My First Love

This is the story of my first love making. It dates back to 2 years, a family of Sheikhs moved in our neighborhood, as it is a usual thing that the women visit the neighbors, so we helped them to move in. Mrs. Sheikh was a beautiful women just about 35 she had 3 sons and 2 daughters, Mr. Sheikh was an elderly man, the women left a print of her figure on me I could not understand why it was so. We became at the friendly terms with them, a few days later I was asked if I could give tuition to their daughter who was in the college, as I was free those days so I accepted and thus I began to go their house in the evening. Every thing went smooth, a couple of months later on a Sunday their younger son came to call me to their house, when I went there Mr. Sheikh asked me to take his wife to the hill side where she was to see some body, as he himself could not ride the bike due to kidney problem, I became embarrassed because I had been thinking of having sex with the woman in my dreams, and she would ride the pillion with me, Mr. Sheikh took it as my shyness and said there was nothing ill to take aunty there. I agreed and we set off for the hill station, she sat by her side behind me, I liked her hand round my waist, I could feel her tummy and the breast at my back, the road was very rough, I managed very difficultly twice, at this she said to stop the bike so she could sit in the riding manner in order to avoid the imbalance. Now it was more sexy to my mind as she wrapped both her hands round my waist and both her boobs rubbing my back. but it was easy to control the bike, her thighs were hot and silky I was in airs, I liked to put sudden brakes so that she just climbed me behind and she pressed me tightly oh the touch of her boobs that was very pleasant, she was a smart woman she came to know that I liked her pressing into me so she kept herself tight to me and started talking to me asking questions about my love affairs, her lips felt me kissing my ears, I told her that I did not have any girl friend, she mockingly said that she did not believe that. I assured her at this she inquired if I had any problem, I told that I was shy and nothing else, she laughed and tickled my belly, I enjoyed that by this time we reached the foot hill and I slowed the bike, as it was very sheer way up, when we reached about 2 Km up the hill, she asked me that she wanted to urinate and if knew some where the water pond should stop the bike, I knew a place where a spring flowed in a cave it was just 1/2 a Km on the side way in the hills, it was a loonly place the water there was really sweet and cold, we reached there and she went behind a bush to urinate, she came up and asked me to take her to the water I took her to the cave she was delighted to see the place, she asked that wanted to take a bath in the fresh water there was a shallow pond in the way of the spring and it was filled with the running water she was afraid of getting in the pond thinking it deeper, I told her that it was a shallow one and there was nothing to be afraid of, at this she insisted me to remain with her in the pond, I was aroused and thinking it an opportunity to touch her I took off my clothes and jumped in the pond, she undressed herself and followed me, while she was undressing I saw her with amazement, her body was very beautiful and sexy, she had piercing boobs with pink nipples that were erect, her tummy was smooth, there was no hair on her body she had shaved her pubic hair, when she came in then I saw her back, oh my God, she had curvy buttocks she took my hand as she came in she liked the flowing water, she dashed in and made her head wet with the water, she asked me to rub her back, I was delighted to do that, I rubbed her back and when I reached for her buttocks she cackled and asked me to rub her anus oh it really was an opportunity to reach there, fantastic she did not have a singly hair there too, then I dashed down to rub her legs, man really she was silk, I rose to her front while my hands were playing with her pussy, she was enjoying it, then I raised my hands to rub her belly and took the grip over her boobs, they were pressing hard, I wanted to suck them, but she pressed me to her lips, oh her saliva, her tongue her mouth as a whole was just I can’t tell, the french kiss took a longer while, then she began rubbing me, she asked me to sit over the bank, when I sat there she waded to me and started sucking my pinus, it was not a pleasant thing to me at first but when she used her tongue to twist and stumble at the head it was really arousing, now I wanted to fuck her so I stopped her sucking me and climbed down in the pond, she gave another french kiss but stopped me from pushing my pinus into her pussy, I started licking her nipples, she liked it and gave time to suck that to my fill. Now again I dashed for her pussy but she climbed the bank and sat her legs spread wide, I looked at her she asked me to suck her pussy, I did not want to but had to do, she gave moans with delight saying ” yeh, —– keep up boy, teeth me into my shit, oh yehhhhh……….. oh,oh,oh………… that’s it, but I was not enjoying sucking her, so I left this and pulled her to me, she was amazed and when I rushed my pinus into her pussy, she gave a loud cry,she asked me to push slowly, I was amazed as her pussy was very tight, but it was wet and warm,Oh man don’t ask me my plight, it was just that all my vigor was flowing out into her, I wanted to lie down, so I whispered in her ear, she told that she wanted the same we both came out of the pond, and I lay her down, as I pushed in her she started moaning again, she then asked me to push fast as I did that, she became loud and the same I was, I moaned ahah………. ah………. ah. and just seem to cum any moment, she suddenly tightened her grip round me and began to thump her buttock up as if she wanted more of my pinus into her pussy, it was already there and was gushing it in and out, she said ” oh man I am coming do something, I don want ” bit me slab me do it just do it” I bit her boobs, and she screamed so I gripped them and tried to press them, she said” do it more hard jan, oh I like your pinus, hitting me all inside, oh it is very hard and girth oh, I want this to hit me more and more, all of a sudden she cried again and this time gripped so hard that I could not move, she cummed, had her orgasm and then left me, I started pushing again but she stopped me as she could not bear it any more, but I was hanging as I was not released, now she laid me down such that her buttocks were near my mouth and she began sucking my pinus, it was lovely but I did not want to suck her pussy, but her ass hole made me to lick it, I licked it pushed my finger in, I asked her if I could fuck her ass, she said that my pinus was very big for her ass, when I insisted then she asked me to finger her ass to get it ready for the penetration, i did the same, then she asked me to put the second and after a while the third in to her hole, I was delighted, but when I pulled them out they had the tools traces, so I rushed to wash them, when I came back to her she smiled and said” you love to fuck my ass by my stools are bad” I said it was a fact. She spitted on my pinus and asked me to spit at her ass hole, I did it, when I was behind her and she like a dog she asked me to push very slowly as she did not like her sexy ass to bleed, I pushed slowly but she gave a very loud scream, I stopped, she said” I ‘d told you darling you pinus ‘d tear my ass” I can’t bear it” I asked her to be patient and pushed again, this time a little hard, just the pinus nipple was gushed in and she screamed again, she pushed it back and said in a painful voice” oh darling you can’t make it in this, come on push it into my pussy from behind and cum, I pushed like she said and oh it was really amazing, I was fucking her pussy but dreaming that it was her ass, she started moaning again, and this time when she cummed I did as well. oh it really was a load that I was spreading in her pussy, when we were done we lay down in arms and she started kissing me. Later she told that her pussy was not tight but it was the girth and length of my pienus that made it tight, she told that she never had ridden such a hard cock. After this we took a bath again and went for our journey, we are bed mates till now, she provides me her friends who are like her and there are many other stories to tell but if you folks like this one only then I ‘ll take the courage to tell the others.

