feeling great pressing her to me and then I asked her can we go someplace she nodded yes. We went to my hotel room I put on some music on my computer.
I pulled her close to me and put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her head against my shoulder. The sentimental song and the wine was making her feel romantic and we were dancing slowly she offered no resistance. Her hand was rubbing the back of my neck. My growing bulge was touching her thighs I lifted her head back so that she was looking up I leaned forward and kissed her lips .she pulled me tight against me and pressed her mouth against mine I opened my mouth and her tongue slipped inside. My hand went to her breast and pressed it ,then very slowly I slipped my hand inside her shirt and to her bra her nipples were getting hard to my touch, my fingers bent her nipples as I went further to feel her breast, it was smooth and soft. It felt great and she was moaning with pleasure, oouuuuuuuuuuu, she pulled my head and kissed me hungrily. I lifted off her shirt and saw a thin lace bra covering her cute breast. Her nipples hard and ripe wanting to be freed I undid her bra and pushed it aside exposing her milky white skin.

I pulled her close to me her soft breasts were pressed to my chest, my hands going down to her hips as I pulled her to me, kissing her again, her hands were moving along my back, pressing me to her. She removed my shirt we were now bare waist up, I slowly bent down to her breast and took the hard nipples in my mouth biting them slowly with my lips, she arched back and pulled my head to her chest, moaning in pleasure, ahhh yes yes Satish slowly slowlyyyyyyy, while kissing her nipples my other hand lifted her skirt up and felt her legs and opened them slowly and found her wet down at her pussy. She shuddered to my touching her pussy and held my hand with her thighs tightly, I slipped my hand into her panty and felt her pubic mould, and my fingers were feeling her puffy lips and gently massaged her clit and slowly inserted my finger into her wet dripping pussy. I said “you are really wet down there Sunita’, she said, ‘please don’t stop go on satissssshhhhhhh, ohhhhhh yeaaaaa ohhhhhhh ummmmmmmmm”, feeeeels soooooooo goooood. She is sweating and hot now, her head is on my shoulders and hands pressing my hand to her pussy. I slide my finger in her pussy for slowly sliding it in out in out. “oooo sattttishhhh ahhhh feeeeels good don’t stop now pleaseeeeeeeee I want you soooooooooo much ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh”.

She held my head and gave a long passionate kiss, without breaking the kiss she reached for my dick which was hot and ready to come out of my pants, she undid my pants and put her hand inside my shots, her soft hands slid the foreskin back and was feeling the soft mushroom head, “wow the feeling”, after some time I told her, wait and took off all my clothes, I was bare naked in front of her, she was wearing her skirt and panties. She said to me, I want to kiss it. I want your cock in my mouth. Do you like to have your dick sucked? I told her, “it’s my favorite thing in the whole world.” she knelt down and holding my hard dick she opened her mouth and slid it into her mouth, “ohm the feeling of a hot mouth on the dick feeeeelllt soo gooood “, I held her head as she was sucking me off, I was moaning in pleasure, her tongue was making circles on the head of my dick and I was in a great ecstasy, pulling her head to me fast now I just could not control it, she was pumping now faster and it felt soooo great. I lifted her up and hungrily kissed her lips and took her to the bed. I put her down and slowly kissing her went down to her breasts.

Biting and nibbling her nipples, going down to her tummy and took off her skirt and panties, they were very wet with her cummings, I slowly glide my hands on her pussy, she opened her legs wide, and she held my head and was pushing it to her pussy I opened my mouth and gave her a kiss ,opening her outer lips , my tongue dipped into her wet hole licking her wetness, Sunita was screaming, ohhhhh goddddddd iiiiiii aammm cummmminggggg, ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssss yes yes , she lifted her hips to my face and came in one big gush I was licking her cum .after several minutes of orgasm, her body relaxed and I slid on top of her, laying on her breasts , she holding me smiling, this was very good Sachine, I liked it very much, I slowly gently started to lick her nipples again making small circles on each nipple, we kissed again tenderly she pressed me to her breasts crushed to my chest, I was getting a hard on again, it was hard against her thighs, against her soft mould, her legs wide to receive me in her.