Meri Chudai

Sab se pehle mai pane baary mai bata do mera naam RAJ hai. Har jawaan dil ki khawaish hoti hai kaash mujhe koi kunwari choot mil jaay. Meri bhi yahi khwaish thi. Lekin mai hamesha khmosh hi rehta ho ziyada khuch bolta nahi ho. Lekin pichle 2 salo se mai badal gaya jab mai ghumne gaya apne mama ke yaha. Mere Uncle kanpur mai rehty hai. Waha Uncle ke paros mai 1 ladki rehti thi jiska naam tha babita uski umr kam se kam 20 saal ki rahi hogi uska fig. 30,26,28 raha hoga. Pehle bhi jab mai kabhi mama ke yaha jata tha to mai us ladki ki jawani dekhkar hamesha soch mai pad jata tha ki kash mujhe eski choot mil jaay phir. Lekin ab mai khud ko es layak samjhta tha ki mai ab ese pata sakta ho. Mai 1 din gharke gate per khada tha to babita bhi apne gate per thii vo mujhe dekh dekh kar kuch bol rahi thi or baar baar mujhe dekhke has rahi thi mai samjh gaya ke line de rahi hai. Mene tabhi ishare se poocha, kiya huaa, usne bhi ishare mai kaha kuch nahi, phir hum kafi der thak wahi gate per 1 2osare ko dekhty rahe, achanak usne mujhe 1 ishara kara jise dekhkar mai heraan ho gaya, unke ishare se mujhe oper chhat per aane ke liye kaha, mene socha aaj to munna teri zindagi ban gai,mai jaldi se oper gaya, waha vo mujhse pehle hi pahuch gai. Pehle to mai us se isharo mai baaty kar raha tha maga jab laga ki aas paas koi bhi nahi hai to mai uske ghar ki deewar kood kar uske ghar mai chala gaya, vo kuch ghabra rahi thi magar mai utawala tha aaj uske ghar mai koi bhi nahi tha bas uski dadi thi jo kabhi oper nahi aaty hamesha neeche hi rehti hai.Aaj babita ke ghar mai koi nahi tha oper bas 1 room tha jisme uske bhai or bhabi rehty hai, mai usse baat karta raha baat karte karte shaam se raat ho gaii, sab kuch itna jaldi jaldi ho raha tha ki mujhe bhi kuch samjh nahi aa raha tha ki kiya karu or kiya na karu. Kiuki moka esa mila tha ki aaj kisi kuwari choot ke mai maze le sakta tha to bas mai bechain tha ki jald se jald mujhe choot mile mai pehle to sharafat se bhari baaty karne laga phir mene use dekha vo baar baar apni akhe es taraha band kar rahi thi jese use use kisi cheez ki tadap ho shayd mere lund ki tadap, phir mene us se kuch alga kism ke baaty yani ke sex se related baaty karne laga vo bhi bare maze se mere baate sunne lagi, mai samjh gaya ki aaj to munna ki khwaish poori ho gai. Bas kuch deer baaty karty karte vo bhi khamosh ho gai or mai bhi phir mene usse poocha kiya huaa wo khamosh rahi phir mai uske kareeb gaya mene phir poocha kiya huaa. Vo phir kuch nahi boli meri himmat bani or mene uska chehre apne dono aatho se pakda ho uske lips ko choomne laga jesa men kabhi kisi movie mai dekha tha kiss karty hue wese hi mai uske kiss karne laga, vo to bas khamosh thi kuch bhi nahi kar rahi thi. Per mujhe uske khamoshi se hi pata chal gaya ki uski haaa hai, or mai phir uske chuchiyo ko dabane laga uske haah nikal rahi thi baar baar hmm hhhhhhh ohhhh aaram se plz magar mai kaha rukne wala tha.Mai use uske bhai ke room mai le gaya waha jakar mene sab se pehle uske kapde utarna shuru kiye, uske chuchiya dekha kar to mere hosh hi gum hogay bahar se khuch or andar se kuch or mai to bas unhe dekhty hi paga ho gaya or zor zor se unhe dabane laga vo siskiya bharti rahi. Phir mene apne kapde utarna shuru kiye usne kaha nahi plz esa kuch mat karo mujhe jane do, magar mai samjh gaya ki ab ye nakhre kar rahi hai, per mai kaha rukta jese hi vo bolti mai uske lips ko choomne lagta phir vo josh mai aa jati to phir mai apna kaam shuru kar deta, phir jab mene apne kampde poori tarah utaar diye vo or mai ab bilkul nange the ekdosre ke samne, usne mera lund dekha sosochme pad gaii, kehne lagi oo daiyya itna bada lund hai aapka mai to mar hi jaaongi, mene kaha pehle pehle dard hoga lekin phir baad mai maza aane lagega tumhe, mera luna 9” inch ka hai, phir mai uski choot mai pehle to ungali karne laga ki jisse ki vo garam ho jaay or lund magne lade. Achanak mene ungali karne ki raftaar kuch bada di vo bilkul bin pani ki machali ki taraha tadap rahi thi phir mene soch ki mera itna bada lund eski choot mai jayga kese phir achanak mere nazr paas mai rakhe hair oil per padi mene botal mai se oil liya or pehle to uski choot per lagaya or phir apne lund mai center se center milake pehle to maine halka sa jhatka mara to vo chilla uthi oiiiii maaa margai aaaaaaaa oooooooooo aram se plz mene ruk gay or phir uske lips ko choomne laga, kuch deer ruk kar phir se mene center se center milaya or phir se 1 jhatka diya kuch inch to andar khusa lekin use kafi dard ho raha tha maga, to mai wahi ruk gaya lund ko uski choot mai kuch deer ke liye rok diya kuch deer rukne ke baad mene phir se 1 jhatka diya kareeb 5 inch ab uske choot mai ghus gaya ab mujhse nahi ruka gaya or 1 zor ka dhakka diya vo zor se chillaii aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii mar gai maaaa oooo mardala aapne mene kaha abhi tumhe maza aane lagega phir kuch der mai use bhi maza ane laga lekin mera lund kuch ziyada hi bada tha to andar or bahar or dhakke marne mai dar badta jata tha. Lekin ab mai nahi ruk sakta tha mujhe kisi ki parwa nahi thi mai zor zor se dkhakke marne laga vo chillari rahi baar baar bolti rahi plz ruko mujhe dard ho raha hai plz ruko maga mai nahi ruka phir vo bhi khamosh ho gaii ab use bhi maza ane laga tha, or vo mujhe kamar utha utha ke reply bhi karne lagi vo poori tarha se mera lund le rahi thi mai apni pori taqat se dhakke mar raha tha bas vo to apne akhe band karke aaaaaah uhhhhhhhh ieeeeeee uffff kare ja rahi thi mai baar baar uske lips ke chumta rehta, uske lips kuch ziyada hi narm thy baar baar mai unke pepsi samjhkar peeta rehta tha bilkul laat thy lips mene choom choom ke surkh laaal kar diye.ab mene soch kiu na filmi andaaz mai eski choot mari jaay phir mene uske ghodi banaya or uski chooot mai peeche se apna 9″ lamba land jab dala to bas uski haalat to esi hogai se abhi mar jaaygi kiu lund ka size kuch ziyada hi bada tha or uski kuwari choot thi to bardasht karna kuch ziyada mushkil tha, lekin bandi esi thi ab kuch bhi nahi bil rahi thi, mene usek ghodi ke pose mai uski kamar ko pakad ke dhakke dena shuru kiye zor or zor se dene laga uske kamar pe meri pakad kuch mast thi esliye dhakke dene mai kuch ziyada hi maza aa raha tha mai jab tak dhakke de taha tha mene socha ab kisi or pose mai choot mari jaay phir mai bed per let gaya or lunda ko seedha kiya or usse kaha ki ab tum mere lund per betho vo aaram aaram se uthi or jesa mene kaha tha wesa hi karne lagi. Mujhe pata tha es pose mai choot marne ka maza hi kuch or hoga es pose mai ladki ki jaan nikal jaati hai jab poora lund andar jata hai, pehle to vo mere lund per aaraam se beeth gai or mera poora lund andar le gai phir kuch deer ruki rahi phir achanak khud hi dhakke dene ladi mujhe or maza aane laga or mai neeche se bhi dhakke dene laga vo bhi dkakke de tahi thi or mai bhi, phir mujhe laga ki mai jhadne wala ho mene uski geeli choot mai or or or zor zor se dhakke dena shoru kar diy jese hi mai jhadne wala tha mene use pakad ke lita diya or uske oper chad ke beath gaya or uski choochiyo ke oper jhad diya, or thak ke usk barabar mai let gaya phir usne apne breast ko kapde se saaf kiya or mere hi barabar mai let gai. Hum 30 min tak aaraam se lete rahe phir mai utha or phir se uske lips ko chumne laga kafi der tak chumne ke baad mai hat gaya or phir mene kapde pehnne shuru kiye time kafi ho raha tha uske bhai bhi office se aane wali the es liye vo bhi jaldi se apne kapde pehnne lagi, or poochne ladi ki aap wapas kab jaa rahe hai, mene kaha 2 ya 4 baar ee maze lene ke baad hi ab jaaonga vo kene ladi pata nahi phir esa moka kab mile mene kaha kal phir jab tumhare bhaiyya office chale jaayngi tab… Vo kene ladi ok lekin 2 pm hi aana warna dadi shak sa ho jayga mene kaha no prob. Mene use 3 din roz choda vo bhi khushi khushi chudwati rahi mujhse. Ab kafi din se mama ke yaha nahi gaya ho. Lekin uske phone aate rehty hai, bulati rehti hai, to mene fesla kiya hai jaldi jaane ka, or jab mai waha se wapas aaonga to aap sab ko Phir se apne new experience ke baary mai zaroor bataonga. Aap sabko ye kahani kesi lagi mujhe zaroor mail karna
Agar koi ladki ya bhabi mujse chudana chati ha to mail kare