I lifted my hips and placed my dick on her pussy , Sunita said, “oh yes Satish put in I need to feel it in me” please fuck me , she took my dick in her hands and placed it in front of her pussy , I pushed a bit and the head slowly entered her hole it was wet , I pushed in slowly she bit her teeth and said, “umppph’, ahhhhhhhhh yes slowly slooowlyyy goooood , I pushed it in one hard stroke as her pussy was very wet, it went in fully and she held me tightly and her legs were around my waist pulling me to her tightly and said wait I want to feel it inside me for some time , my dick was in up to the hilt and was pulsating inside her, I gave a kiss and was held her tightly to me , then I slowly started to thrust in out in out her pussy was holding my dick tightly , after some time she screamed , “ ohhh Satish I am cumming”, I held her hands to her sides not allowing her to hold me, her legs were now on my shoulders , giving me a good fucking position, her pussy was around my dick holding tightly, only the hips were coming into contact, her breasts wobbling up and down, the whole bed shaking, I was fucking her faster and faster now also screaming “ yes Neha I am also going to cum now ooohhhhhhhhh yeeesssssss, and when just about to cum I took my dick out of her pussy and came in big spurts on her pussy and tummy she took my dick in her hands and was milking it gasping it was a wonderful feeling being milked by a soft hand.

I lay on top of her having spent up energy and cum, then slid off her , she put her head on my chest and said , “I love d it Sachine”, we kissed and hugged each other, after some time she held my dick and was slowly bringing it to life again and said , “this time I will be on top, ok”, I said ok and when my dick was hard again she got up and sat on my dick slowly , it went in smoothly now and she started to move up down I held her hips and was moving her on me , she arched her head back in pleasure and was moving more faster moaning in pleasure , her breasts bouncing up down with her movements I held them and was squeezing slightly, pinching her nipples made her more horny and she was riding me more hard and faster, after some time she fell on my chest her hips moving on my dick kissing my mouth slurping my tongue and shouted “ yes I am cummingggg”, I could also feel the heat in me erupting and I also said “ yes Neha I am cumming tooooo”, and we both came at the same time she was moving her hips slowly tired . Our mixed juices were on her thighs slowly dropping from her pussy, she gave me a lingering kiss and said “Sachine thanks for the wonderful night, I said ya thanks to you took”, kissed her and we both slept in each others arms. This was a very good experience I had till date; send in your replies to . Any gal or married women want to enjoy life with me in delhi noida 18-40 can mail me on

Sex Satisfaction from Call Boy

First I will tell you about my back ground I am sana 38 years old married woman with a 8 year old son.I like “Indian sex” and sexy stories very much..I am more opt towards the sex as I was not satisfied by my husband

I am a average woman ,medium complexioned and slim.I have big breasts and big ass.They are very attractive. My interest in sex is very high and so the requirement.

During first four years of our married life My husband was not that bad in sex. He is basically a shy and soft in nature. Though we were having sex his actions were very passive whereas my requirement was hardcore sex and frequently.He was fucking me just like a duty, without bothering about my satisfaction.Anyhow I got a child,which is 8 year old now.Gradually he started losing even the little interest he had.Whenever I tried to attract him his response was poor.Rarely when he had sex ,he had the problem of premature ejacuation which frustrated me further.Then at one stage I took a decision to cross the limits, as I did not want to lose the enjoyment and pleasure of sex which I love to the core.I decided to have safe secret affairs for fun and sexual pleasure..I was looking for an opportunity.

But the big problem is my cousin brother who is now staying with us.He completed his b-tech in this year in electronics and searching a job in IT-field. As My hubby is a business man he frequently visit tours but at the same time my cousin brother at home.He oftenly goes for an interview.So my GREATEST DESIRE is as soon as he got a job and leave my family alone so that I can frequently live with my delicious life.

But now i was very desperate to have a cock in my cunt since it was a long time I had sex with my hubby(nearly 6month).So i decided to find a guy who can give me a lot pleasure.I searched for a nice guy in the net.After few days of search i found an information posted by a guy simply describing his profile(most guys upload his faq descriptions)But this guy was as honest as he(I feel after meeting also)that he was such a person that no one get upset with him and always desire to sex with him for life time.He had included his email.So I am sending my sex desires to that guy and receives a good response.So I am waiting for my sex luck.And soon the day will come,it was the month of august I found that, day after tomorrow my hobby is on a tour and my cousin brother have interview at Mysore.So I decided to tell the situation to that guy and I mail to that guy.He agreed and gave his cell number.

The day I got alone I call that guy. I was waiting eagerly to get connected to him.The ring went and so i got excited.then the call got connected and asked him whether he could come to my house.He readily accepted and then i gave my address.He said that he will come after an hour or so.

I got dressed up and was anxiously waiting for him.After sometime exactly at 10:15 in the morning I heared the door bell ring.I went to the door opened it and found a guy standing at the door.He said hello and introduced him.Then I welcomed him in and gave him some soft drinks. About that guy I think he was 5.5,whitish(look like indo-asian)weight 55(I guess).And the most amazing thing is that any woman can make a company with him as he was so cute and handsome and I think everyone has a desire to have a friendship of that type of guy and roaming with him here and there.

I felt that he was very nervous.So i sat near him and asked him to relax.He said its ok and then we talked about us for sometime. It was 11:00 and now i decided to start the session.I asked him to sit for a while and went into my bedroom.After few minutes i called him in.He came and sat on the bed.Then i sat near him touching his thigh.I kept my hands on his thigh and caressed it.I could feel his cock bulging inside his pants.Now i asked him to take off his clothes.He obeyed me and removed his shirt and his pants.Now i asked him to stop.then i put my hands on his underwear and pulled it down.WWWWWWWWWow i was astonished to see his penis.

…it was almost 7 inches.Now i moved the foreskin and i could see the brownish head of his cock.I then took the cock in my hand and gently squeezed it.He screamed hhhhhmmmmm.then immediately I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it vigorously.His cock struck my throat constantly as I swallowed his entire cock in my mouth with lots and lots of lust.I didnt leave him until he cummed inside my mouth.I drank all his cum,it was of nice taste.

I was amazed , I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He then responded with a kiss on my lips and now we were trying to explore each others mouth with our tongues. He then put his right hand on my right boob through my clothes. He started fondling and caressing it and at the same time kissing me passionately. His tongue was roaming inside my mouth.

Now he started to fondle my boobs. I said “wait and startd to remove my saree,blouse and my petticoat. He then cupped my boobs with both hands and squeezed them simultaneously. Now he removed my bra and squeezed my boobs.All the time I was moaning hhhhhhhmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.He then put his lips on them, I felt in heaven. he started sucking on my tits.

I was moaning with utmost pleasure. while he was sucking me , his hands went down to my belly and then to my pussy, he put his index finger right between my cunt lips. I was loving every moment of his touches.Then he took his face away from my tits to my legs.He started to lick my legs from bottom to top,right up to my thighs.

I was just enjoying and groaning.He licked me very vigorously that i came within a flash two times.He drank all my cum and exclaimed that it was so nice….. Now I asked him to fuck me….slid my panty down and asked to lie on the bed with his penis facing the roof. And then at next moment I sat on his huge cock.