Pehle Customer Seema Ke Chudai

Hello ma babrak aik new story k sath. Ma app sab logo ka ka bohot shukar guzar hon k ap logo na mere pahle story per kafe acha feedback deya or khas kar on bhabiyo or aunties ka jinho na phone kar k appreciate keya, aik bar pir thank you sooo much for such a nice response.koi b mujah sa contact karma chaha to fone kara 0346 9087322 ya email kara Ab story shoro karta hon
Waisa to mujaha 4 logo na phone kar k sex k leya bolaya jin ma 3 peshawar sathe r aik na Islamabad sa phone keya tha, in ma sa 3 na to kaha k hamare story mat likhna magar aik bhabi na kaha k mere story likh lo mujaha acha laga ga to ma na kaha k thek hai or ab ye ose ke story hai.
Seema na mujaha phione keya r bataya k mujaha tumahare story both ache lage to ma na thaks kaha pir batain karte rahe mere pahle story k bara ma os na mujaha kaha k ma tumaha kal pir cal karonge ma na kaha o.k thek hai kar lana. Next day os na cal ke or kahne lage k mujaha tum sa aik bat karne hai ma na kaha bolo to tore hich kecha rahe the os na kaha mara b dilkar raha to ma na kaha k sex karma ko dil kar raha hai to os na kaha k han pir os na apna address deya wo town ma rahte hai ma os k ghar geya agla din, os k ghar pohnchna per ose na darwaza khola, andar jana k bad os na mujaha betaya pir mujaha tea pilae pir mujaha apna room la gae.
Seema bilchol average aurat hai os ka aik beta hai jo k class 2 ma partha hai os na bataya k os k husband ka apna business hai jis ke waja saw o subah ghar sa jalde jata hai r rat ko late ata hai is leya wo seema ko pora waqt da nae pata or seema fully satisfy nae hote the. Seema na mera hath pakra r osa apna haton ma dabaya, ma na os k face per both aram sa kiss keya pir os ke garden sa bal hatay or os he garden per kiss keya os ke moh sa aaahhhhh nikal gae par ma na osa os k kaan(ear) k neecha kiss keya wo ab garam ho rahe the r wo bed ma lait gae ma b os h oper lait gaya r os k sath kissing shoro kar de kafe dair kissing k bad os na mara shirt otara r pir kissing shoro kar le r mere pith ko sahlana lage ma os ke kameez k oper he os k boobs ko daba raha tha osa both maza araha thaw o apna hath mara hath per rakhthe or osa dabate jis sa os k boobs or dab jata pir os na apne kameez otare os na cream colour ke bra pahne the. Os ke boobs ka jo hisa bra sa bahir tha ma osa kiss karma laga wo mara balon ma apna hath pairna lage

Seema: chosoo or zor sa chosoo in ma dodh nae per itna chosoo k dodh pir ajaj aaaahhhh oooohhhh ooorrrrr zeyada chooooosss mujaha or maza do mujaha
Ma na os ke bra nikal leya os k aik seena ko hath ma leya r dosra ma choos raha tha r both dair tak os k seena choosta raha os k boobs bilchol red ho gay r nipples bahir agay. Pir ma na osa olta keya r os ke kamar per osa kiss karna laga r hath os k boobs per rakha howa tha os ka badan garam ho raha thaw o boli ja rahe the

Seema: come on kiiiissss me tum both acha kar raha ho ma tum sa itna expect nae kar rahe the you are so nice
Pir wo seedha ho gae or marasath lips kissing shoro kar de os na or ise doran wo apna hath neecha la gae r maralun pakar leya or pant k andar he osa ragarna lage pir wo apna dono hath neecha la gae or mere pant khol leya r lun ko hath ma la kar sahlana lage ma na qapna aik hath os ke choot per la gaya to os na apne tangain band kar de pir ma na aram aram sa os ke tangain dobara khol leya or os ke choot per hath pairna laga wo apne kamar oth rahe the. Jaisa k ma na pahle story ma bataya tha k mujaha choot chatna both acha lagta hai to ma na ab os ke choot ko chatna shoro kar deya is sa wo pagal ho gae the wo both zorro sa chech rahe the
Seema: hhhhaaaaaaaa aaaahhhhhiiiisssshhhhh zalim kya maza da raha ho os na apna kamar ka hilana both tez kar deya
Seema: ooooohhhhh my God yeee tuuuummmmm kya kaaarrrr rahe hoooo uuuufffff aisa maza k bara ma to ma na sirf suna tha is ma to waaqqqeee both maza hota hai oooorrrrr chatooo or zeyada uuuufffff aaahhhh come on lick it.
Pir os na mujaha mara balon sa pakar kar apna oper khancha or kahna lage k bas ab mujaha chodo mujah sa or sabar nae hota or mara lun ko apna hath ma leya or mujaha dahka marna ko kaha ma na jaisa dahka mara to mara lun half sa zeyada os ke choot ma chala gaya kyon k os ke choot both gele ho chuke the dosra dahka k sath sara lun andar chala gaya ab ma na os ke chdai shoro kar de

Seema: aaahhhh hhhmmmm or come on fuck me hard or zor sa karo jitna zor sa apne mami ko choda tha mujhhhaaa os sa b zeyada zooorrrr sa chodo mere peyas bhujao mujaha thanda karo aaahhhh kamal ke chudai kar raha ho
Os na apne dono tangain mere kamar per band kar de or apne kamar otha rahe the or mere peth per apna hath pair rahe the wo andar sa be both garam the ma jab jhadna k kareb howa to ma na kaha k ma jhadna wala hon ma apna lun bahir nikalna chahta hon is per os na kaha k k is taqt ko bahir q nikalna chahta ho andar he discharge ho jao mere speed bar gae oe koch dair ma discharge ho gaya. Os k bad ma na osa aik bar or choda or oir ma wahan sa jana laga to os na mujaha 500 rupes dana chahe to ma na kaha k tum jaise peyare aurat ka peyar mila to paiso ke kya zarorat hai or osa face per kiss keya or bye bol kar waha sa chal para. Os k bad ma na os k ghar 2 dafa pia ja kar choda hai or agay b chodta rahonga. SEEMA TUM KHOSH TUMAHARE STORY LIKH LE? Koi be ladke ya bhabi ya aunty mujah sa chodna chahy to mujaha fone kara 0346 9087322 ya email kara