His cock was going inside my hole.He screamed aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…. I groaned in pain… I started moving up and down , his dick was a great feeling inside my thirsty pussy. We did that for some time and after that he decided to come over me and I agreed to him readily. Now I was being laid by him on the back.He came over me and parted my legs, he then, pushed his cock deep inside my cunt. And I screamed mmmmmnnnnnhhhhh in pleasure. He started to ramn his rock hard cock back and forth in my aching pussy. . Slow at first but then harder as I screamed for him to give it to me. His hands grabbed my ass and He pounded away, fucking me with all his might. I was as hot as I met his thrusts, moaning every time his balls slapped my clit. He was doing very fast so that I could not control myself and he made me cum and I shivered as I came but he did not stop he was ramming his rod with a great speed and I was bit surprised to see his stamina. And thinking of one thing, who says that the thinner guys could not fuck hard? I am telling the fact of this guy that he had that capability to satisfy a horny lady respective of their ages. While he was stroking his dick in and out of my pussy, my tits were rolling and moving in circular direction. And I was busy fondling my clitoris. My hands gripped his ass as I spread his cheeks and ran a finger in his asshole. He jumped at this new feeling but looked into my eyes and knew what I was doing. His legs spread and I slid a finger up his ass. My finger kept rubbing his ass as he kept cumming in my pussy.

We fucked for at least five times that night . After it was over we became very tired and slept and in the morning I went to the bathroom for bath and suddenly he came from behind and holded me and he kept his cock between by ass chicks and rubbing it and holding my boobs and kissing me in the neck which I was feeling great. I asked him to fuck me like wild dog fucking his bitch yes that night I was his bitch and he agreed. We both took bath and came to the bed room I saw the clock it was 7.30AM now. He made me laid on the bed my back facing towards him he parted my ass chicks and I asked him to apply some oil. He told their will be no fun without pain. He said NO PAIN NO GAIN. He kept his cock at the end of the anus I thought he will do it slowly but I was wrong he pushed it at once. It was hitting inside and I was cumming rapidly. Some thing was happening inside my stomach. He was playing with my boobs creasing it biting it pinching my nipples I thought I was dead, it caused lot of pain. I shouted at him but he was smiling at me tears ran out of my eyes and I was crying. Now he slowly started to pump me for more than half an hour and then he told that he was going to cum. I stood up and lay in the bed and he took all the cum in my face and boobs and he hugged me tight. He was young and ejaculated huge amount of semen. I spread his cum on my body all over so that I now smelled of his sex.

Now it was around 8.40 so he dressed up and was able to leave. As I know he is new in Bangalore, a bachelor and searching for a job I paid him some amount for his wonderful fuck. After many discussion and my sincere request of mine he is agree for that. He said goodbye and then he went. This guy is having more than enough in every thing like his size, timing (30mins at least), giving pleasure for every woman. He is now a good friend of mine. After all a woman feels good if her man is satisfied. And I am eagerly waiting for my next ENCOUNTER.

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My teacher Abhida

Hi everyone I’m Sohaib from Karachi Pakistan. Im almost 18 and just did my o-levels a week ago. This was my last year in . This experience that I had a month ago is a true real one not a made up one. It happened in May 2001. My O-level exams were near and I was busy with my studies. I was lacking behind in Chemistry. My Chemistry teacher’s name is Miss Abida. She was our new teacher from Karachi University and came to our school in Feb. A 25 yr angel from god. Perfect height, perfect figure, and perfect face.

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I always use to dream about her, thinking of any ideas that I can get to score with her. Our school was off for other students but we seniors were allowed to discuss any problems with any of our teachers. I use to go almost everyday around 9 am to school to solve my confusions in Chemistry. Some of my friends use to come with me but not everyday. We use to study in a small room, with a computer in it, couple of chairs and a table. Our main laboratory was under some type of construction so the school gave us that room. It was just adjacent to the main lab. We weren’t allowed to study in library b/c an o-level past paper book was stolen by some kid so library was closed from us seniors. We sometimes sat in Staff room or in that room. You can call a small bio lab or just a room.

One day I went to school to study with miss Abida. For a 1 hour whole we studied alone. I was only looking at her beautiful extremely sexy body. Sometimes at her legs, breasts and her white bra that was quite visible in her sky blue kameez. It was treat for my eyes. I knew we were alone but I had not guts to have sex with her or to approach her in anyway. But I wanted it badly so I thought of an idea. I got up to bring some other book. I picked it up and when returning back to the chair I intentionally stepped on her beautiful feet. She just made a painful face. I quickly put the book on my chair and went down to show that I care. I quickly just started saying sorry. While sitting down I quickly just hold her left foot and took it out of her sandal. Meanwhile I was keep on saying sorry so the holding her feet thing didn’t made her feel awkward or surprised or anything. She was just saying its alright Sohaib but I wasn’t stopping. I blew air on her foot fingers from my mouth to show how much I care. She I was just smiling and saying don’t worry about it. After a minute or two I said with full of my courage “Miss Abida you have very beautiful feet”.