Jaan Ki Pyaas Bujhai

Hi lo main fir agaya apni ek or sexy dastan le k ap sab k samne… aub tak to ap log mujhe jaan hi gaye hoge lekin main fir bhi bata deta hoon k main sahil hoon delhi ka mast n sexy chora jise sex k alava kuch or nahi dikhta….. Apka waste na karte hue main sidha point pe ata hoon,… ap sab logo k bot bot mails mile mujhe bot kushi hui yaroo or meri pyariii pyarii bhabhio .. Lov u allllll…… main apni kahani puri karta hoon rani ki chudai wali…. Main agle din fir raat me rani jaan k pas gaya.. Aj to wo dulhan ki trah saji hui thi or bot hi sundar or sexy lag rahi thi……

Maine gaya or uske ghar ki bel bajayi wo ayi or muskura k door khola usne or door band karte hi mujhe zor se hug karke chumma diya.. Usne khana table pe laga rakha tha humne pehle khana khaya, usne mujhe apne hatho se khana khilaya((( pehli baar kisi ladki ne apne hatho se khana khuilaya usdin mujhe))) fir hum bed room me gaye or usne mujhe hug kiya or let gayi bed pe mujhe hug kare hue or mere hontho ko choosne lagi zor zor se fir mere shirt k andar hath dal k mere chest pe hath ferne lagi or main garam hone laga or fir usne mera shirt utar diya or mere chest pe kis karne lagi or lov bits bhi karne lagi,,,((((dosto dard to hota hai lov bits me but us dard me maza bhi bot hai))) fir miane uski shirt utar di or or uske bajuo pe kis karne laga or lovbits bhi ki aub wo apna badan ghumane lagi thi kyonki wo garam ho rahi thi main fir uski bra bhi utar di or hum dono upar se nange ho chuke the…

Aub main uske apni godd me betha or uske mast mast gol gol doodhoo choosne laga bot taste hai uske boobs…. Fir maine uske pant bhi utar di or wo aub mere samne sirf panty me thi or main uske doodhoo chooste chooste uske chooot pe haath ferne laga uski choot gili ho chuki thi or chudne k leye tadap rahi thi … usne meri pant utar di or vo khadi ho gayi aur usne mene lund ko hath me liya aur uska supara bahar nikal kar apne hatho se maslne lagi jisse mujhe thoda dard to hua but maza bhi araha tha fir usne mujhe dhakka de diya bed pe mere upar chad k mere lund choosne lagi dheere dheere mujhe bot maza araha tha 10 mint baad wo uthi or apni choot ko mere muh k pas le k ayi or maine danto se uski panty pakad li or usne jhatka mara jisse panty fat gayi or uski shaved choot mere ankho k samne thi maine uske chootad pakde or apne muh se uski choot ko lick karne laga zor zor se or wo mere bal pakad k mere muh zor zor se apne choot pe ragdne lagi…

Bot maza aya kya batau main to jannat me tha….

Fir mainey usse honey magaya wo kitchun me se le ayi or maine letnme ko kaha wo lat gayi fir maine honey uske doodhoo pe giraya or uski choot pe giraya or main uske dooodhooo choosne laga sara ka sara honey chooc choos k saaf kardiya wo bot khush hui fir bari thi uski choot ki to maine apna muh uski choot pe rakha or sara honey choot k upar se gata gat saf kardiya or sath me uski choot ka ras bhi pi gaya …..aub wo pagal ho gayi thi or ahhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ki awaze nikal rahi thi…. Aub chudai ki bari thi to usne apne per khol diye or mere samne let gayi maine apne lund ka supara uski choot pe rakha or zor dar jhatka mara ek hi jhatke me sara lund uski choot me ghusa diya wo boli sahillllllllllllll jaaaannnnnn aram se karo mere janu aram se ahhhhhhhhhhh maza araha hai i lov lov lov uuuuu ummmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or zor se mere lips pe kisi ki…. Main dhake lagata raha wo mujhe chumti rahi i 10 mnt baad wo zor zor se gnad oochalne lagi main samajh gaya k wo jhadne wali hai to maine apni speed or bada di or wo jhad gayiii but maine apni speed kam nahi ki or dhake pe dhake pelta raha fir main khada hua or use dogy banne k liye pehle to usne mana kiya but fir wo maan gayi fir main uske piche gaya or dal diya apna lund ucki rasbhari matwali choot me or dhakke lagane laga or wo ahhhhhhhh uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hummmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhh karti rahi 5 mnt aise hi chalta raha aub main jhadne wala tha to maine apni speed kam kardi or usko bola k main jhadne wala hoon to wo boli sahillll ye choot tumhari gulam hai isi me apna maal nikalna mujhe maa banna hai…. To ye sun kar maiane apni speed bada di or dhake pelne laga inte me wo bhi jhadne wali thi or fir wo bhi apni gand gila hila kar chudne lagi or ek zor se pichkari chhoot gayi uski choot me or wo fir se jhad gayiii or neeche guir padi or main bhi uske upar leta raha fir thodi der me main uske upar se utra or uske baju pe ser rakh k let gaya or wo mere chest pe ser rakh k leti rahi or lambi lambi sanse le rahi thi…..

Fir hum yooon hi nage so gaye ek dusre ki bahoon me simat k or subha uth k humne sath bath liya bath lete lete maine use fir 1 bar choda or uski choot ko zor zor se …..

To dosto ye hai kahani dusre din ki ….. Dosto main apse kuch kehna chahta hoon… kuch log meri story ko chura k apne naam se bhi send karte jo mujhe acha nahi lagta to plzzz meri request hai koi meri story na churye….

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Didi Ki Kahani

My name is rashid. I am very much interested in reading stories in iss. Most probably i use to read insect, desi and maid servant stories. This is my story. Yeh kahani mere bada bhai aur ho meri cousin sister ki hai mere bhai ka naam raja hai, aur meri cousin sister yani mere didi sheela hai.

Raja ki umar 35 hai aur didi ka bi 35 hai. Mere didi ki figure tho ultimate hai 40-32-38
Saali ek dum sexy lagthi hai. 16 saal ke umar me uska shaadi hogya ek police constable ke sath, mere jija reserve police me the tho unko out of station jaana padtha tha. Aur mere didi aur jijaji ke samband uthna close nahin tha kyounki un ke age 25 tha jab ho didi ko shaadi kiye the. Mere didi mere gharke bhaju mehi ghar liye the. Patha nahin kab mere didi aur mere bhaya ke sath affair hogaya.

Muje pehale pehale kuch aisa lagtha tha ki mere bhayya aur didi ke beech me kuch hai. Maine uno dono ke upar shak kartha. Ek baar dhopar me maine college se aya tho mere didi aur mere bhayya room pe baitke jor jor se bath kar rahethe tho me room ka darwaza kolke andr chalagaya deka tho didi ne uske bacche ko dood philarahi hai ho bhi poora blouse kolke aur bhayya araamse baitke dekraha hai maine socha ki baccha ko dood pilarahi hai tho usme shak karne ki bath nahin hai karke soncha phir bhi mere man me shanthi nahin tha sirf un dono ka hai bath deemak me har waqth chaltha tha.