That may have made her feel a bit awkward but she said thankyou. I knew it was the perfect time. I just then gave a little kiss on her foot near the ankle area. That made her feel very awkward but she didn’t say anything and I also did not said a word at the moment. As she didn’t speak on my first action, it gave me a little more courage so I raise the bottom of her shalwar and started kissing her silky leg and moved up kissing her belly and finally her breast. Her eyes were half closed that meant she was enjoying it. I kissed her neck and moved up to her lips. We kissed her some minutes. Then I made her stand up and took her kameez. I then removed her white bra from the front sucked her sexy boobs. I quickly then removed her shalwar and her white underwear. I pushed her towards the wall. He boobs pressed against I wall and I went down and sucked her hips. Then I turned her front body towards me.

Now her back was against the wall. She was still in stand position. I then put her right leg over my shoulder and started sucking her pussy. That gave her a lot of joy. She made different type of noises that I really loved. She was having the time of her life. She pulled down my pants and my underwear and then went down on me and started sucking my cock. After 10 minutes or so I quickly pushed her to the ground and put my cock in her. I started fucking her hard. We were doing it un-safely. She wanted to say that but she was getting the pleasure of a lifetime. She wasn’t a virgin. Then suddenly somebody banged on the door. She was scared but I didn’t let her go. She pushed me to stop me. I quickly buttoned my pants. She quickly got her bra and panty and her clothes in seconds and I went to open the door. It was a person from domestic staff of the school brought a message to miss Abida from our principal. He then went away. I wanted to proceed but she said she have to go quickly. She said she had fun.

She kissed me again and then smiled and went to principal’s office. We then met again on the Internet and she promised that after my exams we will get together someday and will complete what we started. She called me on this Tuesday 12th June and told me that on Saturday 16th June after 8pm she will be free and alone so she invited me. Im gonna go to her house on Saturday 16th june. She lives in Gulistan-e-Juhar in a aprtment. I will tell u guyz what happened on 16th with miss Abida.

Help of Neha aunty

I’m Shakeel again from Karachi. One of our family friends was seriously injured in an accident so I and my father went to see Mr. Amir in the hospital. When we went to their ward her wife who was 32 year was standing outside the ward and her name was Neha and welcomes us and I told her who the uncle was. She replies with soft voice that he was fine but his one kidney was failed due to the accident. Actually I had always had a crush for Neha as she was very horny and at these age also she had maintain her fig her fig was 36-27-37. Then soon we went inside the room and talk with Vipul and he was very disappointed and told my father that his kidney was failed and now he cannot at all do any heavy work in life. We stayed there for some time and mine while I was asked by uncle to take aunty to buy some medicines for him, so my father told me to go with her. Soon I and Neha aunty went in my car to take medicines, she was just looking gorgeous in a saree, as we had good relation with their family she used to talk with me freely.

After few min aunty told me that now your uncle cannot do any heavy work as doctors has told him. I ask Neha aunty that so what if he cannot do heavy work then aunty just told me that heavy work also includes sex. I was just surprise to hear these from the aunty. Now let me tell u that they do not had child. I told her that so what as soon as he will recover he will be fine and his life will again be normal. Then aunty was just in tension as it was seen from his face. Then I ask aunty why she had tension, and then she told me that she wanted to tell me something so she had just called me here in the hospital by ringing to my house. I told her aunty just free to tell me anything u wanted. She first told me that pls do not tell anyone about these matter, I promise her and she told me that ” Shakeel now because of these accident your uncle has lost the kidney and doctor has told that he cannot do sex because of these. As such your uncle had some problem so he could not be father for these much years, then Neha aunty told me that now she will not give birth to any child and she had an desire since a long time to be the mother”. I told aunty not to worry; these all is the matter of destiny.

Neha aunty then told me that she really wanted to be a mother, and last night she had discuss with the uncle all thing about these and finally they had decided to take help from me. I did not understand, so I ask her ‘what type of help”. Aunty told me that will u helps me to be a mother of a child by having sex with me”, I told her that it was not proper as she was our family friend wife and all will know. She told me that pls Shakeel accept this make me happy by giving me a child. Soon the shop of chemist came and she went and brought the medicine for the uncle & again sat back in the car, she told me that uncle has just send her to talk with me, I was surprise at first but latter she told me that she is just doing all these to pleased her hubby and to give him a child. I was so nervous that I did not understand what to do? As I never saw Neha aunty in these much tension. I kept on thinking about the conversation for few min until the hospital came. It was strange but the request was there so I thought to help them and make the aunty happy and I told auntiji ” yes I will give u child just to make u happy ” after hearing these she had a smile on her face and she told me that I can come to her house tonight to talk more with them as she was all alone tonight. Soon we left the hospital and the whole day I was thinking about these.

At night around 10 I went to Neha aunty house. I reached there on dot and was received by Neha aunty at the door. She took me inside her house and ask me to sit down .then she told me that she & her hubby was very thankful to him for these matter and offered me coffee. She then asked to sit and be relaxed and she would come back soon. I waited for about few min and then she told me to come to the bed room so that we can talk much “. I slowly started walking towards the room with my heart beating fast, abnormally fast. I saw the room was decorated with flowers. Now I told aunty what all these, she told me not to tell me aunty anymore just tell Neha that it and she told me that as from today u r my hubby as u r helping me. She then told me that she will soon come back changing her cloth. After few min she came with a pink color saree in which she was just looking great and came and sate beside me.

I told Neha” u r looking great, she told me thanks and I ask her that I do not know much about sex, she told me that do not worry at all she know all the things and as she was just near to her periods, she had decided all these so that soon she will be pregnant, I ask her that will she will be pregnant in just one day, she told me that she was near to her periods and it were not a safe days”. Neha then sat on the bed and covered her face with sari pallu. I gathered sufficient courage and I took a deep breath and slowly reached out to remove her pallu. I removed the pally with trembling hands and saw her face, my finger touched her face and started tracing all over her lips, cheeks, necks. I brought my finger back to her lops and tried to put it in her mouth. She opened her mouth and make my finger went. She started sucking it. By now we both have become bolder and without hesitation she pull me near her face and kiss I deeply and soon started to suck my tongue and our saliva were meeting each others. We kiss for some time and then I again pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Our tongue played with each other’s. I was holding her very tight in my embrace, my hands encircling her body. Our kiss becomes hotter with each passing second, exploring each other mouth.

She was moaning “aaaaahhhhh ooooo aaatish u r very good make me mother of ur child” I was pressing her boobs and with other hand was on her gaand. She told me ” aatish aab tak to hum dono garam hogay hayee, then I told her neha apne kapre utar do. Neha – nahin mai khud nahin utarungi. Aap mere kapre utaro, mujhe sharm aati hai, I pull her from bed and started taking off her sari, then blouse. The moment I saw her boobs trapped in the bra, I was in the heaven. I slowly put my hands on her bra and press them, I wanted the whole thing. So I took of her breast and the most tantalizing boobs were in front of me, I forgot everything and attacked them as if it was the end of the world. I press them so hard that she cried out in pain ” darling dheera say karo na dard karta hay” I was not listening to all this and carried on pressing and twisting the nipples between my finger. I took one nipples in my mouth and sucked and played with it for god know how long and the other hands was busy kneading the other boobs pain- Dheere say karo. I was not listening to all this and carried on pressing, massaging and twisting the nipples between my fingers. I took one nipple in my mouth and sucked and played with it for God knows how long and the other hand was busy kneading the other boobs.