Kuch mahine ke baad raath me maine dhere se ghar aya room me didi bhayya aur didi ka baccha sab so rahe the thos maine dinner karne ke liye kitchn me gaya aur thabi poewer cut hogaya. Tho maine khana lagake haal me aya tho room ke andr se kuch sound aa raha tha (bhyyya ke room tho haal me attach tha. ) tho mereko shak ho gaya ki rom me shayad ho dona kuch kar rahe hai aur maine dheerse room ke darwaza par khan rakke suna tho paya ki mere bhayya badi jor se breath le raha tha aur didi bhi kuch ajeb se awaz kar rahi thi. Kuch dher bad me ek ajeeb smell room se bhar aane laga aur pacch pacch kar ke bahuth jor se breath le ke dono awaz milkar room se bhar aa raha tha mere ko ho smell aur sound sunkar mere louda khada hogaya maine bahuth jaaldi me khana kaliya aur badi himmath se room ke darwaza kol ke andar gaya tho cot ke upar bach ko sulake bhayya aur didi neeche zameen par ek ke bagal me ek so rahe the. Us raath se main un dono ka chaal peech karma shuru kiya tho muje un dono red hand pakde gaye

Ho raath mere ko patha ki aaj bhayya aur didi mast chodne wale hai. Kyoun ki mer ghar me us din koi bi nahin the sirf me bhayya didi aur us ka baccha ko chodke. Tho us raath maine badi jaldi sone ki natak kiya aur rath 9 baje thak bed par chala gaya. Aur 10 baje ko uta aur room ke kidki ke pass jake baitgaya. Room khidki ko maine pahle hi thora sa kholke rakkatha aur screen ko poora chod diya tha. Jaise maine khid ki ke pass gaya tho ho dono aise hi kuch batho me koai hue the. Suddenly bhayya ne didi ko smooch kiya tho mera heart beat bahuth thez ho goya. Mere dil me thora sa daar ho rahatha. Bhayya smooch karne ke baad didi ko gali diya ki ho dood piye thi. Bhayya ko dood se nafrath tha. Ho dood ya dood ke smell se nafrath tha. Didine thuranth bathroom me jaake brush karke aye. Phir 5-10 min bath kiye aur phir se bhayya didi ko sooch kiya aur apne hath ko us ke bobs par rake jor se bhabne shuru kiya. Didi bhi bhayya ka lips aur jeeb ko apne muh me leke badi majedhar se kiss kar rahithi. Bhayya ne didiki nighty ko upar utaya aur use nikalke zameen par phink diya. Didi usaly ghar me bra nahin phenthi thi. Aur ho nangi hogayai. Bhagawan ke kasam didi ki thais tho kaml ki cheese hai. Saali ke phair ek dum banana ke phed ke jaisa hai. Ithni baadi badi boobs thi iski ki bhayya ka poora face us me chupak jaraha tha ki ho boobs ko choos rahatha. Bhayya ne didi ke dono boobs ko aise choos rahatha ki koi admi bahuth saalo thak pyasa ho aur use pani mligaya ho. Thodi dher baad me bhayya ne didi ke dono phairon ko phelediya aur didi ke choot dikne laga uske poora pubic hair se chupa hoova tha. Bhayyane didi ke chooth ko unglise faildiya aur apne muh ko choot me daalkar choosne lagaya. Kuch 5 min thak ho didi ke chooth ko choos rahatha tho didine poore moodme aachuki thi aur ho bolne lagi ki choos raja mere chooth ko aur choos khaja mere chooth ko.

Aaj tho bhuth kujli ho rahii hai meri chooth mai choosle, poora pani mere chooth me se ahh ahh ahh aaa…a…..a.ahah kar rahi thi. 5 min ke baad bhayya ne didi ki chooth me se nikalkar didiko uske hoton pe kiss karke didi ka lips ko chose ne laga.didi ne bhayya ka t shirt nikala aur bhayya ko neck ke paas kiss karne lagi aur neck se leke ais hi uske chest ke paas uske chest ko kis karke uske shorts ko nikal diya aur bhayya ke 9” thagda mota loud poore tharh se khada ho gayatha. Didine bhayya ke louda pakdke do thin bhar hath se shake kia aur uske upar ka skin ko piche karke bhayya ka lund ko muh me leke choosene shuru kardiya.bhayya bole choosle jaan mere loud ko choosle aahaah ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh badi maza atha hai jab tu mere louda choose thi hai karke bolne laga 5-10min ke baad bhayyane didi ka sir pakdke uske mouth me dhakka dene shuru kiya aur didiko upar utake us cot ke upar me sulake apne lund ko hath me leke smalne laga aur didke chootke upar rakke eki jatke me apne poora lund ko andar daldiya. Didne ek jor sa awaz kiya aur boli madarchod dhirse kar me didi ke muh se ho bathsunke hairn hogaya aur patha chala ki bhayya aur didi dono gande tharh se gali deke chodthe hai. Aur bhayya ne didike chooth me apne lund ko andar aur bhahar kar rahatha aur didi dheere dheers moaing kar rahithi ahhhahh ahh ra………..ja…….ahhhh……ajhhhhhhhhhh kar ke mona kar rahithi. 5-10 min ke baad bhayya ne apne speed jyada karne laga aur bolne laga ki teri maako chodu their bahan ko chodu teri choot par ke rakdunga saali randi chal chod jor se chodd harmzadi randi saali chod muje chod karke gali dene shuru kiya bahuth jor jor se chodne laga. Ithana joe se chod rahatha ki un dono ka chodne ke sound ithni jor se ahrahatha aur didiki choot me se kuch white color me liqid ane laga aur poora room pachak pachak pachak karke sound ane laga. Aur did ne bolne lagi ki madar chod aur josh se chod muje meri choot par de raajaaaaaaaa meri chooth parde bhauth andar thak chala gaya hai tthak chala gaya hai teri louda chodre sale madar chod muje aur jose se chod meri maa bahan ko bhi chodle raja teri louda ko sari duniya chooth kurbani hai raja chod aaahaha aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh cccccccccccccccccccchooooooooooooooooodoooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh karkr chillane lagi aur mere bayya ne bhi gandi gandi gali yo se gali deke chod raha tha maa kasam bhayya ne teek 45 min thak continuously didike chootko chod ke par diya aur usne poora paani didike choot me nikaal diya aur didi ke choot se apne lund ko nikal diya aur side me sogaya yahan didi aisi so padi thi jaise kisiko apna chuda hoova choot dikarahi hai aur didike chooth ko bada hogayatha aur usmese bhayya ka pani neeche girthe huve dikarahatha. 10 min thak dono shanth padge the. 10 min ke bad didi boli raja phir se karna 2 nd round tho bhayya bola teri mako chodu saali kithan bhi chodo teri pyas bhijthi nahin hai jaake lakdi leke aake teri chooth me rakke soja sali randi harami karke bol ke sogaya aur didi ne bloi teek hai tho subha 5 baje ko uta thi hoon aur subha me muje khoob chodlena abhi so ja kar ke boli aur soagayi. Maine uske baad bathroom me gaya aur lag bag 45 min thak jo babhake rakatha ho pora joish ko sirf 2 min ke hath marne pe poore ke pore pani nikaldiya.

Teek 4 months ke baad mere bhayya ke shaadi ho gayi aur hamare ghar ke upar aur 2 room banyadiya thaki bhayya ko shadi ke bad privacy diya jaye aur koie mehaman ayatho bhi dusre room isthamal hoga karke sonch ke 2 room banadiya.

Bhayya ke shaadi hone ke mahana do mahana ke bhaad ek rath aisa hoova ki mere zindagi ka asman koolgaya.

Har smy ke tharh didi jab jija nahin ho tho hare ghar me hi rahthi thi.

Ho hare gharke haal me khabi room me khabi sothi thi.

Us raath ho room me sone ko aye. Jaise bhayya upar room me chalagaya bhayya ka room me me rehrahtha. Me cot ke upar so raha tha aur didi zameen par bed lagake so gayee. Mere ko neend nahin araha tha kyounki mere ko roz haath marne ka practice hai aur ek baar apne paani girne ke baad hi mereko neend atha tha. Lekin us raath did thi tho main aisi hi sone keliya try kar raha tha. Kuch 12 baje ke aas paas thak mere ko neend nahin ayatha aur maine didiko goor gooor ke dek rahatha jaise ho apna hath aur pahir hila rahi thi tho uska nighty upar ho rahath, tho mai koshis kar rahtha ki uska phairon ko upar tha k dekne ki. Aise hi dek rahatha tho didi ne achanak bed sheet ko apne phair ho par lagake apne choot me ungli karne shuru kardiye aur unkepubic hair me unka ungli jaise move ho rahatha sound ane laga. 10-15 min thak didi ungli kar rahi thi tho main cot ke upar bait gay aaur poor seede didi ko goorne laga.

Jaise didi ungli karke ank koli tho mere ko dhek ke hairn hogayi aur pochi aise kyoun baita hai. Aur maine kaha didi mene deka ki aap ungli karthe huye.

Didi boli kya bolth ahai tu shar nahin atha hai aise bath karne pe.

Maine bola didi mere ko patha hai ki tuje bhayya roz chod tha tha aur ab us ka shaadi ho gaya tho tum ungli karle rahi ho.

Didi boli kya ullu ke jaisa bath kartha hai tere ko kya patha kaise patha maloom hai tu kya kehraha hai.

Maine bolo mene sab kuch deka hai.

Didi thora sa daara hooithi maine bola didi daro math me kisi ko nahin bolne wal hoo.

Bas mere ko ek baar tere ko chodna hai

Didi boli harzade mere ko chodega ?

Maine cot se uthra aur seeda uske boobs par hath rakke use kiss karne laga.

Shuru me ho thori naa kiyi aur ho bho josh me aagayi. Mere maan me khusi hi khusi ho raha tha.

Mene didi ka muh me mera muh dalke choosne laga hobhi saath de rahi thi usne mere poor jeeb ko apne andr leliya. Maine uske dono boobs ko dhabane shuru kiya ithni bade bade boobs the ki mere dono hath me ek nahin arah tha. Maine tho bade bade boobs ke aourathonko deka hoon ho sabi loose lagthe the lekin didi ke boobs tho ek dum tight tha aur kya colour tha uske nipple kames kam 1” tho tha maine jeebarke uska boobs ko choosa uske nipple ke saath kela kata ungliyoke beech me use jor se dhabaya didi dheere se moan kar rahi thi. Maine uske nighty uthar diya aur usko mere seede ankon ke samne mere bhaon me nanga dhek kar mere ko laga ki ye tho sapna hai.

Aise aourth ko tho nanga me mere saath bita saktha hoon ye tho me sapno bhi nahin dheka tha. Mene uske chooth chatne laga pahli bahar thana tho uske lubricant mere muh me ane lagagaya aur mere poora muh uske pani se gilla hogaya maine uske choot ko chodke mera track pant uthar ke mera 8” ke lund ko us ke muh me rakne ko diya. Tho didi boli bhanchod sale poore gharwalon ka louda bada hai tere bhayya ka bhi aur tera bhi. Udhar tera bhayya mere ko chod ke us randi saali teri baabhi ko chod raha hai. Naya chot mila haina usko isliye muje touch karne ko bhi nahin atha hai. Ajj se tuhi mere ko chodega is randi ko tuhi chodna hai . Agar ho naya chooth chod raha hai tho me bhi naya louda se chudvahoongi. Saala apne bhayya ke randi ko chodne chatha hai chod tere main kithna dum hai uthna bhi lagake chod iss chooth ko. Tera first night hai ajj chod muje bolne lagi . Maine kaha saali kithan bolthi hai randi harmzadi kithne log choda hai is chooth ko saali aisa lagtha hai ki koi bawdi hai chooth nahin hai kar the maine didi ki chooth me mere louda goooske mar rahatha tho ho boli tho jake pochna apne madarchod bhai ko usne hi bnaya hai muje randi aur mere chooth ko par ke bhawdi banadi hai.

Aise hi hum dono maze loot rahe the tho 20 –25 min ke bad maine jagad diya. Didi boli sale first time ithana time letah hai to sale tu bhi bada fucker banega saale. Kuch 10 min ke baad maine bola didi me kya apka gand marsaktha hoon. Tho boli haha kyoun nahin madarchod tum sab byalog ek hi ho sirf chooth se thodi satisfaction hogo maro gand maro merei lekin is baar tu apne paani mere muh me girna hai mere ko tere pani pinahai karke boli. Uske baad maine didi ko khoob gndmara aur uske muh mai jagardiya.

Uski Wife Ki Kahani

Mera naam atul. Yeh mere dur ke dost ki story hai satya katha haimy mail idis
Hahay meri age 33 hogi mery pati ranjeet 48 kay hogay
Per chudaie kay bohat shoqeen hay. Hamary poros may ek muslim couple
Rehta tha biwi ki age 32 aur husband ki 45 hogi. Ek din ashraf aur
Soniya ne hume raat ko dinner par bulaya. Hum unke ghar gaye aur
Waham ranjit aur ashraf ne saath baitakar thodi whiski pee. Maine aur
Soniya ne bhi thodi si li. Tabhi ekaek ashraf blu flimo ke bare main
Baat karane laga, chunki use bhi pata tha ki hum dono aisi picture
Aksar dekha karate the. Ashraf ne ranjit se puchha ki kya usne kabhi
Koi indian blu flim dekhi hai? Usane kaha aisi flim dekhne main bada
Maza ayega. Ranjit ne bataya ki ab aisi flime ab dhire dhire sabhi
Jagah par miltee hai aur humne kuchh dekhi bhi haim. Ye jyada mazedar
Hoti haim kyunki saree aur petticoat utha kar bhartiya auraton ko
Alag alag logon se apni choot chudwate dekhne me alag hi anand ata
Hai. Jab bhartiya auraten apni sundar sa mooh khol kar kisi ka lund
Chustee hai to apna lund to khara ho jata hai.

Ranjit ne bataya ki uske car main ek video cd pada hai jo hum
Wapas lautane wale the. Usne kaha ki agar ashraf chahe to use wapas
Karane ke pahale dekh sakta hai. Kyounki soniya ne bhi kabhi bhartiya
Blue film nahee dekhi thi ashraf ne use sujhav diya ki we dono use
Apane bedroom main dekh lenge aur humari wapasi par lauta denge.
Ranjit ne unhe utsahit karate hue kaha ki hum dono tab tak koi dusari
Hindi film wahi drawing room main dekhenge. Par ashraf ne kaha ki ye
To badtamizi hogi aur chunki hum sab adult hain, hum sab ko blue film
Ka anand ek saath uthana chahie. Halanki ranjit aur mujhe isme koi
Itraz nahee tha par soniya ko kuchh samsay main lag rahi thi. Usake
Bad soniya ke saath main rasoi main gai aur use himmat di ki nazadiki
Dostom ke saath aisi film dekhane main koi harz nahin hai. Hum rasoi
Se kuchh aur samose aur drinks lekar aye. Kuchh samay bad soniya ne
Halke se kaha ki use bhi wah film dekhane main koi aitaraz nahin hai.
Ranjit bahar jakar car se cassatte nikal laya jisaka naam ‘bomby
Fantasyi’ tha.