She was trembling and feeling weak and wanted to sit on the bed. I stopped all activities and then removed her petticoat. She was just in panty. I also started taking off my clothes, and then stopped. Amar: Seema, you take off my clothes. She started taking off my clothes and soon even I was in my underwear. I led her to the bed again. This time there was nothing to stop us from making love. Once on the bed I started licking her forehead down to her nose her lips to throat then her breasts nipples then I inserted her right nipple inside my mouth for some time then her left nipple she was holding my head against her body so tightly then I moved down to her deep naval I licked her naval clean I inserted my tongue into her deep naval and licked her naval sides clean then followed down to her bushy cunt.. I at first took down her panty and started licking her pussy, inserted my tongue in her choot, one hand was still busy massaging her boobs while the other was opening her pussy lips and twiddling her clit.

She was getting one hand and placed it on my head, pushing me harder in her pussy while the other was fondling my cock. She was thrusting her hips upwards to meet my probing tongue. It was too good to last any longer and while moaning, she jerked hard, thrust her hip upwards and I could feel her cunt muscles twitching and then she had her first orgasm. I drank all her juice and then licked her pussy clean. She had the most satisfying smile on her face. But I was still horny. My cock was rock hard. I asked her to suck my cock. At first, she hesitated but on my persistent demand, she took my cock head in her mouth. She licked the pre-cum and slowly she started taking the entire rod in her mouth all the while looking at me as if to ask if she was doing fine. I thrust my cock deep in her mouth and started fucking her mouth.

Very soon she got the hang up of sucking and licking and masturbating my cock. She was engrossed in sucking and soon after about 10 minutes, I shot out my load in her mouth. She gagged and wanted to take her mouth away but I pressed her head and kept my tool in her mouth till I emptied my balls of juice in her mouth. Both of us rested for a short while, facing each other, holding each other tight. I held her more tightly and whispered in her ears “neha Tum bahut sexy ho, mujhe tum bahut pasand ho aur mai hamesha tumhare bare soochta tha”. Saying these words I hugged her more tightly and started kissing her neck and cheeks. My hard lund was trying to get in between her thighs. My kisses aroused her and she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I put my lips on her lips. I sucked her lips for a while then I inserted my tongue into her mouth. She hugged me more tightly and started sucking my tongue. We both lay on the bed with arms around each other and continued kissing. After about fifteen minutes I started kissing her neck, ears and finally her breasts. I licked her boobs for five minutes and then I took her one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it.

Mean time I held her hand with mine and brd to touch it for a moment but afterwards she held my lund and left it immediately saying “Ye to bahut bara hai. Kisi bare Kale ki tarah” .I held her hand again and put it on my lund and said “Seema, Ise pakro, ye hi hai jo tumhe anand dega aur isay ek chabhi samjho”. She moved her hand on my lund and pressed the head of my lund saying “Iska tala kahan hai”, after this she tried to hide her face in my chest feeling shy… I moved my hand down and inserted between her thighs and pressed her choot with my palm and said “Tala to yahan hai” She pressed my lund and said “Na baba, itni bari chabhi, is chote say tale may kaisay jaygi” I inserted a finger in her wet and hot choot. She moaned and tightened her thighs, which gave me more pleasure. I said “neha Darling, Ghabrao mat, mai apne lund aur tumhari choot pe tail lagadoonga aur dhire dhire under daloonga. Ek bar chala jayga to tum kabhi bhi isko bahar nahi hone doogi.”

She moaned and kissed on my ear and said “Aap bahut gandi baten karte hain”. “Kya tumhe pasand nahi hai” I said and bit on her nipple. She hugged me more tightly and said, “accha lagta hai. Maine kabhi gandi baten nahi ki hai “.”Chalo. Absay gandi baten karte hain” I said. She did not reply but brought her hand near her mouth and poured some saliva on it and rubbed it on my lund and started masturbation. This made me more exited. I put my tongue in her mouth and suck her lips and said “Seema, kya tumhe mera lund apni choot mai chaheye” She pressed my lund more tightly and said” Aap ka lund bahut bara hai. Meri choot ko phaar dega. Meri choot to bahut kasi hui hai” She sucked my tongue and said “Lakin itna bara lund mujhe bahut maja dega, choot bhi isko lene ke liye mast ho rahi hai”.