Hum sab unke bedroom main chale gaye. Main aur ranjit sofe par
Baith gaye aur ashraf aur soniya apane bistar par. Ashraf ne light
Band karake film chalu kar di. Hum logon ne ye film dekhi hui thi
Jismain do mard aur do aurat ke ek hi bistar par chudee ki kahani
Thi. Ashraf ne awaz di, “kya ranjit, kya car raha hai? Kya tum aur
Anita bhi wahi kar rahe ho jo hum aur soniya kar rahe hain?” ranjit
Ne jawab diya, “kyo nahin, tun dono ka live show dekh kar kaun apane
Aap ko rok sakata hai. Isiliye mai aur anita bhi wahi kar rahe hain
Jo iswaqt tum aur soniya kar rahe ho.” ashraf bola, “agar hum log
Sabhi ek hi kam rahe to fir ek dusare se kya chipana aur kya parda?
Khule manch par aa jao, ranjit. Aao humlog ek hi palang par apni apni
Biwiyon ko chit leta karke unki tange utha karke unki chooton ki
Bakhiya udehrte hai.” ranjit ne puchha,

“tumhara kya matalab hai,?” “mera matalab hai ki tum logo ko sofe
Par chudai karne me mushkil a rahi hogi, kyon nahin yahee palang par
A jate ho humare pas, aram rahega aur theek tarike se anita ki choot
Me apna lund pel sakoge, matlab anita ko chod sakoge.” sacchi baat to
Ye thi ki hum wakai sofe par badi vichitr sthiti main the. Ranjit ne
Mujhase puchha ki kya mujhe palang par jane main aur soniya ke bagal
Me let kar choot chudwane me koi apatti hai. Maine kaha nahi. Maim un
Dono ki chudai dekh kar kafi chudasi ho uthi thi aur unki chudaaee ko
Nazadik se dekhana chah rahi thi. Tv ki dhimi roshni me main ye soch
Rahi thi ki ek hi palang par par let karke soniya ke saath saath
Choot chudwane me koi pareshani nahi. Par mujhe ane wali ghatana ka
Andesha nahi tha. Halakay muj ko pata tha kay mera 48 sala hindupati
Bohat garam hay aur 32 sala muslim choot ka dewana hay. Wo moqay ki
Talash may hay kay apnay hindu lund ka pani meri aziz muslim sehli ki
Choot may bher day aur us ki choot ko chood chood ker bhosra bana
Day. Wo soniya ko dekh ker hamaysha lund sehlata tha.

Khair ranjit ne mera haath apane haath me liya aur palang ki or chal
Pada janha ashraf aur soniya chudai me lage the. Hume ata dekh ashraf
Ne apni chudai ko rok kar humare bistar par ane ka intizar karane

Ashraf ne soniya ki chudai to rok liya tha lekin apna lund soniya ki
Choot se nahi nikala tha, wo abhi bhi soniya ki choot me jar tak
Ghusa hua tha aur ashraf aur soniya ki jhante ek dusre se mile hue
The. Ranjit ne palang ke nazdik pahunch kar mujhe soniya ke pas chit
Ho kar letne ko kahaa. Jaise hi main soniya ke bagal me chit ho kar
Leti, ashraf mujhe chor kar utha aur kamare ki light jalakar wapas
Bistar par a gaya. Hum logon ko eka ek sara ka sara mahul badala hua
Nazar ane laga. Hum charo ek hi palang par chamkti roshani main sare-
Am nang-dhadang chudai me lage hue the. Ashraf aur soniya bina
Kapadon ke kafi sundar lag rahe the. Soniya ki chuncheyan moti moti
The aur chutar kafi bade the. Uski choti choti jhante badi safai se
Uski sundar choot ko dhake hue thi.

Kamare ki halki roshni me soniya ki choot jo ki is samay ashraf ka
Lund se chud rahi thee kafee khulee khulee si lag rahi thee.ranjeet
Ki pyasi nazray muslim choot per thi aur us ka uncut kala lund chudny
Ka dewana ho rha tha.

Kamare ki chamkti roshni me ashraf ke khade lund ko soniya ki choot
Ke ras se chamchamate hue dekha. Uska lund ranjit se thoda lumba raha
Hoga, par ranjit ka lund usase kahin jyada mota tha. Ranjit bhi
Soniya ko nanga dekh kar bahut khush tha. Mujhe yad aya ki ranjit ko
Hamesha moty mammo aur bade chutaron wali auraten pasand thee aur
Muslim aurat ko chudna tu us ka sapna tha. Maine ashraf ko apane
Nange jism ko bhari nazarom se ankata paya aur use shartiya mere
Bhari mamme aur gol gol bhare bhare chutar bha gaye the.

Ashraf ne bistar par akar soniya ki khuli jamghom ke bich jhukte
Hue apana lund usaki gili choot se phir se bhira diya. Soniya bhi
Jaise hi ashraf ka lund api choot ke munh me payee to jhat se apni
Tango ko ooper utha dee aur ghutne se apne pairon ko pakar liya. Ab
Soniya ki choot bilkul khul gaye aur ashraf ne ek jor dr jhtke ke
Saath apna lund soniya ki choot me dal diya. Ye dekh ranjit ne bhi
Apana lund apne haath se pakar kar meri choot ke che se lagaya aur ek
Jhatke ke saath meri choot ke andar ghused kar mujhe chodne laga.
Ashraf halanki soniya ko bahut jor se chod raha tha par usaki nazar
Meri choot par tiki hui thi. Ranjit ka bhi yahi hal tha aur uski
Nazar ashraf ki muslim biwi soniya ki chudti hui choot par se hat
Nahin pa rahi thi.

Wo chahta tha kay ashraf ko hata ker soniya ki choot ko kaly hindu
Lund say bher day mujhe eh ashraf aur soniya ke saath saath chudai
Karwane me bahut maza aa rahi thee aur ab mai bhi garma kar apni kamar
Uchka uchka kar ranjit ka lund apni choot me dalwa rahi thee aur mere
Bagal me soniya bhi apni tango ko utha kar ke ashraf ka lund apni
Choot se kha rahee thee.

Palang par char logon ke liye jagah kam tha aur humare jism ek
Dusare se takara rahe the. Soniya ka pair mere pair se aur ranjit ki
Jangh ashraf ke jangh se chuu raha tha. Thori der tak mai apni choot
Chudwate hue soniya ko dekh rahi thee aur thori der ke bad mai ne
Apani haath age bada kar soniya ka haath pakad liya. Soniya ne khushi
Ka izahar karate hue mere haath ko dabayee aur apni kamar uchkate hue
Meri taraf dekh kar muskuraee. Yeh dekh ashraf ne apana haath barha
Kar mere pet par meri choot se thoda upar rakh diya. Mujhe ashraf ka
Haath apne pet par bahut achchha laga aur maine ashraf se kuchh nahin
Kaha. Ashraf ka harkat dekh kar mery hindu pati ranjit ne bhi apna
Haath ashraf ki muslim biwi soniya ki jangh par uski choot ke pass
(muslim choot garam thi aur mast bhi) rakh diya aur soniya ki jangho
Ko halke halke se sahalana aur dabane laga. Ashraf aur ranjit ke in
Harakaton se hum sab me ek nai tarah ki chudas bhar gayee aur dono
Mard hum dono auraton ko jor jor se chodne shuru kar diya. Ranjeet
Musalsal muj ko sonyia kehker chud raha tha, is bath ko ashraf aur
Soniya nay bhi sona

Acanak ranjit ne mujhse puchha, “aaj muslim cutlund se chudwane ka
Mazaa lene ke bare me tumhara kya khyal hai?” mai ranjit ka asal
Maqsad samaj gaee kay wo muslim choot ka maza layna chahta hay aur
Apni biwi ko iss leay pesh ker raha hay.may boli

“ranjit, aaj meri choot itni garm ho chuki hai ki mujhe isse koi fark
Nahi padta ki aaj mujhe kaun chodta hai, uncut yaa cut. Bas mujhe
Apni choot me koi na koi lund ka thokar chahiye aur wo lund itna
Thokar mare ki mai jaldee se jhar jaoon. Is samay mai apni choot ki
Khujlee se bahut pareshan hoon.” yaha sunate hi ranjit ne ashraf ki
Or mud kar kaha, “ashraf, kya tum aaj ek naye anand ke liye anita ki
Hinduchoot me apna lund dalna chahoge? Kya tum aaj anita ko chodna
Chahoge?” ranjit ki baat sun kar ashraf jhatapat soniya ki choot me
Char chaha kas kas kar dhake mare aur khusi se bola, “zarur ranjit,
Par agar soniya bhi ek naye anand ke liye hindu uncutlund se apni
Choot cudawana cahati hai to.” ranjeet yea bath soon ker mast hogea
Aur us ka uncut muslim choot kay khayal say aur sakht hogea jis ko
Meri choot nay mehsoos kia.

Jab maine dekhi ki ashraf aur ranjit apne apne biwion ko dusre se
Chudwana chahate hain to fir maine himmat karke soniya se
Puchhee, “soniya, kya tum bhi ek naya anand lena cahati ho, ranjit ka
Lund apni choot me dalwa karke usse chudwana chahatee ho?” soniya
Thori der tak sochne ke bad ashraf ke gale me apni bahon ko dal kar
Aur uske seene se apni chuncheon ko ragarte hue boli, “kyuon nahee!
Agar muslim mard ke saath anita apni hinduchoot chudwa sakti hai aur
Ye anita ke liye theek hai to mujhe kyon fark padana cahiye? Mai bhi
Ranjit ke uncutlund se apni choot chudwana chahatee hoon aur ye bhi
Dekhna chahati hoon ki ashraf ka lund kaise anita ki choot me ghusta
Hai aur nikalta hai aur kaise anita apni choot ashraf se chudwatee
Hai. Aaj mai bhi anita ki tarah chinal banna chahatee hoon aur kisi
Hindu mard ka uncutlund apni choot me pilwana chahatee hoon.” aur
Yahi hum logo ki adla abdli chudaaee ka agaz tha.soniya ki raza mandi
May ranjeet kay 48 sala hindulund ko 24 saal ka kerdea wo tan gea.

Soniya ki baton ko sunkar ashraf ne apna lund soniya ki choot se
Bahar kheench liya aur ranjit se bola, “chal ab hum apni apni biwiyan
Badal kar unki choot ko chod chod kar unka bhosra banate hain.”
Ashraf ki baat sunkar ranjit ne bhi apna lund meri choot me se nikala
Aur soniya ki or badh gaya. Ashraf bhi apne haath se apna lund pakar
Kar mere pas aya. Ashraf ko kia pata tha kay ranjeet ka uncut lund
Bhoka hay us ki muslim biwi ki choot ka aur asal chudaee tu ranjeet aur soniya ki hogee.

Phir mai apni choot me ashraf ka lund leti hui ranjit ko bhi soniya
Ki choot me apna lund ghusa kar soniya ki chudai shuru karte hue
Dekhee. Ranjit aur soniya dono bade josh ke saath ek dusre ko chod
Rahe the. Jitna tezee se ranjit apna uncutlund soniya ki choot me
Ghuserta utni hi tezee se soniya bhi apni kamar uchka kar ranjit ka
Lund apni choot me le rahi thee. Mai ek nayaa lund apani choot me
Dalwa kar bahut khush thi aur khoob maze se ashraf ka lund apni choot
Me pilwa rahi thee. Mai bar bar ranjit ke mote hindulund ko soniya
Ki muslimchoot me jata hua dekh rahi thi. Ranjit bhi meri choot ko
Muslim lund se cudte hue bina pareshani ke dekh raha tha.kyukay
Us kay badly may usay mast garam muslim choot jo mili thim us ka
Sapna muslim choot.

Soniya bhi ashraf ke lund ko meri choot main andar bahar hote dekh
Rahi thi aur ashraf sirf meri bina jhanton vali cikni choot ko dekh
Kar use chodne me pura dhyan lagaye hue tha.wo bay khaber tha kay aaj
Us ki muslim biwi ki choot ek mota hindu lund phar raha hay. Is samay
Mujhe laga ki duniya me apne pati ko apni sabase chaheti saheli ko
Chodate hue dekhne ka sukh aparampar hai. Tab jabaki mai khud bhi usi
Bistar par us saheli ke pati se sabake samne khulamkhullaa chudwa
Rahi hum. Kamare me sirh humari chudai ki awaz gunj rahi thee. Soniya
Apni choot me ranjit ka lund pilwate hue har dhakke ke saath ohh!
Ohh! Ahh! Ahh! Kar rahi thee aur bol rahi thee, hindu kala lund poray
Josh say chud raha tha aur muslim choot bhi us ko kha raee thi.

“hai ranjit kya mast chod rahe ho, aur jor jor se chodo mujhe, bahut
Dino ke bad aaj meri kayde se chud rahi hai. Hai kya lund hai
Tumhara. Meri choot lag rahi hai aaj phat ho jayegee. Tum rukna mat,
Mujhe aaj khoob chodo. Chod chod kar meri choot ka bhosra bana do.”
Ranjit bhi soniya ki chunchee dabate hue apna kamar utha utha kar
Hachak hachak kar soniya ko chod raha tha aur bol raha tha, “hai meri
Muslim chuddakr rani, aaj tak tune muslim ka lund khayee hai, aaj
Tujhe mai apne hindulund se chod chod kar teri muslimchoot ka baja
Baja dunga. Aaj teri muslimchoot ki khair nahi.phir ranjeet nay
Soniya ki chhot marne ka asan badal liya hai aur wo ab soniya ko
Ghori bana karke ukroo hone ke liye kaha. Uske bad mery hindu pati
Ranjit ne ashraf ki muslim biwi soniya ke bade chutaron ko pakad kar
Use pichhe se chodna shuru kar diya. Soniya muslimghori ban kar hindu
Gory ranjit ke dhakkon ka jawab dene lagi .

Thodi hi der me may aur ashraf tu choot gaay per ashraf ki muslim biwi
Aur mera hindu pati chudaee kerty rahay. Jharte samay ashraf ne
Mujhe apne se chipka liya aur apna lund jar tak meri choot me ghuser
Kar apna pura ka pura mal meri choot ke gharai me chora diya. Udhar
Ranjit bhi koi 20 mint mazeed muslim choot ko chuda aur baad may
Soniya ko apne say chipka kar soniya ki muslimchoot apne lund ke pani
Se bhar diya.

Tight Choot Ke Mazzzzzzeeee

Meri pehli bhabhi se me utna ghulmil nahi paya tha kyoki uski shadi ke 2 years baad wo bahar rehne chale gaye the. Lekin chote bhai ki biwi yani apni rekha bhabhi ke saath meri acchi patati thi.

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Maine 20-25 baar uper niche karte hi mera virya ander hi nikal gaya. Maine ab bhabhi ke badan ko dhyan se dekha 2 gol gol chuchiyan kabhi sunder thi. Bur ek dum chikana tha aur body gori chamak rahi thi.

Bhabhi bhi shayad thak gayi thi aur behosh si let gayi thi. Mai bagal me ja kar kapde pehen rajai me ghush gaya , mujhe bahot dar lag raha tha.

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