She brought my lund near her choot and rubbed it on her pussy hairs. I kissed on her eyes and said “Mai tumhari choot ko apni tongue says lubricate kardeta hoon”. She hugged me with a loud moan and said ” Chalo aap meri choot ko aur mai aap ki lund ko lubricate karte hain.” Then we assumed 69 position. First I licked ook my lund in her mouth and started sucking it. We did this for about 20 minutes. Then I stood up and placed a pillow under her waist, this exposed her choot more. She gripped my lund and brought it near her mouth and spit on it and rubbed her saliva on my lund. But her saliva was not enough to lubricate my big lund. She asked me to pour my saliva into her mouth. I gathered some saliva in my mouth and then while kissing her I poured it into her mouth. This filled her mouth with saliva. She took my entire lund into her mouth and with her tongue she rubbed saliva on it. As she brought my lund out of her mouth it was fully bathed by our saliva. I spread her legs and placed my lund on her choot.

She hugged me tightly and took my tongue into her mouth and started sucking it. I pressed my lund into her tight choot but could not insert in her choot. She was really very tight. I kept pressing my lund on her hole. She continued sucking my tongue and brought her hand under her hips and parted her choot lips. This gave way to my lund in her choot. As the head of my lund entered in her tight hole I pressed my lund more and with a 2 hard jerks I inserted my whole lund in her tight choot. She gripped me tight and her nails pressed into my back and shouted with pain “Ooee ah oh ooee hi ma. Bahut dard kar raha hai. Choot phar dali.” I kissed on her lips and said “Tumhari choot bahut tight thi- kunwari jo thi” After few seconds I started slow fuck of her choot, she was now feeling a little less pain and started enjoying the thrusts. She inserted her tongue in my mouth saying “Aap ka lund bahut lamba aur mota hai aur meri choot kasi hui. Ab to mai hamesha isi lund say chudwaongi aur jindigi ka maja loongi” We continued kissing, hugging and talking filthy with slow movements of my lund in her choot. After about 10 minutes I started moving my lund in and out of her choot very fast like a super fast train. She also responded by moving her hips up and down.

This made me horny and I started fucking her like a mad dog. During the ching her chootters and this touch was increasing our pleasure. During fucking I continued kissing her lips and tongue. After about twenty minutes, I cummed deep inside her choot. At the same time she also reached her second orgasm. She tightened her choot and squeezed every drop of cum with her choot. After that I did not withdrew my lund from her choot. We remained in this position for about 15 minutes. After which we started kissing again. With her warm kisses my lund got erection again and I started slow jerks in her choot. I withdrew my lund from her choot and lifted her legs up so that her knees met her shoulder. I entered her choot again. This time it went in easily and fucked her hard. All the while she was moaning- aaaahhhhh, oooohhh. Aur jor say. Chodo jor jor say. The fast movement of my cock entering her choot and coming out for the next thrust was giving me immense pleasure. After about 17/18 minutes of intense hard fuck, I was ready to explode again. With a loud grunt, I cummed in her choot. Our juices mixed and a little bit started coming out. After this tiresome fucking we laid motionless for about one hour. Then again we started fucking and during the night we fucked 4 times.

During the next 2 months it became a ritual for us. I used to go to their house at any time convenient to us and fucked neha. Then one day Mr. Amir gave me the good news that neha is pregnant. Naha gave birth to son. Mr. Amir was too much happy. Well my relations with Neha continued for 2 years till I was in The University. Neha was also instrumental in fixing me up with her elder married sister, who had come for Neha’s delivery. In my 8 years of fucking (which started when I was 17 years old), I have fucked many girls/ladies, and there are few fucks which I remember quite vividly as they were quite different, out of the ordinary happenings. In case any of your readers wish to know more about these Couples who wish to enjoy with a guy in 3 some or group sex r also welcome around Karachi, and lesbo r also welcome.